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  1. maplegum


    Strange little horse. He loves to have his teeth and gums dried...LOL
  2. maplegum

    An Australian backyard

    Bailey and Willow with our resident koala...
  3. maplegum

    We have a little problem

    Willow watches the tv far too closely! LOL.
  4. maplegum

    Sleeping on the job

    Bailey and Willow sleep as hubby works in the garage.
  5. maplegum

    What was I thinking?

    I have not hooked Bailey up to the cart for about 6 months. Prior to that, he was very green and so was I. Now I trust my Bailey to look after me as he is such a laid back little dude, nothing worries him.   I got my gear out last night including his new v- shaped collar and hooked hime...
  6. maplegum

    Hairy legs

    Bailey won't shed out these 2 patches of hair on his back legs! Crazy little horse and his hairy legs! And some other photos of the horses doing what they do best...eating! Willow is looking really beautiful She has the most naturally shiny coat during summer, she glistens...
  7. maplegum

    Dasher my rescue

    The little dude has been in my care for 6 weeks now. I am really enjoying watching him come out of his shell. He now runs and bucks with Bailey and Willow and neighs when he is called down for dinner. He is steadily gaining weight and tonight I clipped away his stubborn winter coat, shocking...
  8. maplegum

    Bailey, Willow and Dasher

    Some photos I took of the 3 monsters today - as my husband refers to them. Bum scratch for Willow More pics in next post
  9. maplegum

    Midgee Petite

    I went to visit Midgee last night and she is still in your pocket. What a precious little lady. She wrapped herself around my legs like a cat when I tried to leave
  10. maplegum

    Dasher, my rescue pony

    Firstly, appologies for not being around here as often as I used to be. I've got myself a motorcycle now and hubby and I have been travelling on our bikes. My herd has now grown to 3. Bailey, Willow, and now Dasher. Dasher belonged to someone I knew. They had basically grown tired of him...
  11. maplegum

    Tears & tantrums on the mountain

    There were tears, seriously! I've been kind of quiet here on the forum, that's because I'm learning to ride a motorcycle! It's be challenging but heaps of fun. Let me give you a little insight to a ride we did last week. We began by getting the bikes ready and of course, my little horses...
  12. maplegum

    Spring time in Australia

    It's been a while since posting. It's been a wet, muddy winter and the horses have had enough. That's why I'm posting some spring time wildlife photos. This is what we see when we look out of our windows each day. The mother kangaroo is trying to teach her so called ‘baby’ to act a little...
  13. maplegum

    My aquarium

    I know that many of you also love keeping fish. It's a new obsession for me and it's been a perfect time waster while the weather is wet and cold here in Australia. This is my new tank. It's 215 litres. I think that is 55 gallons? It has live plants which I just love and so do the fish...
  14. maplegum

    V shaped breast collars

    I'm after a V shaped breast collar for Bailey as suggested here on the forum. I noticed the one that Leia (hobbyhorse) has on her guy and really like the look of that one. I don't have a lot of money to spend and some of the ones I have seen cost more than my harness did! I have not been able...
  15. maplegum

    The Merlin Hoof Trimmer

    My poor OH has quite bad tennis elbow and certain activities such as trimming the little horses hoofs really adds pain to his day. He is always looking for easier ways to do things. He has always said that there must be a better, easier way to trim hoofs and had heard of using an angle grinder...
  16. maplegum

    Bailey & Willow

    It's been a while since posting pics of Bailey and Willow. It's Autumn time here, the days are cooling off and my little horses think it's time to grow enough fuzz for 30 horses! Just love these 2 pics of Bailey looking through the fence. His hairy little legs. LOL And we went for a...
  17. maplegum

    Fat type of lumps on his barrel.

    Bailey is at a fairly reasonable weight. He could tone up a bit I guess and I'm sure that will come with driving him. He has these lumps and bumps on his barrel. Not that noticable to most people, but I notice every little thing on my horses! The bumps aren't raised very much though. He...
  18. maplegum

    My 'stupid' tantrum is over.

    I can't get the smile off my face. We did it, Bailey and I went for a ride this afternoon. I didn't want the cart and harness issues to beat me, and they didn't! I tried using my leather harness with the new cart and it all seems to fit together quite OK. Now, I'm posting the photos of...
  19. maplegum

    Stupid harness. Stupid cart.

    I swear the 'powers to be' are trying to tell me that hooking Bailey up to harness is not going to happen. 1st of all I had all kinds of trouble finding a suitable harness. Finally found one small enough for the little tacker, after trying a few types. Next the hunt for the cart. Friend sold...
  20. maplegum

    We are not afraid!

    These little horses don't spook at anything! Today they were hanging out with hubby in the garage as he used the planer and other power tools. It didn't even interrupt their nap time. I guess they have grown up around loud motorcycles and power tools so it's nothing scary to them. It's my...