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    Show rate packages I have several mini's I show at AMHR... Usually at least 4 if not more. For me it ends up being VERY expensive to show my horses because I'm not able to qualify for the "$100 package". Most of my horses would only have MAYBE 5 classes max they would even qualify for. I usually only...
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    urbana show?

    anyone going to Urbana show that would be willing to help me out? i broke my hand and had surgery 2 weeks ago. This is one of the last show for me to qualify for natnls at. i could really use some help getting my cart on and off the roof of my car at the show since i only have one good hand...
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    Just got home from Little King Farms Breeding Seminar

    What a truly nice seminar Robin and Marianne put together! It was rather cold in the barn but it was a beautiful day overall for this!! It was quite in-depth and covered many many topics (really surprised they made it through it all today!). They had several examples of placenta's they had...
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    Standard Driving proceedures...

    Ok I figured i'd like to do a post on this and see if perhaps maybe we couldn't get some sort of standard procedure/awareness for driving classes. I decided to post this because I saw this video on Youtube and thought "you know that could have very easily have happend in my situation at...
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    Someone at the Post Office is probably having a GREAT time with MY pen!!

    OK first off i just want to say I hate the USPS..i've had more lost stuff!!! On with the story ......I was talking to my good friend from Texas last week. She was telling me that she got this "Levitra" pen. As you probably know Levitra is made for erectile disfunction. Anyways when you...
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    stakes classes..

    Ok I've been looking at several premiums for show's this year and have noticed several shows have "stake" classes that have an increased fee from their regular class fee. I don't recall ever paying more than a regular class fee for a stake class in the past, unless it's a payback class,.. is...
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    Need Puppy Help!!

    Ok so i rescued a little stray puppy that was running around the neighborhood. I'm not sure if someone dumped him (which seems common around here or uncared for dogs in general) or if he ran away. Find it hard to believe he ran away because he seems to stick to me like velcro. my neighbor...
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    craigslist ad

    Ok so i found this ad on craigs tonight! lol anyone else think this trailer looks like a regular size 2 horse trailer?? Would love to know how he packs that many mini's into one trailer that size...LOL
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    US riders EQuiestrian motor Plan

    My mom enrolled me in this service last year for Christmas since i travel to show's a lot. she's always worried i'll break down or whatever (and yes it has happend a few times with the horses). it's one of the only motorist plans that will cover horses/trailers. I haven't had to use it ...
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    Royal Crown hair Dressing?

    Ok i now this isn't exactly mini horse related but i know a lot of mini show people use Royal Crown..... I'm wondering if anyone know's if it would be harmful to dogs? my do apparently just ATE it... i had maybe 1/3rd f a can or less left. I knew it was on the floor but didn't think any of them...
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    Ok again..being new to the south, i found a couple of heavily fruited persimmon tree's on my neighbors huge farm while out trail riding today with the other neighbor who informed me what they were. i tried one and it was pretty good... What do you do with them?
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    Showing Arabs

    Well i was supposed to go up and show my friend how to set her arab gelding up for Inhand work. I posted on here last week about tips/rules for showing inhand. I guess the show is the Morab nationals at the KY horse park but it has a bunch of classes for pure morgans and arabians. She and...
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    Anyone show Arabians In hand?

    A friend of mine wants to show her arabian in hand for the first time. As I understand these are some pretty big show's she's starting out in. Anyways she asked me since i show the mini's in hand and such. I'm not sure what their rules are. I heard they do not allow close razoring anymore but...
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    Little King Sale

    We didn't get there until very late the last maybe 10 lots of mini's and then the shetlands... It was DEFINATLY a buyers market. Many that I saw went for under $500... heck MOST of the ones i saw did.. many went fr $100, 200 ish. Most of the shetlands didn't top out much over $150 (one mare...
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    locking stiffles...

    Ok for those of you that have had locking stiffle issues. Have you ever noticed if your horses tend to lock up MORE during certain times of the year? i've had one that locks up for the past.i think 3 winters and i've noticed in the FALL he locks up a TON.. always consistant with fall..... a...
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    NHR ... Went to dog show today

    Well i'm pretty psyced. I took my older bitch and two of my 4 month old puppies from my current litter that i haven't sold (for many various reasons one big one was i was moving and all the hubbub with that). I have one that i felt all a long was show quality and the rest although are built...
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    AMHR Stake Classes

    Ok so several of my horses placed in the top ten in the stake classes. I received a check today for $50.00 one of them that got a 4th. I was wondering if anyone know's the break down if they pay out past 4th place ect? Just curious how it worked. I assumed they'd have handed out cash or...
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    Lisa Strass

    Hi Lisa, Thought you might be interested in these photo's a friend took for me at nationals of Jet. I think he looked pretty darned good Driving phase of Versatility Halter phase of Versatility One of his Country Pleasure classes
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    Question about versatility at nationals

    ok i'm seriously thinking about putting one of my boys in versatility. out of the blue took him over a few jumps the other day when a friend suggested i do the class with her. he did awesome and i've worked him a few times since... lets just say i wish he was a big horse he jumps so nicely...
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    I'm back!

    So i've finally gotten my new internet and phone hooked up. I moved to Berea kentucky a few weeks ago. All my critters are here and we are loving it. My neighbors are awesome. now i can't wait to meet other mini people!