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    Wooden Wheels- 30"?

    Does anyone show at AMHR nationals with wooden wheels? I have an impossible time keeping chrome ones from pitting in our salt air. I'm temped to give up on chrome and put wood ones on my Houghton. (I think 30" ones because my horses are almost 38".) My horses show country and wcp classes so the...
  2. K

    AMHR pairs/ team classes

    can someone please post the rules for these classes? are checks or martingales required for any of them? can horses cross enter light, fine, sunday in the park, and draft harness? does anyone have a picture from AMHR nationals of any of these classes? i'd like to see vehicles and turnout
  3. K

    New Pair Pictures

    my boys' first time hooked up together
  4. K

    New Chariot Team

    I am so happy to finally have driven my boys together. I would love to post pics, especially for critiques by more experience drivers of multiples but i can't get them to show up here. If anyone can help me post the pics, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. K

    26" show gelding?

    i have a very pretty under 27" stallion in the barn right now he is nice enough to show as a stallion but... i am temped to make him a youth show gelding considering having him trained in showmanship, halter, obstacle, hunter... (i know he is definitely too small to drive ] will he be...
  6. K

    chair back, roadster looking practice carts?

    some trainers were working horses in them. anyone know anything about them? who makes them? who sells them? prices? durability? comfort?
  7. K

    tippy toes -- roman chariot

    i just recieved an all star certificate in the mail. Tippy was champion roman chariot event for 2009!
  8. K

    Chariot Class Rant

    I love the roman chariot class at AMHR Nationals. It is definitely my favorite. My old mare, Tippy, definately agrees with me. (For those who don't know Tippy is 18 years old and still competing.) I work very hard at making sure my horse is comfortable and happy showing in this class. My...
  9. K

    great nationals

    thank you everyone for an amazing nationals. i couldnt be happier with our results- my horses took 7 grand and reserve national championships. i'm so proud of my ponies. tippy came home with 2 national grand championships in roman chariot- 1 in ammy and 1 in open. there were so many chariots at...
  10. K

    super g horses

    anyone have a super g horse this year? a sucessful one from the past? please post pics and tell me about them
  11. K

    driving pictures- donna and munchie

    forum friend driving for first time
  12. K

    cali driving

    1st time for the child not the horse. lol cali drive what do u think?
  13. K

    Buckeye WCF Classical Lightening- now on facebook

    look him up by either his name or mine keely zeller
  14. K

    show gelding- clipped

    buckeye wcf classical calypso- half brother to my lightening its taken forever but he is finally growing into himself and filling out he hasn't been sweated for the pics or show just limited roundpenning
  15. K

    First amhr show for newest show horse

    Due to finances, I have limited my showing for the year in spite of wonderful horses. So Calypso, who I purchased last year has not been shown until now. At his first show, Calypso won (under both judges) Grand Champion Youth Gelding, Supreme Champion Youth Horse, Grand Champion Open Gelding...
  16. K

    what type of collar is this?

    I saw this collar for sale. it looks almost like the soft collars which some of the cde people are using anyone tell me anything about it? where its made? is it good? i already have a freedom collar which i love but i'm always looking
  17. K

    Draft Harness Classes

    I have looked at the rule book and can't find the judging breakdown for this class. I wanted to know how much is performance and how much is turnout
  18. K

    nationals class numbers from 2008

    need the numbers to find them on washburn's site but would also love to see any other pics u have
  19. K

    fine harness pairs

    is there a prefered vehicle?
  20. K

    cancelled show- legal? right?

    the last qualifying show before nationals has just been canceled it is only 2 weeks until the show- show bills just arrived in the mail there are no other shows close enough to use to qualify this late in the game if the show was cancelled 60 days or even 30 days out there would have been...