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    Congress Pics

    I know that some people have already posted copies of their pics from Congress. I'm just curious if everyone else has gotten theirs or not? I need to put an ad together and am still waiting.
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    Hey ERICA !

    Hey just wanted to let you know that I saw B taking good care of your babies this weekend. Lisa loved on them to help them calm down. And in the end... ...Lisa was almost as happy as Cloverfield to help her finish her HOF. And everyone was all smiles. Miss you.
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    AMHR/ASPC Convention

    My wife is going crazy. Redi gets his Halter Horse of the Year award from 2005 and she just can't wait to get to Convention and get her hands on it. (We're flying out Wednesday morning.) How many others are planning to attend? Many of us sit all year and question how decisions are made or...
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    The History of Poke

    Not long ago, Shane taught us silly Yankees that a Poke is an ice cream cone. This was news to some of us simpletons who’ve heard the word poke in reference to…um…well, just watch the original “Lonesome Dove†films. Rabbitsfizz then raised a trivia question about where the word...
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    I'm working tonight and my wife just called me to tell me that my faithful companion for the last decade is gone. She found him lying peacefully in his favorite dogloo. He’d been dead for only a couple of hours. I picked Rabies from a litter of 16 back in ’96. His grandpa was an AKC...
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    American Idol

    I cannot believe Chris got the boot tonight. At least I can free up my TV time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays now. I just hope some rock band will pick him up soon. He has the talent to be lead singer in major band right now. What a shame.
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    Who's an April Fool? I am!

    My wife had been out of the country for a week and was flying back on her birthday. The nanny turned up lame on me and I ended up having to take my son to work with me overnight. I dropped him off at school on the way home in the morning. My intentions were to get a couple hours of sleep...
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    Rock "It"

    I just got back from Texas A&M. Took little Rock "It" up there for the last time. The poor little guy came down with a rare problem that caused his immune system to attack his own skin. The vets assured us that his condition was not contagious and that none of our other horses were at any...
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    Found a "gem of Miniature Horse History"

    My wife is going to thump me for posting this, but I think it's cute and just want to know if there are others out there. For reference, this is her 13 years later.
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    Need photos or videos

    Does anyboy have any pics or vids of Redi's Retirement run at AHMR Nationals? Jack was sitting down at the time and the show videographer completely lost his entire Grand Championship class. I was too busy screaming and my video is horrible. All my pics are blurry as well. We would sure...