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  1. lilmiraclesfarm

    Do any of you guys own fish?

    Okay Jill, how in the world did you get your parrots to coexist with other fish? My parrot kills anything you put in his tank. I put a sucker fish in there and somehow he disappeared. Tried another parrot and he wouldn't stop attacking it. Granted i love my parrot. He's the most interacting fish...
  2. lilmiraclesfarm

    Our Cheep Carport / Mini Barn

    Love it! I did the same thing with my 20x20 carport. They really work wonderfully!! So much cheaper and the fact you can still customize them to your needs. I turned mine into a 6 stall barn. I'm down to 3 horses but still. I use the rest for storage and a tack room. Would love to see some...
  3. lilmiraclesfarm


    Well at least yours catch mice. I have 2 litter mates who do nothing but sleep and hang around the barn. I honestly think they are confused on what species they are. They sleep with the goats. Roll in the horses hay and groom the rabbits. They follow me around like dogs and "help" with all the...
  4. lilmiraclesfarm

    Yay! Finally setup my Photography Website

    Thank you Everyone. You have no idea how great it makes me feel to hear your lovely comments. I tend to not give myself the credit I deserve and doubt what I'm capable of, so its really nice having people say such wonderful things. Thank you Taylor, its very rewarding isnt it!
  5. lilmiraclesfarm

    Yay! Finally setup my Photography Website

    I've always been passionate with photography. Horses being my main speciality. Took a lot of photos of my own horses, and slowly branched out to the 1 mini show nearby me. Last year I started attending clinics under a equine photographer, and its just been moving forward from there. I have over...
  6. lilmiraclesfarm

    What breed of dogs do you have and enjoy?

    I just love dogs. Another passion of mine. I currently work with 2 dog trainers so I get to spend time with a variety of breeds & puppies. Its great work. But here are my 2 babies. Dionne- 6 yr old Miniature Pinscher. She is my baby. Got her when she was 1 1/2. She was too small and was being...
  7. lilmiraclesfarm

    Minis and their "Funny face moments"

    What my beauty thinks of the snow we've been getting.
  8. lilmiraclesfarm

    Minis and their "Funny face moments"

    Mona I love that face! Heres a couple i've caught on camera.
  9. lilmiraclesfarm

    Escalating dog aggressiveness

    Shorthorsemom gave some excellent suggestions. Its difficult to tell you whats best and what probley won't work as we can't view your dog and see your dogs physical reactions. Sometimes what we think is an aggression could easily be mistaken as a fear, etc. So on that note, you should work with...
  10. lilmiraclesfarm

    How small is...

    Thank you! He's the perfect example of truely a great little horse. He's got bad legs, hard to keep weight on, is an accidental inbred and was free from a friend, but I wouldn't take any amount offered to me for him. He's just an amazeing little guy. Loves children. Adults he walks right by, but...
  11. lilmiraclesfarm

    How small is...

    Heres my littlest one. I last measured him at 27" I don't think he's grown since the last time.
  12. lilmiraclesfarm

    Swimming with the Minis

    Thank you, Its my camera. I do alot of photography and have taken a few equine photography classes. Although I didn't take all the pictures. My boyfriend has a pretty good eye as well when it comes to being creative. It was deffinently a fun moment for me. I love to find things to do with the...
  13. lilmiraclesfarm

    Swimming with the Minis

    Its been a while since i've posted here on Lilbeginnings. Been a busy summer. I couldnt help but share this adventure I had with my horses.
  14. lilmiraclesfarm

    New Domino Pics!!!

    Pretty Pretty Boy!! He would look ooh so nice driving along side my filly.
  15. lilmiraclesfarm

    missing mini in CT

    I posted it on my Facebook. Hopefully they can find her.
  16. lilmiraclesfarm


    Well for the most part everyone knows about my special little girl
  17. lilmiraclesfarm

    Clipped my Yearling!

    Pretty little girl! I feel like i'm looking at my own 2 horses. I have a mother daughter identical to your pair. Except my little girl has white on her. But for the most part tehe they look identical.
  18. lilmiraclesfarm

    Web site updates...

    Overall I like it. Its easy to navigate and straight to the point. Couple things I think to enhance would be throwing a picture or 2 on the main home page. Your site is nice, but you want something that grabs peoples attention. Another thing I noticed, do you want people to only contact you by...