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    I'm sure some here have purchased the colustrum you can get in our various horse catalogs or online. Any advice about these colustrum products?
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    Timothy/alfalfa pellets

    Does anyone feed these? Thoughts on them? I know there are a lot of folks on here who put a lot of time/research into their feeds, so I guess I was just hoping to be lazy and hear the pros and cons on this from others. I did read the alfalfa thread that's going on right now and wondered if the...
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    Poor foaling history?

    I adopted a mini mare and gelding this weekend. The mare is most likely bred as she's been running with a stallion or 2. The previous owner indicated that since she's had the mare, she's had 1 stillborn foal, 1 live and fine foal, and this spring a premature foal that died shortly after birth...
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    How to find a "reputable" breeder

    Ok, my sister-in-law called me very excited about a shih-poo puppy they were considering getting. After a few minutes of her talking about the breeder, I suspected this was a miller. So, my question is, I KNOW these small mixed breed dogs can be a little controversial, but how do you find a...
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    Deleting post to make a new one, sorry

    Creating a new post, sorry
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    Any Westie lovers in MO?

    I'm on a a lot of rescue e-mail lists, and got this e-mail this AM. I know there are some westie lovers/breeders on this forum, couldn't remember exactly who/where though. This shelter is unfortunately always full and very high kill. Here he is, and of course feel free to peruse all the other...
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    Horse Euthanasia clinic

    Sad, but a really good idea. I hope it catches on.
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    Chances made Fugly, in a good way! Hey look, 2 of CMHR's rescues are the featured pair today!
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    Added pictures

    The mare is 356 today, if she is bred. Most of the pictures are from 2 weeks ago, but one that is a close-up shot of her udder from behind is from this AM. This mare stare makes you a little crazy. Until 2 months ago I wasn't sure she was pregnant. Then I was SURE. Now at 356 days, I wonder...
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    Anyone else?

    My maiden mare is at 354 days today. It is our first baby, out of our first mini, and we have been watching her carefully since day 290. She has a decent little udder but just the clear sticky fluid, and not much of it. Sometimes it's easily expressed and other times it isn't. She's had the...
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    When do YOU get concerned?

    I have a maiden mare at 331 days gestation today. She has a decent sized little bag for a maiden, though it's still clearly 2 halves. Her nipples are "fullish" and pointed down. But - there is no milk. I wasn't overly concerned but on Friday AM her vulva was pretty loose, a big change from my...
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    For those who also raise cattle

    Sort of a weird question . I (think) I am expecting my first miniature foal this year. I have been and will continue to read all the books and other information I get on foaling, but from a "real life" standpoint - I have helped calve, and I would guess that foaling is going to be very...
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    Anyone willing to share miscarriage stories?

    My husband and I were happily anticipating our first baby, but at an ultrasound this week we found the baby had died about 2 weeks ago. Our first pregnancy was an ectopic. We didn't even have time to get excited about that one, but this one we've known about for 5 weeks. We saw the baby on an...
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    Hi everyone - I just arrived home from work to find that my 2 minis and shetland had broken one of my lock latches and gotten into a 40 lb unopened bag of sweet feed! It appears to me that about 1/2 is gone. The 2 minis were standing nearby while the shetland had her nose in it. Based on the...
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    Paypal question

    Hi - I haven't used paypal in a long time and I assisted my husband with signing up for an account as he's just discovered the wonderful world of ebay (YIKES!) ANYway - we put in our credit card info for the paypal account but now it's telling us we have to verify by adding in our bank info -...
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    Miniature cross for adoption on petfinder

    Wow! Take a look at this little guy - quite pleasing to the eye, isn't he?? I'm stunned that this mating didn't kill the mare!
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    MO folks - anyone interested in animal rescue?

    Hi guys - I've been on a distro list for a man that posts mainly about dogs/cats in high need at the MO shelters for some time now. We get daily e-mails on animals that are in urgent status. If you are interested in getting on the list, please contact Bob at [email protected] and tell him...
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    Anyone awake? Look at the moon!

    Just wondering if anyone is up - go outside and look at the moon - there is a weird full circle around it. Just never saw anything like it before! Renee in Iowa
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    Missouri and Iowa dog transport help needed

    Here is a dog rescue transport that we really need help with - supposed to take place TOMORROW! Please help if you can!! Please crosspost this to anyone you know that might be able to take a leg... NEED TRANSPORT HELP NOV 17TH-18TH FOR 3 AUST CATTLE DOGS- 1 CORGI -TN-MO-IA-MN Lexington, TN to...
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    Rescue corgis in MO

    I think if we could help the 2 female corgis just get from BOLIVAR, MO to around Maryville, MO on FRIDAY, we can handle the rest. . . ANYONE??