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  1. shelly

    Whimsical Farms 1st Foal of the year

    AWWWWW-she is beautiful!!!! Congratulations!!!
  2. shelly

    Much awaited new foal at Mini H

    CONGRATS!!!! HE IS AWESOME!!! :yeah
  3. shelly

    Red bag nightmare avoided- thanks to LB forum!

    :yeah CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She is a beautiful bay filly!!!
  4. shelly

    amhr stallion report

    Thanks Firefall!!
  5. shelly

    Happy New Baby Year!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is gorgeous! :wub
  6. shelly

    amhr stallion report

    Can anyone tell me if there is a fee for filing the stallion service report with AMHR? I know it is $10.00 for AMHA...but it doesn't show anywhere on the AMHR form if there is a fee. HELP!!! thanks, Shelly
  7. shelly

    Wonderful Christmas Present from my Wonderful Husband!!!!!

  8. shelly

    Update on special present,

    That is the most wonderful story ever!!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us! I also believe that all animals have that insight and can totally understand what we are saying and feeling towards them!!!!
  9. shelly

    Our First Little One Due

    Personally I would only clip about 8-10 inches around her bag and maybe 2-4 inches down her back legs so it doesn't get too messy at delivery. GOOD LUCK and SAFE FOALING!!!!
  10. shelly

    Have to show off my Christmas present!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! What a great present and a wonderful boyfriend you have!
  11. shelly

    Finally I got a secret!!!

  12. shelly

    Mazerati - 2 days old - youtube added :)

    :wub AWWWWWWWW :wub He is just toooo cute!!!!
  13. shelly

    Wohoo!! - Dry Pic's Added page 2

    :wub Congratulations!!!! He is gorgeous and WOW-those legs!!!! He is up nicely on his toes too!!!
  14. shelly

    I just got a...

    Well where are the pics of it on your minis? I bet it looks great on all of them!!! Good luck showing whichever one you decide on!
  15. shelly

    It has been confirmed

    Congratulations!!! Hope you have a happy and healthy foaling!!!!
  16. shelly

    Secret Santa Gift thread

    :HappyBounce I GOT MY SECRET SANTA GIFT TODAY!!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - MONA of Last Chance Miniatures for all the wonderful gifts!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! :yeah Mona got me a really cute Boston Terrier magnet which will go on my fridge ASAP!!!! Also she got me a beautiful...
  17. shelly

    Salt block chewer

    YUP my arab gelding chews his up within a week of putting it in!!!! I was told that free choice pure rock salt(water softener salt) is better for horses than salt licks as horses are chewers not lickers like cattle. They will only eat what they need. I might try this for the winter...
  18. shelly

    Using "Smart Phones" for monitoring your Preg. Mares

    :rofl :rofl :rofl That was just tooooo funny Ruffian!!!! Thank you-you just made my day!!!
  19. shelly

    Secret Santa Gift thread

    Jan, I'm sooo glad you got it and that you like what I got you! I had fun shopping...I LOVE SECRET SANTA TIME!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Shelly