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  1. garyo

    OBMHC Fun in the Sun Show

    Spent the day entering entries into the computer for the OBMHC Fun in the Sun AMHR/ASPC/ASPR/AMHA show June 17-19.   This show is going to be great!   Keep faxing entries to (352)797-0806 or email them to [email protected] or [email protected]   Entries received before the show will...
  2. garyo

    June OBMHC Fun in the Sun Show

    Please check out the premiums and entry forms for the June AMHR/ASPC/ASPR and AMHA Fun in the Sun shows at   This show should be a ton of fun, a great deal, and it is at the Ocala Livestock Pavilion which is a nice facility.   Hope to see everyone...
  3. garyo

    Tribute Equine Nutrition

    Do any of you feed Tribute Brand feed to your minis or ponies and if so what product specifically? What is your experience in using this brand? Thank You, Gary
  4. garyo

    April OBMHC AMHR/ASPC/AMHA Show in Sunny Florida

    The Orange Blossom Miniature Horse Club has three great shows coming up.   April 16 AMHR/ASPC show, April 17 AMHA show. Both at the Conder Miniature Horse Farm in Summerfield, Florida.   June 17 & 18 AMHR/ASPC/ASPR show. June 18 & 19 AMHA show. All at the Ocala Livestock Pavilion in...
  5. garyo

    AMHA annual meeting

    So, who's going to the AMHA annual meeting/convention in San Antonio later this month?
  6. garyo

    Feeling & seeing movement in pregnant mare

    We have four mares we think are due in the spring. The repro. vet was supposed to come ultrasound but had to cancal due to a colic emergency & we haven't een able to reschedule yet. Anyway, when they stand still, especially when eating you see a lot of movement in the lower belly back towards...
  7. garyo

    Driving horse bolts

    We have a six year old mare that has been driving for about two 1/2 years. She has done breed shows, a 4th of July parade, given little kids cart rides etc. About a year ago we took her to a friends farm for a day of driving. She bolted almost as soon as I got in the cart. We thought a bee...
  8. garyo


    If this has been a tight year financially and you just didn't get to quite enough shows to finish off your AMHA points or need one more show YOU ARE IN LUCK. The Orange Blossom Miniature Horse Club is hosting a last chance AMHA show this Saturday at the Conder Mini Farm in Summerfield, Florida...
  9. garyo

    Boss Visiting the Emeritus ACLF

    I took our 5 year old 25" A/R red roan stallion to the Emeritus ACLF last weekend. One of the residents wrote a book about horses and called around asking people with minis to come. We arrived to a very crowded front lobby area filled with residents using wheelchairs and walkers. Boss was a...
  10. garyo

    Texas Folks

    Question for all of you familiar with transporting horses into or out of Texas. It is my understanding that there is additional testing that needs to be done on horses either coming into or leaving Texas due to a tick borne illness. Could you fill me in? Thanks, Gary
  11. garyo

    OBMHC Spring Show Series

    The OBMHC Spring Show series is wrapping up with two great May Shows and the high point awards for Amateurs, Youth, Open and Pony exhibitors (one horse/one handler). May 8th AMHA Show with Judges Janet Barber & Gareth Selwood. and May 15h AMHR Show with Judges Karen Iversen & Debbie Mooney...
  12. garyo

    A big "THANK YOU"

    A big thank you to all the participants and volunteers that made the Orange Blossom Miniature Horse Club's ASPC/AMHR show today at Conder Minis in Summerfield Fl a big success. Special thanks to Marilyn, Tammy, Ruth, Abby and Duane who worked tirelessly so others could enjoy the fun and...
  13. garyo

    Want to set up a farm monitoring system - Mare Stare?

    We are not expecting any foals this year so I have a foaling season to revamp. We have two wireless barn cams in the barn but between the distance, concrete house walls and metal barn roof the reception is crappy. My dream system would have cameras mounted on the exterior of the barns pointing...
  14. garyo

    OBMHC Spring Show Series

    Premiums are now available for the OBMHC Spring Show Series which starts March 13th with the AMHA show and continues March 20th with the AMHR/ASPC show. This pairing is the first of three pairs that will occur in March, April & May. The hi point horse/human pairs in AMHA ammy, youth and open...
  15. garyo

    Thank you for an enlightening AMHA Convention

    Gary and I drove from Florida to Louisville for the AMHA Convention. We decided to drive and transport a few horses as well as some hay. On the way there we got to see Gerry & Buddy Morris from Footloose Pony Farm's place and see a few beautiful ponies. We delivered a beautiful pony gelding...
  16. garyo

    Sooo Excited & Grateful!!

    Some of you may have read a previous post about a equine reading program that I was starting at the high school where I work as a Guidance Counselor. Our new Principal came Monday and encouraged me to get it up and going right away. So today we went to the mini auction in Ocala to see if there...
  17. garyo

    For those of you (or your hubby) in the construction biz

    Some of you may know that Gary owns a custom cabinet business here in Florida. Unfortunately, the new home business has disappeared in our area (less than 5 permits a month for over a year now). Although he has kept busy doing small remodeling jobs, custom furniture, etc. those are not...
  18. garyo

    The truck is having an organ transplant.

    Gary pulled out of a convenience store this AM and heard a loud snap or pop sound. Then he noticed that the truck wasn't shifting gears normally as he accelerated. Long story short it is now in transmission ICU. Depending on the diagnosis it will be from $300 to $2500. The truck has over...
  19. garyo

    The Area III AMHR/ASPC Directors ratification

    Gary and I received the letter below from Missy Richardson and are copying it here with her permission. It is VERY IMPORTANT!! However, one important factor has been omitted. Zona from the AMHR office has also notified us that a ballot envelope is being mailed out to everyone in Area III...
  20. garyo

    Does anyone have a picture of Rapid Fire?

    We recently purchased a beautiful small black mare. According to her papers she is double bred Rapid Fire. Although she appears black at first, she is roaning over her hips and there is striping on her hooves and mottling around her genital area. The only information I can find about Rapid...