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    Driving gelding

    I have 2 geldings that are well broke to drive. Riverdances Royal Secret is a 2005 sorrel pinto. AMHA registered. He is 32 1/2 inches. My daughter and I have shown him locally and at the AMHA World show. Riverdance’s Windbourne is a 2009 black gelding. AMHA registration, AMHR eligible. He is...
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    where's marbles???

    Marbles is still with Sue at Riverdance Miniatures. The geneticist said the best chance of having a brindle baby was to breed her to her sire. I see her frequently.
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    moving - cool/cold climate to warm

    When we moved from Minnesota to Florida, we did not clip initially. Some of the horses with heavier coats started to overheat and sweat which conversely could make them cold. We ended up doing a "mini clip" which was chest and belly. leaving their back, head and legs unclipped. It looked funny...
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    Miniature horse abuser in Florida!

    He may have been there last night. There were panels removed last night just outside and footprints all around that area. He usually has come on Friday and Saturday night so Abby plans to be there watching today. Send here good thought to keep her safe as well as her horses.
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    Miniature horse abuser in Florida!

    I did not see the link on Facebook but you are correct. Abby's film clip did not show him doing anything. We think this is the culprit but he did not do more then look and pet on this visit. Abby has many tiny poodles in that barn too and it has been fortunate that they have not been harmed...
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    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    I got my gift today. 2 wonderful mugs, a Badgers ornament, little ornaments and treats for all my fur-kids! She forgot to enclose a note with her name/forum name. I do know the last name is Wittmer from New Richmond, Wisconsin. Thanks so much! Btw I lived in New Richmond years ago and grew up...
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    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    I am so glad you liked everything Julie. Have a wonderful Christmas!
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    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    I have to pick mine up at the UPS when I get home tomorrow. I have been out of town for several days.
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    At 48, is it too start living a dream? Update 2013!

    I am 56 now and got into miniatures 6 or 7 years ago. I love being around them. I have MS and they are a wonderful support for me. I love to drive and with having special needs classes I can do halter as well. Good luck! Follow your heart.
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    WHOO HOO got my 100% this year! Secret Santa

    I will be gone for a week or so whoever has me should not be concerned if I post late. On the other side, my gift went out today to my person!
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    I am soooooooo excited. I just bought a new filly

    She was even more beautiful when we picked her up. Even her winter woolies can't hide her beautiful head, upheadedness and topline. I can't wait until next year when Sue clips her down! Look out Florida, Safari has arrived!
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    Secret Santa HINT THREAD!!!!

    I am an animal lover and presently have 3 horses, one cat, and three dogs. My little Papillon, Ginger is my baby and goes with me everywhere. I love to get things from around the country. When I travel, I get magnets from places I visit. My barn color is royal blue. I also like pretty kitchen...
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    I am soooooooo excited. I just bought a new filly

    Beautiful little girl Sue. I can't wait to see her.
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    12 for me today.
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    24 for me!
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    Double Diamond Tack

    Also try Mini Express. She is great to work with. At the Workd show, I see Mini Express and Star Lake and they are both wonderful. Double Diamond also but for harness's I definitely see more quality with star Lake and Mini Express.
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    Good word of mouth................

    She is wonderful. I have enjoyed seeing her at shows and other events down in Florida. It is nice to be so close! Star Lake is also very nice to deal with. Barb
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    I only want my Mom!

    He now will eat grain. His mother is not good about letting him eat so we are working on feeding him separately. He is now 3 1/2 months old and has a full coat again.
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    Anyone else have a super - pee-er? Soaked stall

    I agree with the boredom. My gelding soaked his stall and no matter how big a water bucket u gave him, he would empty it. Now outside with shelter he drinks a normal amount. Of course I can't directly see how much he pees now being outside but it has to be less then when he was drinking all...
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    I only want my Mom!

    Thanks everyone. Maybe he will eat and grow a little more with Calf Manna! He is so tiny but boy does he have a trot! Barb