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    Barn & Bed Down Photos! Where do your horses live?

    Our minis have their own stalls in a home-built shed that is ugly but sturdy and warm in the winter... .
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    loading into a conversion van

    We bought a folding aluminum ramp from Tractor Supply, and then screwed plywood onto the front, and added stick-on stair tread (like sandpaper) material for grip. Works like a charm, and it has nylon straps that you can hook onto the edge of the van (I have a loop of metal where the doors...
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    Driving Sneakers

    Here you go:
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    Driving Sneakers

    Hi again - Leia, you're right, I was wrong on the hoof measurements. Risha's feet are 2 3/4 inches wide by about 3 1/2 inches long. Which makes sense, as I recall the Build-a-Bear shoes could aaaalmost squeak onto his feet, but it was really a struggle. The driving sneakers I have are 4 1/2...
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    Driving Sneakers

    I have a pair of the leather sneakers from Ozark Mountain. They are well-made and fairly easy to put on, and seem to be comfortable, although my gelding does give me the hairy eyeball when I put them on because he "doesn't want to look like a dork" (where do they get these ideas??)... I bought...
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    Hoof Boots for minis/shetlands?

    I bought some leather sneakers from Ozark Mtn ( for my guy. They are easy to put on and stay on well. Only problem with the ones I got are they're a bit too roomy and when he really trots on his hind feet grab the back of the boots (I only use them in the...
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    You Know You're A Horse Person When...

    Okay, I have to confess: I wore my barn coat to work today. (And I do not work in a barn, unfortunately!) But it was freshly washed, and I was in a hurry...but when I got here, I found a bag of horse treats in one pocket. Yes, it could have been worse, like a used-up tube of wormer or hoof...
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    Skijoring with Minis

    Hi! I don't think it's crazy - I've been wanting to try this forever! Now, here is where I acknowledge the risk of pain and injury, that I am old, out of shape, and haven't xc-skied in years... So I won't ACTUALLY be trying this anytime soon. However, with a really well-trained mini and a...
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    Anderson or Parelli

    I like the John Lyons books; his methods make sense to me. "Bringing Up Baby" is a good starting place - it goes step-by-step through basic ground training, with photos.
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    Risha and me finishing our first (and so far, only!) HDT last summer, with our new (to us) Hyperbike. We love the 'bike! Photo by good friend Lisa Cenis.
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    Just another day at the beach

    More pictures, more pictures!!! (Pretty please?) Looks like a total blast!
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    Aerocrown/Minicrown folks - what height are your horses?

    My sister-in-law has both the shetland star and the minicrown. The shetland star she uses for her 39+" overgrown mini, and he pulls it fine, looks good doing it. The minicrown is pulled by her 33-34" mini and again, he pulls it fine. They both seem like comfortable carts for the horses. For...
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Yes, a sad situation, as HGFarm says... And I agree, ohmt, I'm sure the powers that be are keeping an eye on this vet and his farm... And even the hint of EIA is enough to keep buyers away. Unfortunately, as I understand it (although I'm no expert) a positive Coggins is "forever" - the...
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Yikes! A farm full of potentially EIA-positive minis? That can't be good... Thanks for the info!
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    45 Minis in Mass. Need Homes - anyone know about this?

    Craigslist ad I saw this morning... link to ad Does anyone know what farm this is, or if the ad is legit? I might know some resources who could help out. I need to keep repeating: No, I do not need another horse! ;)
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    What do you feed your hard keeper?

    I have a 32" mare who is 24 years old. When I first got her, she was 15 and would clean up her grain. She was fat and sassy! Nowadays, she eats really slowly and is picky (just like her mom was at that age). I had been trying to pack in the calories, including sweet feed (her favorite) and a...
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    Clipped my yearling filly

    Wow, she's a really good-looking girl! So much fuzzies - then, magically - lots of leg! I love before and after pictures...
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    Mingus' progress

    Mingus is a gorgeous boy! And he looks like he's having a good time, and moving out nicely. Re: your hands, might gloves help? I used to hate wearing gloves to drive, but now I feel like I can't keep a good grip on the reins unless I'm wearing them... I have a pair of very thin, synthetic...
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    With fly season approaching.....

    I can only use fly masks when I'm walking my horses, as my gelding pulls everything off himself and my mare when they are turned out. So I use an insect repellent made for horse faces; there's one called Swat, and the one I use is called Roll-On, from Farnam. It seems to help a lot, and I only...
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    Snow & ice build-up in hooves

    I tried Pam last year. It's easy to apply but doesn't last very long - a day at most. We haven't had much of a problem yet this year, so I haven't been using anything. I did read on another forum that you can use a small hammer (like a kid's sized real hammer) to remove the ice balls by...