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    update on Ron Hayes

    Ron was a good friend and I am going to miss him. When I was helping him in from B's Limo at Convention, he could tell that I was worried about squeezing him too hard because he felt so frail. He assured me that he was only weakened in body, and his heart would never give up. He was and...
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    Trainers Auction

    How about a big hand for Vickie and Ray Tobin – RayVik miniature horses - On their extremely generous purchase of my snowball that will someday destroy a village. This is the 2nd consecutive year that Vickie has donated some serious cash for this cause. They have given a lot to the youth...
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    Longevity game

    Waahhh...hooooo!!!!!!!!! I can stop wasting time putting money into my 401k since I'm going to be dead before I can use it! Enjoy me while you seems that I'll be gone soon.
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    What does leadership mean to you?

    What kind of assignment are you working on? My entire degree field is centered around leadership and management.
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    Round pen info needed

    Tractor Supply Round Pen Figurer Outer Thingy I keep this in my favorites along with some other stuff for fencing gazintas.
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    The Journal

    If there are people trying to put ads in from the World of Ohio show, then they usually run a bit behind to try to give people a chance to get their pics and ads together. Amy always faces a HUGE task in putting together the magazine after a big show. Her running a bit behind is just an...
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    Congress Pics

    Every time that I publish a show photo, the credits in the ad amount to free advertising for that photographer. (the guy I mentioned a few posts ago understood this concept and was happy to assist me in my efforts to get his work published at no cost to him) Expecting...I expect to get the...
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    Congress Pics

    Or…how about…since we are allowed only one photographer per show…(look up the meaning of the word: monopoly) if I don’t like it, I try to take steps to assure that I can buy what I want on the future? This can be accomplished either by making my needs known and encouraging others to take...
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    Congress Pics

    Simmer down Aims. Nobody is saying anything negative about you or the Journal. I strive to produce ads that both satisfy your desires and meet your timely needs. I, for one, truly appreciate the job that you do and the quality of magazine you put forth. Thanks for clarifying that. I fully...
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    Real (english) shetlands...

    They're really not the same thing anymore. Here in the land of the liposucked and the home of the augmented, we try to change everything. I love our American Shetlands very much, but I also appreciate and admire the Shetland ponies from which ours began.
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    Congress Pics

    Light it up! We did request a rush for the journal ad, so…they apparently sent our photos right to the journal despite the fact that they are reminded year after year that we do our own ads. Not sure how I am supposed to put together an ad if the pics are somewhere else. The wife called and...
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    Congress Pics

    Quite the rough day. Anybody from the real world?
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    COULD Have Been an Awesome Pic of COVER GIRL

    I feel your pain. It wasn't until I got back from Congress that I realized that my fancy new camera had been switched to the lowest possible quality setting for that entire week. Wanted to scream...Did scream...Now crying.
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    Congress Pics

    I know that some people have already posted copies of their pics from Congress. I'm just curious if everyone else has gotten theirs or not? I need to put an ad together and am still waiting.
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    Presentation Of the Grands at Nationals

    I really wish this would have taken place a few years ago. It's long over-due. It will be really cool to see all of them together like that.
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    I am soo EXCITED!!!!

    This is getting out of hand. OK, I don't have a good photo, but here is the real Redi buckle: This is what I looked like back when I did wrestle (all 190 pounds of scrawniness): I’m way too fat to wear something like that now. I’m not sure that I would even if I could. And Russ, you’re...
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    I am soo EXCITED!!!!

    Come on now Russ. I'd never have hair like that...again. Try something like this instead:
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    Larry & Bonnie Shearin

    2 in 2 weeks? That's got to be tough to deal with. My condolences.
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    Front Page News-Midland (MI) Daily News

    Pretty cool.