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  1. Birchcrestminis

    Dying manes and tails

    Hello forum members, I am hoping to get some advice. I have never dyed anything before and I have two black pintos with a little sun bleaching in their forelocks, manes and ones tail. What brand of dye do you prefer, what color - I know black - but there are different shades I quess. How long do...
  2. Birchcrestminis

    Horse lame after trim

    Hi all! I have a mini that suddenly came up lame - she had a trim in the morning - turned out later in the day. I noticed she was walking gingerly - thought it was maybe because of the trim and also the new snow which might have been alittle slick. Back in her stall overnight. Now today she is...
  3. Birchcrestminis

    Stud book look up - would anyone mind?

    I am interested in verifying this mares foaling record, could anyone look up this info for me what foals she has had and when thanks in advance Grosshill Little Man jet Set AMHR 50802A AMHA A58819
  4. Birchcrestminis

    moxidectin recommended wormer in World Mag

    I was just doing some reading in the latest December 2009 Miniature Horse World magazine. Has anyone else noticed on page 96 the article recommended worming with moxidectin twice a year. Under good barn keeping practises, it says to begin your worming regimen with a five days daily dose course...
  5. Birchcrestminis

    Merry Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS To All The Forum Members !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From BIRCHCRESTMINIS A few pictures from our 2009 show season
  6. Birchcrestminis

    Testing for LWO

    Hello, I know this topic has been on here a million times but now that I need the info, I can't find it. I'm wanting to test one of my horses for LWO, what lab have people had good luck with and could you direct me to their website please. THANKS !!
  7. Birchcrestminis

    Himalayan Kittens

    Here are some pictures of my himalayan kittens for all you fluffy kitten lovers. Sealpoints and bluepoints.
  8. Birchcrestminis

    Colorful Horses

    Nothing fancy. Just thought I would share a few pictures of my horses looking colorful on this rather drab fall day in Maine. Show season is over, winter is coming : (
  9. Birchcrestminis

    Want to see something pretty

    Thanks for looking! Here are some pictures of our 2009 colt at 9 weeks old. BCM Painted Rain - "Rocket" sired by Jones Blue Nightrain(by SG Rangers Nightrain - World CH Producer) dam Sunrise Hill Sandmans Snow Angel(by Little Americas Dee Sandman - multiple World Top Ten Stallion)...
  10. Birchcrestminis

    Foal Announcement

    Our one and only 2009 foal arrived early Thursday morning - May 28th It was a very cold(40s), damp and rainy night. Birth was uneventful and mom and baby BOY are doing just fine. First foal for our stallion Jones Blue Nightrain Fourth colt in a row for our mare Sunrise Hill Sandmans Snow...
  11. Birchcrestminis

    Opinions on shipper

    Hi members, I'm having a mare shipped up from Florida soon. I've gotten a few price quotes. Most of the quotes were similar, but Hauled Right fit my time schedual the best. Has any one used them, and how was your experience with their service. You can PM me if you'd like. Thanks in advance...
  12. Birchcrestminis

    Genetic color question

    Got a question for you ... Can a grey horse and a chestnut horse produce chestnut and bay offspring? That is when bred together? In order to produce a chestnut foal, the grey would have to be hiding a chestnut gene, so I wouldn't think you could get a bay offspring from this same pair ...
  13. Birchcrestminis

    Scenes From Maine

    I love when people share their pictures from all over the country/world. Here are some pictures I took this morning of my horses in the snow. Not the greatest pictures, but thought I'd share them anyway.
  14. Birchcrestminis

    Fundraising Ideas

    Hello Local miniature horse club has a newly formed fundraising committee. Looking for fundraising ideas. What have other clubs done for successful fundraising? Thanks!
  15. Birchcrestminis

    Birchcrestminis new mare

    Birchcrestminis is very excited to introduce our new mare... Conders Fancy Magic Sired by SEVEN TIMES WORLD CHAMPION FWF"S Blue Boys Magic Man Out of WORLD TOP TEN and EASTERN REGINAL CHAMPION Sweetwaters Little Fancy Girl Conders Fancy Magic has some impressive halter titles of her own...
  16. Birchcrestminis

    Nationals and World shows

    I have a question - why are the National and World shows held in Oklahoma and Texas every year? Just wondering. I showed shetland sheepdogs for many years,and the National show moved around the country every year. Sometimes it was across the country from me, other times it was right in my...
  17. Birchcrestminis

    Maine Miniature Horse Club Show

    Maine Miniature Horse Club had their last show of the season today. Pretty good turnout considering the weather men predicted we would be swimming around the ring. Instead, hardly a drop fell all day! Leslie Packard was our judge, she was great! Lots of forum members showing today - Fred...
  18. Birchcrestminis

    Farm Signs

    Any one want to show off their farm signs? Anything goes for this post. I'd like to see the sign you have out by the road, whats hanging on your barn, on your trailer, on your truck. Signs that advertise your miniature horse farm. Thanks! I hope people will post.
  19. Birchcrestminis

    Pinto Question

    I am considering buying a minimally marked black pinto mare. I mean REALLY MINIMALLY marked - just half white tail and two white coronet socks. My question is - could she produce foals with more flashy pinto markings than herself? Bred to a solid color stallion? Thanks.
  20. Birchcrestminis

    My Colorful Herd

    I don't have a fancy camera, but I still like to take pictures of my "kids" and sharing them. Thanks for looking Cathy