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    Flooding run in shed!

    We were new at building run in shelters and of course picked the most level spot. Of course it is down hill and it stays wet. Can we build a floor. Need to do this before winter. Next spring we will move the location but need something for the winter.
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    How to clean in the cold

    I am going to take a little filly to give out candy to the kids for Christmas. Of course she is a pinto!! I am going to use the wet vac and brush, brush, brush. Any ideas for getting those white spots without getting her wet? It is too cold for that.
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    8 month old filly

    Hello, I have an adorable little 8 month old filly. In the 4 months I have owned her she has developed a pot belly. She has been dewormed and even had the 5 day Safegard. I am feeding her a pound(3 cups) of 14% pelleted feed in the am with hay and a pound and a half(4 cups) of same in the...
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    Thought she was pregnant!

    Hi all, I have a mare that tested positive twice with Wee-foal. Her 340 due date was on the 26th. No bag no signs that she is going to foal. Would it be safe to put her out with the stallion I am going to bred her with or should I wait longer? Thanks in advance. Debbie
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    Hi all, I have a mare approaching the 120 day mark. Where is the best place to purchase the wee-foal test? I have used it before but I forgot where I ordered it from. Thanks, Debbie
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    Expired registration

    Hello, I bought my first mini about 5 yrs ago. I promptly had him gelded and never had his papers transferred into my name or brought permanent. I would really like to get this little guys papers in order, can it be done? Debbie
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    Registration Question

    Hello, When you get married and your name changes, do you need to change the name on your horse's registration or is there and easier way to do it? Thanks, Debbie
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    Beet pulp vs. grain

    Hello, I have a couple of horses that I would like to slim down a bit. Would replacing their morning grain(very little grain) with a cup of soaked beet pulp help? Thanks, Debbie
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    hinny x donkey

    Hello, I know nothing about donkeys or mules but my ex-husband has a hinny that he thinks(wishing) is bred. The problem is that she was bred by a donkey. I know that mules must be bred to a horse to be fertile. Is this the same? I would like to clear it up for him and myself. Thanks so...
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    Safe feed supplement

    Hello, I seem to be feeding more and more feed to keep the weight on this year. It has been unusually cold so far. Would alfalfa pellets be a safe addition to their feed to help keep the weight on? I am feeding Legends performance 12/10/18 pelleted feed. Thanks, Debbie
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    Western halter

    Hi all, I have tried to find a western leather halter that I once saw on a mini tack website. I can't find it anywhere and can't remember the name of the site to save my life. It is a black western halter with heart conchos. It wasn't expensive but I have a horse that would look great in it...
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    My baby bites

    Hi all, I am totally stumped on this one. I have a month old colt. Tiny little guy just barely 20". The problem is I can't stop him from biting. He isn't shy, loves his scratches but it getting crazy to go around with bruises, he bites hard!! I have never had a horse come at me with an...
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    Mare with foal

    Hi all, I have a mare with a two month old foal. She has never been heavy but I am not happy with her weight since foaling. She is not terribly thin but her top line looks way too bony to me. I have increased her feed and tried giving her Legends Mare and Foal but she does not like it. Her...
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    New colt

    Hi all, I had an adorable LITTLE pinto colt born this AM. His back legs are nice and straight but his front ones are somewhat bowed. Will they straighten out over time? I will try to post pics later. I tried to find the pics that Tony(Little America) has posted about legs but I could not...
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    Pattern Question

    Hi, Another pattern question. I think he is a sorrel pinto with sabino roaning(note the patch on his hip in top picture). He also has sabino roaning on his stomach, and dark blue eyes. He is 2 years old so I am pretty sure that they will stay blue. What do you all think? Thank you, Debbie...
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    Safe trees

    Hello, I live in western North Carolina and I would love to plant two or three fast growing but safe trees in my mares dry lot this spring. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Debbie
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    Looking for the owners

    Hello, I hope it is alright to ask. Could someone tell me who owns Arabian Little Dude? I just think he is so gorgeous. Debbie
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    Sand Clear

    Hello, Is Sand Clear safe for pregnant mares? If not what product is safe? Thanks, Debbie
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    ordering new personal checks

    Hello, I need to order new personal checks. I can find tons with full size horses but no minatures. Does anyone know if there are any out there? Thanks, Debbie
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    Hello everyone. I read somewhere that a mares personality changes after giving birth. I assumed they meant permanently. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks in advance. Debbie