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  1. MinisOutWest

    just trying to help

    just trying to help on the forum and now I HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED.. WHATEVER!! Guess my new website WILL ALLOW people to share information and not BLOCK them !
  2. MinisOutWest

    Need Help w/ Blanket

    I have a good friend that just purchased their first mini, and not knowing, the people who sold her the mini- fully body clipped this mini and she is freezing to death, I am getting my friend to order a nice warm Kensington, but she needs to borrow something for a night or two, is there anybody...
  3. MinisOutWest

    I am so happy to have........

    I know I have mentioned losing my best friend Levi almost 2 yrs ago. Now I have been blessed to have his little brother- Abria's Signature Exotic Issue........ I wanted to look at 'Axel' at the World show, but Kirby said they decided not to bring him right at the last minute. I was...
  4. MinisOutWest

    AMHA Annual Meeting Louisville KY Feb 18-21

    Hey- I just heard a two 'king size bed' room is available at the Crown Plaza Hotel for a room mate for the AMHA annual meeting. A room mate cancelled at the last minute and a replacement needs to be found. The room is about a $55 split a night at the Crown Plaza. Let me know if you might be...
  5. MinisOutWest

    AMHA Annual Meeting Louisville KY Feb 18-21

    Just wondering how many are trying to plan on going to the Annual AMHA Meeting in Louisville KY and/ or who will be trying to watch the annual meeting on line? Did you know the Awards Banquet is going to be on line too? Yep, the Friday night awards banquet will be available for people to see. I...
  6. MinisOutWest

    Need Help looking for a Pinto in a history of Solids

    I am looking for Pintos in a solid horse's pedigree, and what is hard, a Pinto is a horse with 2 square inches of white on him, not necessarily recognized as a Pinto. I am running into problems when it comes to the AMHA studbook online, they only show the A horses and I am needing more R and...
  7. MinisOutWest

    2010 Pinto World Show

    I just saw stall reservsations were posted for the 2010 Pinto World Show. YIPPEE !! Bad news- Stalls are up to $205 each. And the minis classes are strung out from the beginning to the end of the show. June 8- 19. But I am cutting out all my Katy TX AMHA shows so I can go to the Pinto World...
  8. MinisOutWest

    Barn Photos- Start to Finish Display

    I cannot remember for my life who had their pictures of their barn being built, but it was the plastic/rubber half round cool modern barns they build today instead of the traditional wood/ metal barns. their husband built a wooden floor, had all the little minis stalls with the green lattice on...
  9. MinisOutWest

    AMHA Directors !!!!!!

    I heard there have been 2-3 or more people interviewed for the Office Manager position in the main AMHA office. Please tell me more !! I and other AMHA members are interested in the interview process/ hiring of this new office manager. Thanks
  10. MinisOutWest

    STOLEN CART in Katy, TX

    The cart has been located. Thanks for everyones help. Next issue is getting the cart from Katy TX to the Ft Worth Stock Show in January! anybody going that can give a cart a ride?
  11. MinisOutWest

    How do I?? in Adobe PhotoShop

    I am trying to figure out how to take a photo , that has a busy back ground and cut it out and then put it onto another background. So first thing first. How do I cut the subject out? is there an easy way? I tried the magic tool, but that doesnt work to good. I will figure out how to layer...
  12. MinisOutWest

    Where can I get Zauders Face Colours?

    I have GOOGLED Zauders Face Colours and cannot find it any where? any suggestions?
  13. MinisOutWest

    AMHA World Show Exhibitors.. Heads Up !!!

    On top of my huge vet bill I had down there, I just got over charged another $212 today. so watch your numbers on your invoices. they charged me someone else's bill....ooppss
  14. MinisOutWest

    My Luck at the World Show......

    Well, I got a lot of Top 10's in my classes, but I was offered 3 new drills. Had no clue what the first person meant, then when the second guy said it, I had to ask. He said you need a new drill to get unscrewed! Oh, now I get it. Yep, I got screwed in a lot of classes especially showmanship...
  15. MinisOutWest

    How does one delete themselves from this Board?

    I am so sick and tired of all the 'know-it-alls' on this board. I try to help get a little horse up on his feet the right way nutritionally and I get my A** REAMED by his owner. I am outta here.
  16. MinisOutWest


    My minis are eating everything they see, because of hormone levels this time of the year, wish I could tell them they are not hibernating. But this past 4 weeks , I have went thru 3 muzzles on each horse! that is 18 muzzles! and I am desperately needing 6 more as we speak. I have bought the...
  17. MinisOutWest

    Anybody headed tot he Kansas State Fair?

    just wondering who is headed to the Kansas State Fair? and if you've been there before? I leave tomorrow at 4am.
  18. MinisOutWest

    Anybody try watching Nationals from their Blackberry?

    I want to watch the show so bad, but have to leave for the Kansas State Fair, wondering if anyone has tried getting the video on their Blackberry and watch it?
  19. MinisOutWest

    Wooster Ohio??

    I am trying to find someone that lives in, around, by or driving thru Wooster OH !!!!
  20. MinisOutWest

    Hoosier Classic Sale

    Just wondering who all is going to the Hoosier Classic Sale? I just got back from the KY State Fair and now have the CO State Fair, so I cannot make it, but wanted to know who was. I might ask a favor on measuring a horse for me up there.