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  1. vetasst

    Any Suggestions?

    We are looking to move in about a year. I have 2 mini donkeys that have "sensitive" tummies and moving them to a new place with a lush pasture is really scary. I am worried about colic and laminitis. One already had foundered before i got her and another jenny tried to colic on me about 4...
  2. vetasst

    Need help with a jenny

    My Jenny is the same way...her foal jenny is a yearling. and they have never been seperated. They have gone through the fence to get back together. Butter (mom) has weaned her and will give her a low kick just as a reminder. Milk Dud still will go to her for reassurance and "nudge" her, but...
  3. vetasst

    My protector- funny

    Does anyone have one donkey that thinks they need to protect their people? Snickers my 5 yr old Maiden Jenny, has taken to "protecting" me. We have deer, coyotes and foxes around and my other Jenny will move her yearling into the barn if something is around. Well...lately Snickers has taken...
  4. vetasst

    On my mind

    I just wanted to let everyone know, Hope lost her battle yesterday . He little body couldn't balance out the antibiotics and then broke with diarrhea. I will sure miss her. thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
  5. vetasst

    On my mind

    Well just to help me i am posting this because she is on my mind. Wed evening my friends yearling got her head caught in the fence and did some nerve damage and fractured her jaw. She was rushed immediatly to the University, where she has underwent surgery to try and repair the damage. Right...
  6. vetasst

    Finally some good news! It's A........

    congrats. He is sooooooooo adorable.
  7. vetasst


    I am so sorry for your loss, i couldn't imagine the hearbreak you are feeling. My prayers are with you.
  8. vetasst

    Heat cycle

    so here is a silly question. My little girl is now almost 8 mo old (my how they grow). When can i expect her first heat cycle. just wondering Thanks
  9. vetasst


    Well i am wanting to attend halter shows maybe this year with Hershey . He is about ready but don't know of any in the area. I haven't attened any and would like to watch and learn, any ideas?
  10. vetasst

    Would you have your donkey trained with this person???...rant kind of!

    I understand what you are talking about. I am in an area where there are "horse" people (no finger pointing or offense ment, sorry) but my donkeys are the brunt of jokes all the time. I do get offened because they are so much a part of my life. I have had a hard time finding a trainer that...
  11. vetasst

    Merry Christmas

    Awesome pictures. Merry Christmas to you and the girls from me and the candy crew.
  12. vetasst

    My Protectors

    No not expecting any this comming spring will see what next year brings. Hershey is in my Avatar, he is the most loving man.
  13. vetasst

    How Much to Feed Young Donkeys

    Mini Donkeys are very addictive. I got my first one almost 2 years ago and since have added 2 with my first foal this past spring. I absolutlly love them so much. I really couldn't imagine living without them. Enjoy!
  14. vetasst

    My Protectors

    Well this should put a smile on everyones faces. The other day i was out feeding, brushing and spoiling a little bit when my little Hershey man went nuts. I was in the barn with the "girls" and he started sounding off, stomping and just being obnoxious. I looked outside and low and behold...
  15. vetasst

    Mini Jack Breeding / behavior

    Thanks for the input, I think i will have a shock even tho I understand they are rough. It is funny you say they can breed through the fence - he has tried- but was quickly distracted when he touched his "manhood" to the hot wire. i really think he thought twice about that, at least for now...
  16. vetasst

    Mini Jack Breeding / behavior

    OK, well Hershey is going to be bred to my two girls this spring, he will be 3, and Snickers 4 and a maiden Jenny, Butters 6 with a 5 mo old foal now. Here are my questions. Hershey has never been bred and I am hoping he will not loose he absolutely loving personality once I breed him. I would...
  17. vetasst

    droping weight

    Well Butter is droping weight, she has a 3 1/2 month old foal, milk dud, on her. She is getting a total of 3/4 cup mare and foal feed daily split in 2 feedings, lots of hay. She is on a regular worming schedule and was just done about 4 weeks ago. she is also getting hoof abscesses has had 2...
  18. vetasst

    Sad day here at the farm

    So sorry about your loss. My prayers are with the rest of your minis. Angie
  19. vetasst

    Soo Sad

    Thanks for the update. I still haven't heard back. Hope we did do some good
  20. vetasst

    Soo Sad

    Thank you everyone for the encourage words and letters. I still haven't heard back from the zoo yet but i am hopeful. Keep the emails going to Memphis zoo and hopefully we can get something done. Angie