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    Anyone have any good potato soup recipes.

    Easy Peasy Potato Soup with egg dumplings.... Chicken Broth small onion-chopped fine diced potatoes chopped ham or 4 slices of bacon chopped optional=can of corn Put everything in a soup pot and bring to boil then simmer till potatoes are almost done... Mix one egg with flour to thick...
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    We have an apartment!!!!!

    Good for you..... Now you can do things your way!
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    New Year's Eve

    To all of you out there reading this forum on New Year's Eve..... I wish you peace I know you are loved This back porch is a meeting place for wonderful warm hearted people My favorite place to be..... Happy New Year......
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    Steam Mop -- Shark or other brand????

    I need to constantly be cleaning something old and slow.....hard to mop on my hands and knees but we are always tracking in mud and always spillling...etc. etc. etc. So, those mops on tv look REALLY handy....but advertisements on TV don't always tell the whole story. Anyone...
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    Help solve a friendly family argument

    Here is my perspective. I have a daughter-in-law who is not particularly fond of my son's side of the family. Families are families...whatever. She sends cards for everything under the sun. It is far easier to send a greeting card picked out in 5 minutes at Wal-Mart than to...
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    OHHH the pain

    If you need a quick fix tonite and nothing available try soaking some gauze in warm listerine....or holding an aspirin on the area...tastes awful but should give you some relief if you are desperate tonite with everything closed. Alka seltzer held in the area as long as you can will...
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    BAREFOOT --- OH BAREFOOT YOOOO WHOOOOOO I understand....deer type and apple head. Somewhere along the line I got the idea that different types were from different parts of the country. I researched the breed befor buying Lola but only did the AKC research thing and then found Lola and a breeder who seemed to care...
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    Christmas Eve

    The house is quiet. The baking done. More presents to wrap. Not much fun. I am sitting here reading old faithful Little Beginnings. The place my bud, Leeana, sent me when I got my first mini. So much has changed since then. One thing remains the same. The thoughful people here...
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    Death in family right before Christmas

    I know there are few words of comfort that can ease this pain. There are no answers to the questions in life. Yet, as I sit here on Christmas eve and read this thread I can feel the love of all the people here reaching out to you....wanting to hold you close and let you know you are loved...
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    Having a problem posting on the chihuahua site -- so I thought I would just ask you here because I know this forum will work. What is the difference between a regular chihuahua and a teacup? Some say there is not such thing--I don't know and don't understand the controversy. thank you.
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    Should we do something different

    I love love LOVE this thread..... I don't do pictures either but have one I am dying to share of my husband and Lola. He is not exactly a mini horse person or a little dog lover.....but he is coming around.... I love this picture
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    "Scooting" --Picture now available of Lola

    Shauna-- Can you tell me where to find info on raw diet? I have been looking.....but could find nothing on the Chihuahua forum on the web. am just sounds like a good idea....although the thought of feed raw chicken wings makes me wonder so I would like to read about it...
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    Cold Appetizer Ideas

    Raspberry Chipotle???? That is a NEW one.....where do you find it? Is it like a jam or a salsa??? I have got to try this one!
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    New puppy here too, Meet "Jesse" my Chinese Crested (Video Too!!)

    He is darling!!!!!!!! I never heard of the powder puff only the naked ones--I think I like him better!!!! Very unique. deserve it.!
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    Cold Appetizer Ideas

    I have a super easy and very tasty chip dip recipe that never has any left anytime I take it anywhere. Large carton of sour cream some chopped bacon--put bacon in microwave on paper towels and cook it crisp while you get the other ingredients ready. I use six slices for quart of dip...
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    Thoughts on getting a second dog

    Oh Leeana... You have cabin fever too? Inside and bored and needing that something more to make life interesting.........well, I wish someone had warned me....... What was I thinking???? I have not slept a whole night since bringing Lola home! She is up right now chewing my...
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    "Scooting" --Picture now available of Lola

    thank you for the links am going to see what I can find. I never considered a food allergy. She does not have excess water in her eyes at this point but I will watch it carefully. Her breeder said use Diamond or Canidea -- I am using Canidea because...
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    "Scooting" --Picture now available of Lola

    Thank you all for your help. I am warming the canned food now instead of adding warm water when I mix it with the dry-- if anything her stools are too moist. Not constipated that is for sure..... She has never had her butt clipped so no tickling.....oh please, no, do not...
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    dog bed

    You must know how to sew if you are tackling this project....... I once made a "play tent" for my son and I took a piece of foam packing or stuffing material, it was dense but could be bended and handled pretty easily. Covered that in a pillow case type manner leaving 2...