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    Major Life Changes at Dusty Lane

    Best wishes to you, Jean, as you start this new chapter. Our Dusty Lane girls are always a good reminder of a great horse buying experience, from one of the "greatest mini people", for me as well.
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    MiLo, on this forum, does logo work. You can check out her website at
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    Bird Book

    I would recommend the Peterson Field Guides. I have the one for Eastern and Central North America, because that covers the area in which I live. It has lots of good drawings/diagrams as well as maps to show the ranges. I prefer the drawings of the birds to photos, as with photos, sometimes the...
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    4 or 5 tornadoes in Southern Ontario

    OMG Yvonne! How scarey for you. I'm so glad that Alex and her boyfriend were being watched over. I wonder why they wouldn't allow them to take their camping gear along with the car? So sad about the young boy. Tornados sure can do a lot of damage.
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    My husband's hobby.........

    That one is my very favourite. They are all really beautiful. Your husband is quite a talented man.
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    SHE is here!

    Congratulations Grandma Deb! She is a real little cutie pie. I can't believe that head of hair.
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    Show clothes

    Those jackets are really nice Yvonne and Mary. Gives me the urge to buy one myself. Can't wait to see them in action this weekend.
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    Never Ending Fun Show

    What??? There were kittens there and Mickey didn't bring one home??? How did you manage that sis?
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    Have to Brag a little!

    Congratulations!!! Isn't it nice to have a place to share your excitement with others who understand exactly how you feel.
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    A new foal for Maple Mountain!!!! Its a........

    We've been so lucky this year. 3 nice foals so far and only one more to go. GO Smore, GO. (you can see Smore in the background of the second picture)
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    We lost another beloved pet yesterday

    So sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like a very, very special person. Lady was so lucky to have had such great care.
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    We lost another beloved pet yesterday

    So sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds like a very, very special person. Lady was so lucky to have had such great care.
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    Favorite Ice Cream

    Kawartha Dairy's Moose Tracks. Those little chocolate/peanut butter cups are yummy. Baskin Robbins Chocolate Mousse Royale is really yummy too. Pretty well anything that has chocolate. Has to be chocolate. If there isn't any chocolate in it, it's not worth my time to eat it, unless of course...
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    Any wine drinkers out there?

    Yellowtail, Australian wines are good. They have a full selection including merlot, chardonnay etc.
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    Last mini foal for us and its a ....

    Congratulations on your pretty filly Debbie. She's really cute.
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    What "Pet" Names do you Have for Your Pets?

    It's fun to see that there are a lot of goofy people out there when it comes to our pets. I am not alone. Dogs Bichon, Kubota - Kubbie, Kub Bug, Cuddle Bug, Bug, Bubbie Havanese, Mugsy - Muggy, Mugbug, Loviebug Cats Grey DSH, Casper - Puddie Pie, Puddie, Puddin, Pud Pie Bengal, Jazzmin...
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    New flashy colt!

    Congratulations on your handsome little guy. He's very cute.
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    We went to a show on the weekend leaving my poor

    Thanks everyone. We're very pleased with this wee guy. Daddy is a silver buckskin. Mom is silver bay.
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    First Express Colt

    Oh my, he IS a handsome one. Congratulations.
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    MHCO Amber Kildow Clinic

    <- Does that look like me driving? First time driving in an arena (and only my 4th time in a cart). Peek was such a good boy. I couldn't believe how fast he is though. I really enjoyed Amber's information and the way she presented it. Last thing we heard, she was making a run for the...