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  1. K

    National Area 2 Show

    We're going, our first time showing in Michigan.....and very excited to see old friends and meet new friends. Pretty close to home for us and we'll be bringing a total of 7. Two fillies have never been shown before so this will be all new to them. Good luck, and be safe driving.
  2. K

    Need some prayer and support

    We were hoping after talking with you on Saturday that things were going to get better for Stormy. Your trying so hard to help him and I can't think of anything else that would help. We'll keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. K

    Youth Qualifying for AMHR Nationals

    I think the way I understand what was explained to me is the horse still needs to be qualified as it normally would have in the past, but....the youth showing the horse needs to have shown the horse at one AMHR show. You can find out for sure by going to the AMHR website and download the rule book.
  4. K

    Show Clipping Advice

    We usually body clip with a 15 or 30. Mostly using a 30. If their hair coats are in good shape and not too dry, seems like the color comes back in pretty quickley if you wrap them up real good with blankets and hood. We almost always use a 30 on the legs, underbelly, any place that isn't...
  5. K

    Hoosier Spring Fling, Mark your Calender

    Thanks Lori for the info. We will mark your show as one to attend. For your first show last year you guys did a great job!! We enjoyed ourselves very much. See you there! Kay and Sarah
  6. K

    Weight loss challenge folks, have you heard

    Heard about it the other night while watching Biggest Looser. They made Thanksgiving stuffing with it. Sounds like something to try.
  7. K

    Who's Mini Farms are in Louisville, KY

    Hi! Your lucky because there are some really nice farms to go visit. I'll list a few and you could try the Blue Grass Club's website to get more info. Theres Laura Tennill, outside of Louisville, The Roberts (Nostalgia) off of 71, DSB also in the same area as Nostalgia, Pecos East near...
  8. K

    Portable stall gates

    Dona, Try e-mailing [email protected] Sarah is at Worlds with DD but I think she is checking her e-mail. It seems as if those gates are 7 foot tall. It may take her a little time to get back with you because she is busy, but it's worth a try.
  9. K

    Back home from Tulsa

    Well, we finally made it home, we took our time and stayed in St. Louis overnight last night and came on home today. The horses all did fine on the trip back (had extra room as we came home with 4 less then we went out with!) We had a great time at Nationals, except for a couple of issues...
  10. K

    Our last foal for 2008

    Went out to feed this evening and checked on our last mare to foal, we've been waiting, and waiting, and wwaaiittttinngg for this baby. We purchased the mare from the Double Diamond sale in April, she was pasture bred and the dates were a little sketchy. She came from Jay Chupps farm and her...
  11. K

    Who are you taking to AMHR Nationals

    Ok, here goes, we're taking 10 all together 1. Shiloh's Alfs Legacy our senior stallion 2. Rosemills Dancing Rumor, broodmare 3. Rosemill's Son of a Preacher Man, weanling colt 4. Rosemill's Legacy's Copper Son, 2 year old stallion 5. Oatmeal Acres Indigo Angel, 2 year old mare 6...
  12. K

    Not going to Nationals.... I am sooooooooo bummed:[

    You know, I'm pretty sure that that some of the amateurs and youth will be leaving after the first weekend (some are even in our barn) and I bet there will be stalls available. You can PM me after the first weekend and I'll be happy to let you know if there is a stall available and I'll be...
  13. K

    On The Road Again to The Nationals....

    Hi Everybody, We are leaving sometime Monday night, driving through, estimating 15 hours. Will stop to rest, feed and water the horses. I'm VERY nervous about the drive, just me and hubby (and our dog) and hubby can't be doing any of the driving. Sarah will leave with the Double Diamond gang...
  14. K

    beet pulp and grass are wonderful things

    Good Job!! She looks much better!!
  15. K

    Congress-Mike's Plan

    Mmmmm...I saw the tail end of this class (where he won!!) and thought he was a really pretty horse!! Didn't realize there had been a "loose horse" drama!!
  16. K

    Beet Pulp ...

    We aren't having any trouble finding beet pulp, but I have noticed the sand in the bottom of the bucket we soak it in. Hopefully most of it settles in the bottom and when we scoop it out it doesn't end up in the horses buckets. We buy our beet pulp from either the farm store I work at or the...
  17. K

    What is your favorite feel good movie?

    Love the move Now and Then, (probaby not very well known) and for some reason The Big Chill, that one is kind of dark in spots. Could watch either of these at any time!
  18. K

    We're here at Congress

    My first shetland congress! We're here at Cloverdale and classes have started this morning, futurity. We've been going to Nationals for years, but have never made the trip to Congress, we brought our one and only pony, a gelding, and he doesn't show until the end of the week. So far this...
  19. K

    Have you got any HOT tips re: our trip to Nationals?

    We don't seem to get out much once we get there and get into the clipping/bathing/grooming/showing mode, we do go to Talley's to eat and theres always a lot of horse people there. Bring extra money, lots of great vendors and you can do some shopping if needed!! Visit the barns, you'll get to...
  20. K

    Contact information for Amber Montgomery

    I am trying to get in touch with Amber Montgomery. I have her phone number from the AMHR website but can't get an answer or machine. Would like to speak with her or e-mail in the next few days regarding something to do with Congress. Anybody have up to date info please pm me. Thanks, Kay