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  1. J

    First time to Nationals--- Where to stay or where NOT to stay

    I get to go out to Nationals --- Hubby is letting me go by myself I would like to know if everyone stays at the host hotel or if there are good places other than that one. Any suggestions?
  2. J

    Question about donkeys and foaling

    Do donkeys have the same issue with fescue as horses? Being as they are equine I would imagine so, but I am new to donkeys. I got 2 girls and the guy said he had a jack last summer and that the Mini mare he had was probably bred, so I am going to assume these 2 were in with him. 1 of my girls...
  3. J

    [email protected] Hidden Pond Farm new pics pg 18 post 171

    Shasta is a tall mini at 37.5 by mini measures, I got her off Craigslist last August. We love her. Wish they hadn't lost her papers but oh well. She's a great girl and we love her. We do not have a due date, as of August 3rd we were told the foal there was 4 months old and was being weaned. So...
  4. J

    nitrates in hay What is Normal?

    Had Hay tested for Nitrates as suggested by a lab since we have had some issues. The results give me the levels in the hay but it doesn't give me the normal levels so I don't know how far off if at all these are. We had 2 batches of hay tested, one from one supplier, and one from a completely...
  5. J


    So how do you ask your horse to back? I ask for a slight forward motion but not letting them take a step with my hands then ask them to back I usually get a nice relaxed back. Watching the Nationals classes I felt bad for a couple of kids that their horse didn't back but I also thought ya know...
  6. J

    This burns me up! News article with unpleasant pics Now if you go and look at those pics how can anyone say those aren't neglected? That burns me up. Are they blind? Seriously!! :arg! Karen
  7. J

    halter showing question

    I am showing a mare, that has wide striped feet, with high white leg markings on all 4 feet. Do I stripe them, use clear or use all black? One hoof is half white half black. She's AMHR only if that makes a difference. I always debate this, in the past I have done all the above. I think my...
  8. J


    I was in Burlington Coat Factory store today and they had Hats galore most expensive one was $40 with most under that. Pink ones, red ones, some with feathers some pretty blue ones, lime green ones. Thought I'd pass it on to those looking for hats. Karen
  9. J


    In the big horse world they have to remove paprika, and the black as night products etc a week or so before the show, what about the minis. I've never been to a show where they drug tested the minis, is it an issue? Is there shows where they do drug test them? I was thinking of using it...
  10. J

    Hurricane Gustav

    Didn't see another thread on this so I started one. Prayers for all of Forum members in the areas soon to be affected by this nasty monster. My thoughts are with you during this time. wishing you all safe outcomes of this nasy situation. Karen
  11. J

    Is this bit AMHR show legal?

    I have aquaired a ported myler type bit, I've read the rule book and it doesn't state that it is illegal, but I'd like to know from those of you who show more often than I do. Karen
  12. J

    Farnam Horse stuff Coupons Karen
  13. J

    Sr Stallion showing ?

    I have a sr stallion approx 29" tall, nice long mane, but thick and I'm working on pulling it etc to get it a bit thinner/shorter. I think he might look better with a shorter mane, its past his shoulder, was almost to his knees, and I know thats too long. I have about a month before our...
  14. J

    Vaccine Question

    When you give a vaccine and your horse gets a giant lump on its neck that goes into their shoulder to the point of making them lame, horse has never been lame before and nothing is wrong with her feet. Would you give the vaccine again the next year? Vet was out this past Wednesday and I like...
  15. J

    One and Only foal for the year its a Filly

    I posted her on the Foals thread but I thought I'd post her here too. Cute Red Dun Pinto born at 11:40 PM ET 4-18-2007 Karen
  16. J

    Day 336 Mare Question

    first off, I have a call into the vet, waiting for a call back, yesterday I could do anything with her tail that I wanted to, today she can hardly lift it to poo. I have inspected her tail and it seems to be really painful for her to lift it. She's a driving horse and this is her 3 foal...
  17. J

    Triple Crown Grass Forage

    Having a hard time finding good hay around here, and I have been using Alfalfa cubes, but this seems easier and a little better for them. Anyone have experience with this product? Karen
  18. J

    Wheat vs Rye Straw

    My feed store doesn't have wheat straw, they said they usually only carry Rye Straw, can Rye Straw be used for foaling, I can go to another store thats farther away and see if they have it but if I can't find wheat, is Rye straw OK? Karen
  19. J

    bred mare question

    I feel like a bad horse mommy right now. I have a 7yr old this year mare, I had her bred last May then we moved 700 miles and after she got here she was acting like a normal mare, squirting and backing up to my gelding, acting like she was in season well apparently she was lying to me as last...
  20. J

    Anyone near Hickory, NC

    There is someone that has approached my husband from work about one of our minis, he's 40" the are thinking of the idea of a "pony" for their 4yr old. My horse would be fine for her, but they don't have a clue, if anyone is in the area or knows of any good lesson or boarding places in the...