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    CDE in Colorado

    HI all, I am part of an orgainizing committee for a CDE out in Colorado. The event will be on Sept 16 and 17 at Tomora Training Center in Greeley Colorado. The CDe is open to all types and sizes of horses. We will be offering both training and preliminary levels for minis, if we had enough...
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    Large mare bred by mini stallion

    A while back there was a post by someone and she thought her large paint mare had been bred through the fence by her mini stud. I was wondering what ever happened to that mare and if she had had her baby yet? It turns out that one of my clients has a mare that is now pregnant, well the only...
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    CDE for minis

    We are organizing a CDE for the Fall in Greeley,Colorado and I was hoping for some comments from those of you out there who show in CDEs. It will be open to all horses, but we plan to have a special division for minis. Teh dressage will be driven in a 20 x 40 meter arena. the Marathon will...
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    mini boots

    A while back someone posted about making boots for her mini out of little kids shoes. I was wondering if they worked and stayed on? I was also wondering how they were made. I remember seeing pics of them, so if you could please post them again, I's be grateful. Thanks
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    Tandem harness

    hi I was wondering if anyone new of a good place to buy a tandem harness for minis. I have minis that I do CDEs with and would love to try driving them in tandem. I just haven't been able to find any tandem harness anywhere. thanks Carrie
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    miniature horse crosses?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone out there has ever come across a miniature x modern shetland cross before? I have a few minis that we do combined driving with. I love them to death and they are awesome at competing. I have always loved the actions and the movement of the modern shetland, but...
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    Help, I need a name

    Help. We puchased a colt this summer and the previous owner thought it would be nice to let us name him. he's a very sweet colt with lots of personality. His barn name is Presley. I jsut can't think of what to put down on his papers for a registered name. Is using just "Presley" too plain and...
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    new pic for a big belly problem.

    Ok, I jsut went outside and took this pic of Percy. As I said before, we really didn't know much about him when we rescued him, except that he had had around 15 or 16 different owners and had been passed around alot. He's super sweet and loves to work and get out and go. We think he's around...
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    Big Belly

    I could really use some help and advice. Percy is 15, we think. I do combined driving with him and Iknow he is in really good shape. He can trot for about 10 km with no problems. He doesn't seem fat over his shoulders, neck or hip, but his belly looks pregnant. We've had him wormed plenty and...
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    a pic for lilhorseladie

    I seem to be having a few issues with posting pics, I don't have it quite down yet. So here are a couple of pics of my daughter in leadline. one was taken this spring (Jessie was 2 1/2). the other was last fall when Jessie was about 1 1/2. This picture was from a hunter jumper show in...
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    My mini pics

    Ok, I think I have finally figured out how to post pics, so here goes. This is my 3 month old colt we just adopted and my 2 year old daughter. They are inseperable. This is my three year old gelding, Monty. And this is my 15 (?) year old gelding, Percy. he's not much to look at, but...
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    New to post

    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I live in Brighton Colorado. I have three minis. I would have posted pics, but I haven't figured oput how to do it yet. -15 yr old gelding, who is not registered but will go anywhere and do anything for anyone. We rescued him 1 1/2 years ago. He's...
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    feeding a baby

    HI, I just recently joined and have a few questions to ask. I've only had minis for about a year and a half now but have been into warmbloods and such for most of my life. As I've discovered there are quite a few things that are done differently between them and my minis. Recently we purchased...