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    Mt. Airy auction

    I am thinking about going to the Mt. Airy sale for the first time. Has anyone gone before or is planning on going this year? Do they usually sale show or pet quality and what are the prices like?
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    Pregnant donkey pictues.... please

    Could someone please post pictures of their donkeys and different stages of their pregnancy.I rescued a donkey in November that was so skinny. Now she is in beautiful condition but her belly hangs down. She is around 3 years old and that is all the information that I have on her. I have the...
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    Bartlett Feed?

    Does anyone use or know anything about Barlett Feed? I feed store very close to my house carries it and I was wanting to know the quality of the feed.
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    Mini donkey and coyotes?

    I have been wanting a miniature donkey for quite a while. How are miniature donkeys at protection against coyotes? I found one that I really like but she is 36 inches tall. So is that too small to help protect my miniature horses from coyotes?
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    Best protection from coyotes?

    I have had a pack of coyotes come on my property twice in one week. Once they were eating something and this morning trotting in my pasture. I have a standard donkey that does a good job. I am thinking of getting another donkey to help out. The minis are stalled at night except for two of...
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    National sale prices..expected prices?

    First, thanks for posting the sale prices from the National sale. I am surprised on some of the horse's prices. I see that some did sale for expected prices but some seem to have sold for well below. Does anyone have any ideas as the reasons why? I also have Paso Finos and their National...
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    donkey color question

    I went and looked at a spotted miniature jenny that is 2 weeks old. She is the cutest little thing. I was wondering about her color. She is mainly white with 2 blue eyes but her base color appears to be a red clay back dun ( or red chesnut). Is that possible? I have never seen a donkey with...
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    Anyone have any experience with COPD in horses?

    We took the old rescue mare to the vet on Monday to have ultrasounded for a pregnancy check. I was very concerned because when she eats, her belly area and flanks looks like sporadic contractions. The vet took one look at her and said that it was COPD and he would not recommend sedating her...
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    Hey Marty..Ask what we are doing this weekend?

    I'm so excited so hurry up and ask!
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    update on rescue minis

    Just returned from the vet with the minis we got last night. The mare with the swollen cheeks had to have her teeth power drilled due to the extreme points. She also has 2 teeth that will be removed due to damage caused by the points in lower teeth. She now looks normal! But is probably...
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    foal teeth?

    Last night, I bought home some rescue minis. The filly has 4 front teeth does anyone know about how old that would make her? Her physical appearance I thought about 6 weeks.
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    Can yearling colts breed mares?

    Ok here's the situation. A friend and myself bought the remaining herd of mini/ponies from a terrible situation. None of horses have ever been touched, wormed nothing! Just a bunch running in a large herd. We are picking them up to night. The lady sold the stallions but in the group we got...
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    Which pony breed do you recommend?

    I'm wanting to get involved with a pony breed. I currently have minis, a donkey, paso fino and oversized mini mare. Since going thru my divorce, I want to distance myself from the paso fino show world, his family has been a well known breeders and trainers in pasos for years. I love my minis...
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    T-shirts with miniature horses?

    Does anyone know where I can buy T-shirts for my son and myself with miniature horses on it? thanks
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    National Animal Identification program?

    I was reading about a new voluntary program by the USDA to track livestock in this country. Does anyone know much about this program? I like the idea that all animals are microchipped, I was going to have all of mine done anyway just in case they...
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    Hey Marty.. What's the update on Holly?

    Marty, So what's going on with Miss Holly this morning?
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    National show pony registration

    I have a mare that I would like to register with the National Show Pony registry. Both of her parents are AMHR registered but she grew to 40 inches. I was reading that one parent must be DNA'd. My first question is how will I find out if either one of her parents are DNA'd. Does it show on...