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    Kentucky people!!! or surrounding areas

    I have a hardship situation where I recently puchased a very tiny, barely 29" mare B&WS Blue Special Lady. She is a buckskin mare, with a star and strip and rear white coronets. Also her right eye is half brown, half blue. Because her transfers were not kept current I'm so far unable to track...
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    AMHA DNA testing

    I've never had to DNA a horse before for parent qualifications. I was late with my stallion reports this year (my bad). The DNA kits are on their way to me, but one of the horses will more than likely be gone to his new home in another state before the kits arrive and I need to know what I...
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    anyone know anything about wild bunnies????

    My SOB cat brought me two very young bunnies this morning. They appear to be different ages. The bigger boy has no puncture wounds (bites) that I can see but I did treat his eyes just in case. His eyes are open and he had the sense to "play dead". He's very mellow and calm. Bunny number 2...
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    Damaged growth plates

    I have questions regarding hoof trimming, confinement and diet. I am working very closely with my wonderful Vet on this but would like more input. If anyone has dealt with this issue please pm me. Thankyou!
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    Color Question Perlino vs Cremello

    Hi I haven't been on in a very long time. We were blessed with a beautiful colt born on the 12th. At first I thought he was a palomino pinto. He's a beautiful shade of light gold. Lots of chrome, big blaze and two blue eyes. His mane is snow white. His tail is white with gold hairs...
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    Does anyone have prices???

    I didn't make it to the sale and I was curious if anyone had prices.
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    Update on my open mare with bag

    No, she is not pregnant. She did however have a cyst on one of her ovaries. Doc gave her a shot of lutalayse (sp?) and hopefully that will take care of the problem. Happily at the present time we have three mares in foal for 2010 all bred to our 28" palomino pinto Reserve National Champion...
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    Mare developing an udder only she's open

    This is a 15yr old mare. I've owned her since 06. I brought her home in July ultrasounded in foal. No foal resulted. I had a complete repro exam done and she checked out 100%, however she didn't come into heat until June of 07. I bred her on that cycle and she took. Last April her foal was...
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    Homeowners Insurance vs Owning horses

    As most everyone know, State Farm is pulling out of Florida (no more homeowners Ins.). Well, I"ve been with State Farm since the 80's. Knowing that we need to find a new Homeowners Insurance Company, my husband went down and talked to one of our local agents with another company that we have...
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    Round pen

    I cannot seem to locate the previous posts on this topic and hubby would like to see what others have done before he begins planning ours out. Thankyou. Also what size works best. I have both A and B size horses
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    My daughter's art project

    My 16 yr old daughter Courtney drew this 9x14 pencil sketch for an art project at school. After winter break it will be matted and framed and will go on exhibit and various locations.
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    While the rest of you are having SNOW

    Our Hickorys are losing their leaves so theres been some fall fun here this past week with school out. Nicholas and Sam Back at ya Sam Leaf Angels, while Sam and Ace look on Fire and Ginger enjoying their own leaves.
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    gelding incision????

    Ok, I'm losing my mind. I have a call in to the vet and am waiting to hear back from him. My little guy was gelded a little over two weeks ago. I posted about his bleeding excessively. That has been under control for many days now. I thought he was back to healing beautifully and the right...
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    Dried blood in hair (lots of it)

    This is a little complicated. My colt is still draining minimally from his gelding surgery a week ago. He lost a lot of blood this past Monday when he somehow opened back up. Doc told me to leave the dried blood on his legs alone. The problem is that it is so think and crusty and hard in...
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    newly gelded colt bleeding

    And what lies ahead for us?? We had all of our colts gelded last Thursday and Ice didn't clot like he should have and bled out more than he should have. It took several hours to get his bleeding stopped. The vet came back out and put him on SMZ's and banamine was started the next day once we...
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    My Boxer is covered in hives

    I know this will get moved, but it is really late and there are more people on here. I do not know the cause at this point. She is approx. 86 lbs. Does anyone know for sure??
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    Ultrasound Question

    We bred one mare this year. At 20 days post breeding she was ultrasounded and Doc found nothing. I normally don't ultrasound that early but he was here for something else so I had him check her. She has not been back into heat. My other mares are cycling constantly. I do plan to have her...
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    Bot Eggs

    After 25 plus years with horses I still have not found an easy efficient way to get rid of them and I found our first arrivals tonight.
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    Fontline question????

    Since Frontline came out I have been "flealess" and LOVED it!! I never had to use it much as my two cats are "indoor girls" and our Boxer Maggie stays in the yard with us when outside and my husband is good about keeping up with pest control. A few months ago we had a kitten born in our barn...
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    Our boys today

    Sam and Ace are two of our weanling colts this year. We clipped Ace about 3 wks ago But he was mottled with a lot of dun. We let his coat grow out a bit and even out in color and today we clipped Sam and took some pictures of them. Black horses are not the easiest to photograph, but I think...