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  1. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Judge accused me of drawing dorsal stripe

    Wow this is insane! No way would I let someone get out with that one. Not OK. Lodge a complaint!!
  2. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Are Flying w Farms little blue boy Bloodline good?

    I happen to love the Blue boy line. They seem to be very smart and willing in performance! You got a great deal on a superb performance horse if that's what you want. My show gelding Zippy is from that bloodline and is a National Champion and 3x Reserve National Champion as well as a Reserve...
  3. PrestigeMiniHorses


    Wahoo! Signed up!
  4. PrestigeMiniHorses

    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    Yay! I am so glad that you loved your gifts Robin and that Karrel did too.. I went and hand picked out everything for you guys <3 Thank you so much Leya, Jacks Thunder, I loved the quilt, yummy smelling candles, and the fairy figurine is adorable! Oooo and how could I forget the awesome the...
  5. PrestigeMiniHorses

    PLEASE? Pretty please????

    I love everyones trees! They are sooo pretty! Love yours Robin!! Heres mine... All the way from Okinawa, Japan
  6. PrestigeMiniHorses

    OK !! Fess up ! Who bought at the LKF auction ?

    If only I would have been in the states! I would have killed to be at the sale! I love LKF and am to see them go! I love all the horses all of you have gotten! They are Stunning!
  7. PrestigeMiniHorses

    What does AMHA need to do to survive?

    I second the ordeal that cost is a huge ordeal with AMHA.. It can be expensive to show at their shows in comparison to some AMHR shows. I honestly do not own any AMHA horses at this time and didn't even renew my membership this year either as I knew I was not going to be showing with them. Kinda...
  8. PrestigeMiniHorses


    I hope I am not too late.. Its been crazy here. But I sent you an email Robin
  9. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Frustrated - AMHR show results site

    Ive had this issue too. But I noticed today that it did work ;)
  10. PrestigeMiniHorses

    We are over the moon about our new stallion!

    Congrats! He is really nice
  11. PrestigeMiniHorses


    My guess is 26 for Monday
  12. PrestigeMiniHorses

    horse clippers

    I have my Double Ks and they work great. I bought them used 2 years ago and have definitely gotten my use out of them. I, however, still love my Oster A5s for the face and legs.
  13. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Old pallets..

    Mary, Can you post pictures of your barn? I would love to see it ;)
  14. PrestigeMiniHorses

    New Addition for me!

    Congrats! He sure is a nice boy
  15. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Guess what I'm getting for Christmas?!

    Congrats... She is a cutie!!!
  16. PrestigeMiniHorses

    sshhhh ...just a little brag

    Congrats! What a accomplishment
  17. PrestigeMiniHorses


    I am so tickled that he loved everything.... I was hoping he would ;) Merry Christmas to you guys.
  18. PrestigeMiniHorses


    Linda, I got my package but I am being a good girl. I don't know what is going on with my computer but it is not posting that I got it. I will post pictures once I open it. I definitely got it though
  19. PrestigeMiniHorses

    Secret Santa HINT THREAD!!!

    I know I am late.. But its been crazy... I just wanted to post anyways though. My farm colors are red and black. I can always use grooming goodies and horse treats no matter what kind they are. I love chocolate candy. I enjoy reading a good horse book every now and then. I wear a size medium...
  20. PrestigeMiniHorses

    New show colt

    Congrats! What a cutie