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    Stud chains in mouths

    What is other people's opinions on putting stud chains in horses mouths and yanking on them in general? Isn't it cruel? Can't another form of punishment be used? I'm just wondering why anyone has to do it? I feel really bad for horses that have to endure it because I wouldn't want someone to put...
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    Distressing Halter Video- Cruel Training Techniques!!!!

    I just watched a scene from Everything Miniature with Jim Curry- Showing your Miniature at Halter. I must say it was rather distressing to see how he confused the poor colt he was trying to teach leading to. He put a stallion chain IN ITS MOUTH and just yanked and yanked on it. He told the horse...
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    Art Contest at AMHR Convention

    Does anyone have any info on the art/ photo contest at the AMHR Convention in November? Like where do we sent entries in to and such? Thanks so much for your help. I did it several years ago, but I'm not sure this year where to send them in to.
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    What do you think of...?

    So what do you think of Contessa? She will be my mom's new filly.
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    Conformation Critique please?

    Ok, I don't know what happened here, But I just posted some pictures up to find out if this horse would be okay in a halter class, so I will try again. He is 4 year old stallion. His head is a little large but could he do okay? Our friend would like him shown in halter. This next one is...
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    Critique Please-Halter?

    There is a friend of ours who would like to show one of these horses in halter. The first is a stallion with Blue Boy bloodlines. Thunder does have a thick head though. What do you think about him in halter? The second is his little brother, Indy. His head is nicer. Will his left crooked knee...
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    Looking for a good driving bit

    My mom is looking for a good bit to drive her mini with, but she is not sure what type to buy. She said she wants a 4in snaffle type bit that you can attach a chain to. She looked everywhere for a Kimberwick but cannot find that size. Someone suggested a butterfly bit. Does anyone know about...
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    Opinion on trailering a mini for a long distance, please

    There is a person who would like to buy a mini from me, but he would have to be shipped from Texas to North Carolina with a shipper. I heard that the shippers do not stop to walk the horses around but drive straight through. My horse has never been driving more than 4 or 5 hours straight without...
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    Hall of Fame question

    When you have completed all your Hall of Fame points for a division with your mini at the shows, but you sell your mini after, would the Hall of Fame Plaque go to you, the person who won the points with the horse, or to the new owner who bought the horse later? Thanks. Just wondering.
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    Question about Hall of Fame Points

    Example: We showed at a mini show and placed 1st in Open Jumper and 1st in Amateur Jumper. Online it says we have 6 Hall of Fame Points for open and 6 Hall of Fame points for Amateur. Added together that is 12 points. According to a rule I've just noticed in the the rule book on Pg 328 section...
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    Kimberwick Bit

    Does anyone know where we can buy a 3 3/4in or 4in Kimberwick bit for driving? We've looked alot of places already and still can't find one.
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    Question about foaling problems...

    We had a friend who goes to our miniature horse club. She wondered if when a mare foals and the baby comes out okay but then stops breathing; what would they do? I wasn't sure. We don't have breeding horses but I'm just trying to find out for her.
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    Does anyone know of a supplement that...

    My mom's just had his tail chewed off by another mini. She wondered if anyone here at LB knew of a good supplement to put in her horse's feed that could help with growing back manes & tails? Also we've tried using neopreme tailwraps to protect his tail head but they keep sliding off. What do...
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    Wonderful All Star Results!

    Yea! I just saw our AMHR All Star Results today. My boy Bodie has a Grand Champion in Adult Jumper under, and a Reserve Champion in Amateur Hunter under, Third in Amateur Jumper under, Fouth & Fifth in Amatuer and Open Halter Obstacle respectively! I'm really proud of the progress my boy has...
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    Poisonous snake in our kitchen!

    We had just finished eating dinner when my mom went into our living room, which is right by our kitchen, to turn on the light. She saw something on the ground and thought about picking it up. She is legally blind so at first she didn't realize what it was. A 3 foot long cottonmouth! Thankfully...
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    Supreme Court to investigate Obama's birth certificate

    I heard today that the Supreme Court is going to investigate President-Elect Obama's birth certificate. They want to make sure he was born in Hawaii. Apparently there is some dispute to whether he was born in Kenya or not. Anyone else heard about this?
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    This is frusterating and a bit strange.

    Okay have any of y'all ever heard of a computer game called The Equestrian? Well, I never did until recently. I came across it in a horse magazine that discribed it as being the first U.S.E.F (United States Equestrian Federation) endorsed computer game. That sounds like it is pretty legal and...
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    Some information about Obama I was sent in an email

    I was sent this information in an email. Kinda scary if it's true. 1. Occidental College records -- Not released 2. Columbia College records -- Not released 3. Columbia Thesis paper -- not available, locked down by faculty 4. Harvard College records -- Not released, locked down by faculty...
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    Does Obama want to change our nation's flag and anthem?

    Here is something that was sent to me by email and it is kinda scary. It says that Obama said, he thinks we should consider changing our nation's flag and national anthem! If anybody knows that this is for sure NOT TRUE, please feel free to comment. All I know is this came in the email. The only...
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    Tomorrow Ruthy will probably have to leave

    Well, tomorrow we will have to take Ruthy, our 12 year old black cat to the vet for the final time. I picked her out at the pound twelve years ago as a six month old kitten. She reached through the cage door to tap us. She has survived through a serious, life threatening cold, a painful...