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    Quick Question on AOTE and Amateur

    Hey everyone. I got a quick question really quick. I'm confused . Is it ok to show in both AOTE and Amateur with the same horse? If so don't you have to do it Amateur in one show, and then do the AOTE in the other? What if you have two seperate horses in one show can you put one in amateur...
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    Look Ups please?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has the time to do a look up for pedigree and progeny in both registeries? For Komokos Kristie , Thank you in advance!
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    Prayers and Good Thoughts are Needed

    Hello everyone! Please pray for our little colt, he is by Thunder, and out of my mare Queenie. Today when I went to do the rounds at 7:30ish PM he was fine, bucking, kicking, having himself a blast! Then I went back outside, and something told me to go check on him and his mom(THANK GOD I...
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    Quick Question

    Hey, got a quick question about Nationals.... does the youth have to show in every class with every horse they plan to show at Nationals? Or are they like us, just show in one youth class per horse then show in whatever at Nationals with that horse? I know it's 2 shows to go to Nationals..just...
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    Blessed With Two Baby Boys!

    First one is SLB's Sir Richard, in memory of my late friend Richard. He is was still inside of his mom while being rescued. We are really unsure of what the sire is, but may be a Halflinger. He is HUGE for a mini, even though she is around 39" tall. I can't understand why some people allow these...
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    Hello, I was just looking across the web at minis/ponies and came across a filly who they said could be registered in the new NSPR registery through AMHR. Could anyone give me some information about that? I know its where you have one registered parent, and then a grade parent. Will there be any...
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    I got a new mare :-)

    Hello everyone! Well, I think now is the right time to post about my new mare! I am going to call her Blue. I have already gotten very attached to her. She is a 34" gray mare, wonderful build, floating trot, and a BEAUTIFUL head!!! I just can't wait to get her here and see what she looks like...
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    Prayers Needed

    Hey, you all have been so nice in the past here on the forum, for all of use who need prayers and positive thoughts. Well its my turn. Guardian had a terrible accident this evening . He and Cochise was feeling good today because it was 45 degrees and they were doing what they had done every...
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    Did anyone go to the SMHC sale?

    I was planning on going, but got busy and didn't make it down there, how were the prices? I'm almost scared to ask.
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    Question about AMHA Hardshipping

    Hey, I know that they are cutting off the registeration of outside horses into the AMHA, when exactly? I think its 2013 correct? Also do they mean as in horses born after this year(as they'll be 5 in Jan/not real birthdate, but you know how the system works) or do they mean the ones born last...
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    Would you AMHA futurity nominate?

    Ok, well I am going to send my stallion reports in for Thunder here in a few days. Hopefully I have two beautiful(and of course healthy) foals on the way from him. Both of the mares are AMHA and AMHR as well, so for sure the foals will be registered with both registeries. So here's my question...
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    Putting "Goop" on horses faces ILLEGAL?

    Ok, I'm still what I consider new to the showing world, however I do know I have seen the black, and clear goop still on horses at Worlds. One of my friends is down there right now, said that her friend who she is helping out found out they are making goop illegal for AMHA show horses? Is this...
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    Classic, Foundation or?

    Ok, I am new as all of you know to the world of shetlands! I have a question. Do you all think my boy Guardian is a Classic or??? He does have B's once you get back to like the 4th or 5th generations,then starting at the 4th some have no letters, and a little futher back he has some hackneys. So...
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    Show Halter Colors

    Ok, this may have been done by somebody else, not sure if it was I am sorry, and should have jotted the answers down . Anyways just thought I'd ask everyone's choices in colors for halters for my show string of 09', yeah it early but while I got the money to buy a couple good ones thought I'd...
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    We want to send a HUGE congratulations to:

    Hey all! I haven't had the chance to make the official congrats yet so here goes! SG Little Blue "Thunder" and I wish to give a huge congratulations to his son Moriah's Bruce Blue Bey as well as the Morris' family for all of their work and conditioning on "Bruce". Thanks to them Thunder is now...
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    Well I never have been able to get a good picture of our mule Belle!!! I finnally did so thought I'd share! I'm also wondering, I do know there is mule shows out there, do they have mini classes? Do they do the same as the miniature horses? Same classes,rules,ect? Also can I get her...
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    Introducing My New Filly

    Hey, well of course I'm so thrilled I finnally own a daughter of my stallion(SG Little Blue Thunder). She is almost 7 months old, so of course needs some conditioning for my show string next year. I know she'll do me proud. Just thought I'd share for all of those that wants to look, and the ones...
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    Naming Help?

    Well I am on cloud nine!!! I finnally have a foal from my stallion SG Little Blue Thunder!!!! She's a filly who was born in Feb(08), like him, has the same hind foot marking like him, and has all of his good looks, plus some of her own! I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet(just got her)...
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    Cochise's(TMHV) Jumping Picture

    Ok, well it took some time for me to get this picture order, between bills,ect to get a professional picture done of him from the Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers Show, but its well worth it!!! I love this picture of him! I could use some work, LOL, but he is doing so good! His first show...
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    Questions on Showing.

    Hello! I recently bought my first shetland colt! He is a yearling, and I believe is a Classic. I want to show him in Aug, however have several questions!? Do you wear the same attire as minis? For classics do you put the ribbions in their hair? I think moderns you do. Do they do the same as...