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    Flooding run in shed!

    We were new at building run in shelters and of course picked the most level spot. Of course it is down hill and it stays wet. Can we build a floor. Need to do this before winter. Next spring we will move the location but need something for the winter.
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    How to clean in the cold

    I am going to take a little filly to give out candy to the kids for Christmas. Of course she is a pinto!! I am going to use the wet vac and brush, brush, brush. Any ideas for getting those white spots without getting her wet? It is too cold for that.
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    ShedMonster Undercoat Rake: Dog shedding tool that works great for horses!

    I use one very similar and LOVE it, so do the horses.
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    Brotherly Love!!

    How Cute! I have two goats and they adore each other too. Debbie
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    Kitten changing color....

    That is cute, maybe he has the greying gene LOL. We have a new kitten that looks almost identical to your pretty little blue eyed girl. Debbie
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    Merry Christmas from Mickey & Mouse

    They are adorable! Merry Christmas. Debbie
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    8 month old filly

    I will try putting her back on the mare and foal. Thanks for the advice. Debbie
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    8 month old filly

    Hello, I have an adorable little 8 month old filly. In the 4 months I have owned her she has developed a pot belly. She has been dewormed and even had the 5 day Safegard. I am feeding her a pound(3 cups) of 14% pelleted feed in the am with hay and a pound and a half(4 cups) of same in the...
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    Appy questions

    Hello, I can not help with the appy question. Just wanted to say that my stallion is a Lil Promises horse and I adore him! Sweetest boy in the world. Love your mare too. Debbie
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    Adopted a new puppy!

    Hello, Just wanted to say that we have been owned by a German Shepard for almost 2yrs. I have owned pure breeds and mutts and can honestly say that this boy had been a joy. Smart, sweet and protective of his horses.Super easy to house break and train. ENJOY!
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    Thought she was pregnant!

    Thanks everyone. I will wait a while longer. This is a maiden mare and I would have sworn she was getting close a week ago, now nothing!!
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    Thought she was pregnant!

    Hi all, I have a mare that tested positive twice with Wee-foal. Her 340 due date was on the 26th. No bag no signs that she is going to foal. Would it be safe to put her out with the stallion I am going to bred her with or should I wait longer? Thanks in advance. Debbie
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    Read Any Good Books Lately?

    Hi, Just read a couple by Stieg Larsson. The first was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and the next was The Girl who Played with Fire. Very good I can't wait until the next one comes out. Debbie
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    New Filly Not Nursing HELP!! Picture Added page 4

    Hello, Have you tried to milk the mare and syringe some into the foal. Best of luck! Debbie
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    Area 3 members

    Hello, Just wanted to say that it would be great to have a show closer to home. The only one I am able to attend is the Fletcher NC show since all others are 4-5 hours plus away.
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    Wonder Mare

    Now that is one pregnant mare LOL!
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    Sooo Upsetting

    I would love to hear comments on this also. My silly mare did about the same thing yesterday. No ill effects as of yet but sure scared me to death.
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    Our new herd sire

    Super Congrats!! I dearly wanted this boy but just couldn't swing it right now. I bet he is gorgeous in person. Debbie