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  1. shelia

    my new fillies!!!

    I just couldn't wait any longer! I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. The first one is QF Entrana di Dominus Sire: Quintessa Electributes Dominus Dam: JSW Royal Reflection She will be in traing and shown by Lisa Schmidt. the second one is Quintessa Bianca il Santana...
  2. shelia

    AMHA Proposals

    I just got my new Miniature horse world magazine and it shows the new proposals. I found two of them to be of great interest to me. The first one is the new standard of perfection. It has been completly rewritten and very specific. It is a must read. I am too lazy to type it all so please read...
  3. shelia

    2011 foals

    Here are pics of my 2011 foals.
  4. shelia

    alovera juice

    Has anyone here ever used alovera juice for the treatment of colic, ulcers, or any digestive problems in their minis? I can't find much info on it. A friend told me they used it instead of oil for colic and it worked great! I have read a little about people who use it for ulcers and such. I have...
  5. shelia

    Barbies mini

    I am probably the last person on earth to know this, but just in case I am not. I just found barbie Pet Vet with a mini! It is at Wal Mart! I bought one to give to my granddaughter, but now I am thinking of just keeping it. (She won't care) Have any of you seen it yet?
  6. shelia

    crushed granite

    I have read some posts here that say some of you use crushed granite in your stalls. So far I have only used dirt floors with stall mats. I have an area that i need to use for the minies part time and it is a large cement slab. (30 x 100) I want to use some of it for a barn. I took a couple out...
  7. shelia

    clipping question

    We are clipping a yearling colt to be shown for the first time. We have clipped him once before but didn't get around the ears good. It was okay then because it was just a schooling show. Hubby has been clipping him for about 6 hours now. He gets some short breaks inbetween. We finally got the...
  8. shelia

    What color is this colt?

    I have permission to post his pictures. I am somewhat baffled by his color. Both parents were silver dapple appies. His dam was a varnish roan and sort of a muddy brown color with flaxen mane and tail. The sire i have not seen in person, but he has a small blanket and he is close to the same...
  9. shelia

    Wizard clipped

    Here is a picture Of CCMF Color Wizard clipped. We are pretty new at clipping, but just had to see what was under that winter fur. Shelia B.
  10. shelia

    Kittens in the doghouse!

    This is not another story about a mommy dog stealing kittens. We have a very old shetland sheepdog male, not nuetered. Can't hear a thing, loosing his teeth and doesn't get around very well. We keep his dog house up on the porch so he doesn't have to go out in the rain to eat. he is very furry...
  11. shelia

    pedigre look up please

    Can some look up the pedigre on Half Measures GM Quick Pick # A76154 for me please? Shelia B.
  12. shelia

    my new website

    I finally got my website up and running! I did it myself and I am somewhat computer challanged so there is room for improvement. I am pleased with it so far. here is the link Shelia B.
  13. shelia

    creating a web site

    I think it's time that I get a web site up and I am confused. How have some of you done it? I have been reading about how to create the web site myself and I think I could do it. Then you have to get a domain name. I think I could do that too. Then you have to have a web server that you pay to...
  14. shelia

    Mini on TV

    He is the link for a TV show that will feature a mini. He is supposed to appear in all or most of the shows. Shelia B.