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    Our first foal of the year- has been a rough year

    We, as many of you have had a sad foaling season this year. We have lost 2 foals but fortunately both mares are fine. The 2nd mare lost her foal while I was in Illinois with my mother who was in the hospital with double pneumonia so my poor son, Shawn had to deal with it. The foal was a month...
  2. K

    Stallion Sweepstakes

    What time is the Stallion Sweepstakes actually done? 6pm eastern or the time along side the auction, some of which are 3 or 4 hours. AND PEOPLE need to bid, some horses don't have bids They are all really nice stallions !!!!!!!
  3. K

    Our FIRST World Show- weanling filly

    Aloha Acres Streaking in the Snow (had to get that Wisconsin weather in there ) This is our FIRST World Show. I wish I could have attended but Nationals is my 2 week vacation (not that you have a minute of down time but it is AWESOME!!!) and we were tickled with our results there this year...
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    Would there be any interest?

    I was thinking the other day and I AM NOT a trainer and have NO desire to be one. I am the happy stall cleaner and bad clipper here at our farm. BUT I MAY know of someone who would But many times I have questions or would like a horse evaluated and know many trainers don't have time or if you...
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    AMHR Nationals- AWESOME!!!! (just added pic)

    We would like to THANK Josh Tibbs again this year for handling our horses and helping us to a INCREDIBLE Nationals. Josh has been our trainer since 2001 and we have been tickled pink with him. He has a flare for conditioning horses and our horses adore him. He has had a incredible show at...
  6. K

    LM Hawks Rare Treasure- :)- white is not always bad

    Our trainer Josh Tibbs called and give me the good word today about Treasure- he showed yesterday AMHR (we love AMHR) in NC and Treasure did GOOD Josh thought there were around 160+ horses at the show. Pretty good turnout and some impressive competition. 4 Judges 4 - 1sts in his class then...
  7. K

    Zephyr Woods Foals-10th A FILLY!!!!!!!!! by Ginger 10:30 pm

    After weeks of watching - one false alarm and then keeping home one of my kids on Tuesday and Wednesday- Jessie and Shawn and then Rick- (the other half who wasn't happy about the thought of having to foal out a mare) on Thursday - our 2x Reserve National Champion- finally decided to get down to...
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    Advertising in World or Journal-who does your ads?

    Just wondering who does most of the ads nowadays? I used Tara Reiten a few years ago and unfortunately she isn't doing them anymore that I am aware of. She was AWESOME!!! I like something alittle different as you can tell on my Lil Beg ads. The same ole thing is boring. I am looking at...
  9. K

    Who are you taking to AMHR Nationals

    OK curious who you are bringing to Nationals. I love to walk the alleyways and DROOL!!!!!!!!! We are taking 9 little monsters with us
  10. K

    Showing weanlings at Nationals

    OK our first year showing weanlings at Nationals Those of you that show weanlings, where did you get your show halters and what works best??? Can you show pictures. None of our foals are long headed so don't need a wider band. We are showing 3 of the little angels -cremello, silver dapple...
  11. K

    Stall curtains, valances and table covers

    OK really going to get some stall curtains this year. Been talking about it and THIS IS THE YEAR Going to spend some quality time by the stalls (taking a nap once in awhile ) and need to know what material? Also for sleeping in a stall (which the kids want to do this year) would you use...
  12. K

    Last foal for Zephyr Woods is here at 0045

    Yep a COLT at 0045. Nice easy delivery. UUGGHH. I wanted a filly by her So we end the year with colts 11 fillies 4. HMMMMM. And except for this one I hand bred them all. And of course it is a BUCKSKIN FRAME OVERO with 2 blue eyes. UUUGGHHH. Well someone is going to want a really nice...
  13. K

    The colored colt fairy visited WI at 0050 am

    We had two mares left to foal and Stormy I thought was the closer and have the pager on her. I can't handle too many mares with pagers or I start pulling my hair out literally. I went to sleep at 1130pm and for some reason awoke at 1248 to see Brenda's tail squirrel twitching (up and down) and...
  14. K


    Hello, my name is Laura,I saw your advertisement on and am interested in buying your horse. Can you please tell me your last price of the horse? In addition, I would like some more pictures of the horse-conformation shots of the horse under saddle . Please get back to me...
  15. K

    I know it is awhile but it just got me to thinking

    Angie's post got me to thinking about Nationals. We were supposed to go to a show this weekend but the good lord must want me home for something (maybe to win the lottery ) because I just can't get all the horses paperwork together to make it. So will be looking for another show here shortly...
  16. K

    Easiest foal of the year :) Only 3 left to go :)

    I bred Ginger to Treasure this morning and had to get her out of the pasture with my last two bred mares that are outside. Magic and Starfire are not due until mid June and Magic instead of sweetening up like most mares as they get closer has been very "NOPE NOT ME" and I have been trying to...
  17. K

    Prince colt is HERE-ZW Prince Charming

    Well I have waited patiently for a year for this foal. I have been drooling over my Prince pictures and Lass started bagging up and as if she knew I had to make another run to KY she put the brakes on this one. She is very dependable on her foaling and a great mother. So that said she was ready...
  18. K

    OH NO :-(

    Well we had two more foals tonight within a hour while it was storming and I heard the loudest crack and saw the whole sky go white with lighting. And within a hour I had a foal born and I KNEW IT. The filly fairy got killed by the lighting. POOR filly fairy. And we had our last Treasure baby...
  19. K

    We have had a few babies :)

    Wow I have had a busy couple of weeks and on the road. Put about 5000 miles on last week running horses around and we met some really nice people I love being able to put faces with all the names. We had a medicine hat tovero colt with two blue eys by Cinderella and Treasure at 0315 on Friday...
  20. K

    No filly fairy in WI but lots of snow and COLD

    Been a busy week here and NOPE I don't have pictures. When I get back from NC I will take some and post. FORTUNATELY Cinderella must have known I was leaving and foaled tonight at 0315 (yes just alittle while ago). Better than a alarm clock. So no new girls but a couple of really cute boys...