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    Donald Trump - circus has come to town

    He has so much money...I just wish he'd invest in a nice haircut.
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    Potty Training toddler

    I let my son pick out his favorite underwear at the store- dinosaurs. They had a picture of a different dino on each pair. I told him "remember not to pee on your T Rex(on his underpants), he doesn't like to get wet." It worked fairly well. He still had some accidents. It just took time and...
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    Goats - who has them?

    I breed myotonic (fainting) and mini silky fainting goats. I like NDs and might eventually get some for home milking... or maybe a Lamancha. Having 2 goats is good, three is better... or if you're like me: 15. I feed mine free choice brome hay, some alfalfa pellets and Dumor sweet goat feed...
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    people that own over 10 animals

    Coping skills? Ha! Every once in a while, I just explode into obscenities. I have: 16 goats, 6 are pregnant... 5 are due next week; 3 Minis; 6 cats... one pooped by the front door yesterday; 3 dogs... one strained her knee on the ice two days ago; 2 kids... 5 and 1 1/2 years old (these are...
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    HELP!!! Ready to pull my hair out! Looking for alternative email program!

    I use Mozilla Thunderbird. It's basic, safe and free. I have not had any problems with it.
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    Even more frustrated now...

    There was a news article posted by one of my friends in FB that talked about a baker in Des Moines that didn't want to make a cake for a lesbian couple who where getting married because of her religious convictions. I commented to the effect that this is America and as she is a small business...
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    Prayers/positive thoughts Please

    You can count on me for prayers and good thoughts- sending them your way! I have a baby girl almost Colton's age and it breaks my heart to think of what you guys are going through. Praying for a quick diagnosis and an even speedier recovery.
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    Dog food

    I but Diamond brand dog food, but I haven't seen the 4-Health one, yet. Looks like a TSC run is in order.
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    Do you rely on Facebook too much? Little vent

    I love FB! I keep up to date with friends and relatives in a way I have never been able to before. BUT I ignore all invites I get on FB:b-day parties, social gatherings, fundraisers, petitions. You want me to participate? Give me a call; I love to chat. And I don't read my emails regularly.
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    Frustrating fact...

    I worked in a grocery store where the Floral Manager was a gay man. He wore the wackiest hats for holidays, especially Christmas. One day he had a heart attack at work and his partner of 30 years(!) wasn't allowed to visit him in ICU because he wasn't "family". He died that day and a few days...
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    my new donkey may be a hermaphrodite?

    I'm fairly certain that all mammals (except for marsupials and sea mammals) have teats: male and female. I haven't looked under my ponies, but I know my goat boys have little teats next to their "stuff". So, it isn't the teats that makes the difference, it's the "frank and beans". :D He's...
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    That story gave me goosebumps! Thank you for sharing it.
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    companion animal help

    I have and still do keep goats with my minis- my horned fainter buck and my huge dehorned Nubian wether(he's the same size as my minis). Both goats grew up as kids with the minis. During the summer, my fainter does share the pasture with the minis. Noone bothers anybody. They don't eat the minis...
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    Anybody wanna take a guess when I will "foal"?

    Okay, I'll say Nov. 11th... just cuz. Remember: epidurals are nice; I'd have one everyday. Well, maybe not everyday.
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    Rescue Stories...Share Yours

    I was on my way home one evening when I noticed a furry ball in the middle of our town's Main Street. I stopped to see if whatever it was was still alive. "It" was a cat,curled up and unconscious. with a little blood on its mouth. She had probably been hit by a car and was dying, so I picked her...
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    Dogs are scaring me

    You could be having imperceptible tremors in your area that only the dogs are worried about. Perhaps not big enough to excite the horses. Is there a way for you to find out about the seismic activity where you live? I grew up in CA; earthquakes are no big thing to me. Maybe it freaked out your...
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    I have exactly the same thing and I don't text. I hate typing; why do it on a phone?
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    There is good and bad with everything, but if you never try you'll never know.Yes, Facebook can be irksome and they keep on updating it and making me crazy because now I have to figure out what to do again. BUT FB has made it very easy to stay in touch with my family, including extended family...
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    new mini (or is he a shetland?)

    Just wanted to say welcome aboard! Gosh is he cute! I love his socks and his color. A couple of good online places are Star Lake tack and Ozark Mountain tack. I'm sure if you googled you'd find more, but I've ordered from both and liked them.
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    Calling all FLOWER LOVERS...

    Lavender, Lilacs, Roses, Gardenias, Honey: my five favs. I don't like french vanilla unless I'm eating it with chocolate syrup.