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  1. K

    On the subject of cancer awarness

    Readying about the colonoscopy made me want to remind everyone aware of oral cancer too. My best friend hated the dentist so didn't ever go for check ups until it was to late. She had an ulcer that wasn't healing and was diagnosed with oral cancer one year ago. She went through partial removal...
  2. K

    Oregon Trip Day 1

    First stop on our trip landed us at the Sacramento river in Redding, CA. Our RV space in right on the river and is so beautiful. All grass and trees. It is 95 degrees here but the water is ice cold. I got out of cooking since it was so hot outside, Yeah Applebees!
  3. K

    Tommorow is launch day

    You would think that being retired we would be able to drop everything and go whenever we wanted. Wrong! too many animals and my obsession with their care stops that quickly. Finally all kittens except one have found homes, house sitter is lined up and we are ready to go. Taking off first thing...
  4. K

    Kittens running on wheel

    I have a giant cat size hamster wheel in my house and the cats love to walk or gallop on it most of the time. Kittens are usually on it by 7 weeks old and take this very seriously. It's pretty funny when they try to go in different directions, or go so fast they flip the other one off. This...
  5. K

    Southern Oregon Coast Trip

    We are going to take our annual road trip in our 5th wheel in late July and have decided to visit southern Oregon and drive along Hwy 101. So far we have made reservations at Kimball Creek Bend RV resort on the Rogue River and will stay there for a few days. They have a jet boat that looks like...
  6. K

    Animal Control-minis for adoption

    Animal control had this article in the local newspaper on Friday. They are located in northern California, an hour south of Sacramento, in the foothills of the Sierras. I didn't even know of anybody that had 16 minis in our area but glad they are now getting cared for properly. Sixteen...
  7. K

    Spring Bengal Kittens

    For those of you that have been waiting for another Bengal kitten fix here is the latest litter that are now 5 weeks old. It is so much fun taking pictures of them now since they are showing personality and confidence. Of course it is dangerous being around them because they think my legs are...
  8. K

    More Bengal Kittens

    Ok, since the current litter is to young for more pics I have found some past litters that were cute enough to share. I always keep the kittens until they are 12 weeks old so get lots of great pictures. Having kittens running around is better than watching TV most days. I also have the camera...
  9. K

    Bouncing Baby Bengals

    We had a new litter of Bengal kittens born on the 3rd so wanted to share with the kitten lovers. There are 3 brown spotted and one brown marble. Such cute little things!!
  10. K

    Cat like to chase Turkeys!

    I have a very brave Bengal that likes to chase the wild turkeys that come to visit everyday now. The Toms do sometimes chase him too. There are usually about 6 Hens and 2 Toms that like to show off to the girls since it is breeding season for them. Pretty soon we will have cute little baby...
  11. K

    More flowers for a rainy day

    Maybe these will bring some sunshine to you today as they did me. the first one is one of my favorites Bleeding Hearts Rhododendrens I love these along with azaleas, that are not blooming yet. Don't remember the name of these but the grouping of colors is gorgeous. I have them in half...
  12. K

    More Daffodil Pictures

    I couldn't resist sharing these new daffodils. Can't remember any of the names except for the one with the yellow and orange and it is named "Tahiti" Of course I had to take one of the kittens in the flowers too. Happy Easter to everybody too!
  13. K

    Spring is Here in California

    For those of you in the cold maybe this will give you hope of nice weather to come. We are in the foothills of the Sierra's and it is in the 60's and very sunny. Flowers starting to come up everywhere.
  14. K

    Happy Valentine's Day Card

    This is something special I made for Valentine's Day and wanted to share. He is a 4 week old silver Bengal and quite the little ham for the camera.
  15. K

    New Garden Picture

    Karla talked me into sharing these pictures with you all of my garden. This is our barn/tackroom, not old, but made to look that way with a door that doesn't go anywhere, but looks cute. I have old white framed windows to hang up as soon as I paint the glass with flowers. I have planted a...
  16. K

    Huge electrical storm in Africa

    Here is the link again to see a big storm on Africa,
  17. K

    Bengal Kittens are here!

    As many of you already know, I also breed Bengal cats. I am very active in showing and raising these beautiful cats and just got back from Portland, Oregon where "On Safari" was held, the biggest Bengal show in the country. I am happy to say that two of my silver spotted girls received 1st or...
  18. K


    I send my husband to get orchard grass and guy talked him into ryegrass. He says he sells it to alot people that have minis. He told him that horses like it but that it doesn't have much nutritional value so need to feed a little bit more. I'm not familiar with ryegrass so wanted some...
  19. K

    Bengal kitten everywhere!!

    Along with having miniature horses I also raise Bengals cats. Right now I have 15 kittens underfoot and is it ever entertaining. Bengals are very intelligent and active. They love kids and water, some how these two :saludando: don't mix unless it is a pool for the kids. LOL They are now 8 & 9...
  20. K

    Annie on today

    My little filly "Annie" is on Equusite today. If you have time please take a look and give us a vote. Here is the link too. Thanks! :saludando: