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  1. SHANA

    Info needed AMHA

    Can anyone tell me pedigree and foals for the stallion J R Night Shadow? Also who is his last recorded owner and where do they live? Thanks!
  2. SHANA

    AMHR lookup

    Who owns the mare Benviews Special Dawn and what foals did she have? Thanks!
  3. SHANA

    Need AMHA registration number

    Hi I need the AMHA registration number for the stallion, Goat Hills One For The Books. Thanks!
  4. SHANA

    Another birthday gift to myself

    A week ago my new stallion arrived, and yesterday my new mare arrived. Go to my website, and look in AMHR mare section for Keill Sunflower. She is broke single and double and open for 2015. Can't wait to drive her but will give her time to adjust to her new...
  5. SHANA

    Can anyone change the background on this photo?

    Can anyone change the background for this photo? Thanks!
  6. SHANA

    My Birthday gift to myself

    Every year I buy myself something for my birthday. This year I bought a new stallion and he arrived today(5th), a day after my birthday(4th). I will not make you wait for photos. Go to!amha/amhr-stallions and check out Keill Mischief. His pedigree can...
  7. SHANA

    COAST TO COAST SALE MARCH 1 to 9, 2014

    This is not an ad, just want to remind people that the coast to coast sale starts tomorrow,
  8. SHANA

    Pedigree info wanted

    Can anyone tell me the pedigree for the stallion, CN Cherokee Chief. Also who owns him. Thanks!
  9. SHANA

    AMHR info needed

    Can anyone tell me who currently owns SPH Kissable Skyrocket, SPH Knockout's Canadian Design, Benviews Special Dawn and SPH A Touch Of Ginger After Dark. Thanks! All are AMHR.
  10. SHANA

    I have another secret. ;-)

    Well every year for my birthday I buy myself something, anyone care to take a guess what my surprise is?
  11. SHANA

    SPH Miniatures is pleased to announce the arrival of their first three foals of the season

    I am happy to announce that our first 3 foals of 2013 have arrived safely. On April 17 I had a filly, on April 23 I had a filly and on April 25 I had a filly. The third filly came out a splashed white pinto out of a bay stallion and a grey appaloosa mare. This is the 2nd pinto foal for my bay...
  12. SHANA

    Can anyone tell me what foals Jandts Top Dancer had and their dates of birth

    Would like info from both AMHA and AMHR. Thanks!
  13. SHANA

    Question concerning bringing horse permanent with AMHA

    I have a 3 year old stallion, turned 3 in June. I never registered him, he is a homebred. I plan to register him asap. I know it will cost me $60 US to register him but do I pay $60 US to bring him permanent or $120 US to bring him permanent as it says $60 before 6 months and $120 US after 6...
  14. SHANA

    Who currently owns the mare, Healing Springs Star Blazer?

    Just want to know who currently owns this mare. Thanks!
  15. SHANA

    Info needed about AMHR mare

    Can anyone tell me about the AMHR mare, SW Scarlet Rouge? Year of birth, pedigree, etc. Thanks!
  16. SHANA

    Impatiently waiting for my new arrival plus 2 rescues

    Every year I buy myself a birthday gift or 2. This year I fell in love after seeing a photo and thanks to the seller and my AMAZING shipper my new horse was picked up on tuesday. Due to bad weather and icy roads the horse is a bit late arriving. For those of you who know who this horse is what...
  17. SHANA

    Not mini related but please vote vote for G4 at bottom of page. This is my husbands cousin with her cutly horse. :-)
  18. SHANA

    I have a secret, care to guess

    Well each year for my birthday(October 4th) I buy myself a little something. Anyone care to guess? The secret will be revealed in the next few days. :-)
  19. SHANA

    Can anyone tell me the current owner of this horse with AMHR

    The mares name is JEM Honey Bunches Of Oats and we are looking for who currently owns this mare. Anyway help will be greatly appreciated.
  20. SHANA

    Foaling season is done for the year here at SPH Miniatures and Shetlands

    Well foaling season started a little rough this year with a red bag on April 15 where sadly the appy filly did not make it. The other four foals arrived safely. They are: SPH Ultimo's Luck Be A Blazin(Jewels Libre Por Ultimo + Lucky K Here For The Party), should be black, colt, one blue eye...