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  1. MiLo Minis

    Area 2 photographer?

    Does anyone know the photographer or have the website for the photographer from the area 2 show last weekend? Any help much appreciated!
  2. MiLo Minis

    Take a guess at how long this horse has been in harness!

    I mean the horse in front of the cart not the ol' horse in it!
  3. MiLo Minis

    Exciting news from OSESA!

    Ontario's newest small equine club, Ontario Small Equine Show Association (OSESA) has a really exciting opportunity for youth and amateur show persons! With the generosity of Rita Noble of Noblebrook Farm we are able to offer you the chance to WIN a FREE double registered ASPC/AMHR colt, son of...
  4. MiLo Minis

    Wishing Everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year

    Merry Christmas Every One! Here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous coming new year! From Lori at MiLo Acres Training Centre.
  5. MiLo Minis

    Holstein Parade 2011

    I didn't get a lot of pictures of all the other floats because there was only me and Mickey with Manny (MiLo's Classic Ladies Man) and then Garnet and Nick with Fleur (JEM Break N Pattern) and we were all driving. These are from when we were getting ready to go. We were all warmed up from the...
  6. MiLo Minis

    We made the front page of the local paper!

    Last weekend my daughter and I took Polk in our small town's Christmas Parade. We got our picture on the front page of the local newspaper The day didn't start out well but ended up to be a really great day! Garnet and Nick who were supposed to be with us got caught in a traffic jam on the...
  7. MiLo Minis

    What would it take to get you to come and show a sanctioned show in Canada?

    I am interested in finding out what keeps Americans from coming to AMHR shows in Canada that are closer for them even than some of the shows they attend in the States. We here in Canada frequently show in the States as well as our own shows here. All that is required to cross the border is a...
  8. MiLo Minis

    My daughter's first driving class!

    Mickey has been driving with me for years and I finally started letting her drive on her own last year at home.... while I chewed my fingernails. Last weekend she had her very first driving class in the show ring at the Rockton World Fair and her second at the Norfolk County Fair the next day. I...
  9. MiLo Minis

    Xpress goes HOF!!!

    In the 2009 show season MiLo Acres Training Centre showed BuckOns Xpress Male to his halter HOF and took him to Nationals where he went Top 4 in the Pleasure Stake. Xpress, onwed by Sweetdreams Minis, took the 2010 year off to relax and be a daddy and came back out for this year. We have been...
  10. MiLo Minis

    I llove my boys!

    The part I love best about having Minis: I spend probably far too much of my time watching the babies Wide-eyed and pretending innocence are Just Desserts and Just Pandemonium - Who us? The sweet Just Sumthin Else who truly is innocent Gotta love mascara! I can move this thing! I...
  11. MiLo Minis

    I lost a friend this summer

    I apologize because I know this probably doesn't really belong on this forum but Willie was the epitomy of a driving horse and more of you know him here than on the other forums. My boy passed away the beginning of June. He was no spring chicken at 28 years old and full of arthritis but it was...
  12. MiLo Minis

    YES! Rosie finally popped!

    YES!!! After 393 looooong days Rosie finally foaled!!! She plopped him out on the round bale pile in the early evening! Not only did she stretch her usual term but changed her timing I breed for horses to drive and this one is MADE for it. Silver bay just like his momma, loooong legs...
  13. MiLo Minis

    Jesse left us a little something to remember him by......

    I sold Jesse (MiLo's Just For The Ladies) to a lady last fall who was looking for a calm, dependable driving horse. Jesse suited the bill perfectly but has been sorely missed around here. This will be his last foal crop as he is now a very handsome gelding. Our first foal born this year is a...
  14. MiLo Minis

    Finally.......sticky milk!

    This is Rose, taken today. Due the first week of June according to the length of her previous pregnancies. She looks to me to be asking Suzie how things look back there as she can't see what is going on. When I checked her today she had sticky milk......maybe tonight? I will let you know in the...
  15. MiLo Minis

    New Show Clinic for Ontario coming!

    Our new club, the Ontario Small Equine Show Association (OSESA) is holding a show clinic on May 7th at minimal cost to members. Others are also welcome! There is going to be a clinic in the morning on prepping your horse for show and then a short Clinic Show in the afternoon with clinics before...
  16. MiLo Minis

    Heindl show carts

    I was looking at Heindl show carts in Ohio. Does anyone on here have any experience with them good or bad? Are they well balanced? Well made?
  17. MiLo Minis

    Some pretty pictures of my daughter

    It's a miserable cold, windy day here so I stayed indoors looking at photos of this past show season that my friend Kim brought me a CD of yesterday. I especially liked these 2 of my little girl showing her gelding Manny at halter at the CNE and wanted to share them with you.
  18. MiLo Minis

    The annual Holstein Christmas Parade

    This past weekend the Holstein, ON all animal Christmas parade took place. It was warmer than usual weather which meant a huge turnout to watch one of the largest parades held there ever. It is quite a spectacular parade with all floats pulled by horses and everyone riding, walking, leading, or...
  19. MiLo Minis

    Our first Xmas Parade of the season!

    Polk and I did the Cayuga Christmas Parade this morning - our first of the season and Polk's very first outing in harness! He was a very good boy and handled everything with aplomb - even the saddle bells and band! All he did was flinch the first time he heard the drums. He is one awesome little...