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  1. J

    Sheryl...I'm calling you out....LOL

    I wanna see!
  2. J

    Introducing Hidden Creek's Here Comes the Rain

    I promised our son he could name this baby....he was born in the middle of a huge rainstorm!
  3. J

    It's a boy :-)

    Blue had her baby tonight...a bay or dark buckskin (?) colt. I will post photos tomorrow! Update: Bay for sure! You can see him on cam here....
  4. J

    Blue is on Mare Stare...all eyes appreciated!

    Thanks to Heather at Mare Stare, Miss Blue is now online! She is officially due 4/21 but is bagged up now so I think she may go early! I will be out of town showing my big horse off and on this weekend and hubby is on mare duty. Not saying I don't trust him...but he's a sound sleeper, so all...
  5. J

    What do you feed?

    I have seen several posts lately that talk about feeding your minis to prepare for show, but they are all very vague. Would some of you who show and have experience post your feeding program for us confused newbies who are learning??
  6. J

    Perfect Timing

    As most of you know it has been a rough two weeks for us. Losing Infinity was so devastating, then my Walking Show mare sustained an injury on Friday. I needed something to make me smile....and Sheryl gave it to me. She had agreed to lease Blue to me for a year and after having her here for...
  7. J

    In Memory of Infinity

    World of Miniatures Infinity 4/29/91 - 9/5/08 It has been a very sad day for us, we lost Infinity in a tragic accident early this morning. I know she lives on through many of her wonderful babies owned by forum members, but it's very lonely and quiet at our house tonight.
  8. J

    Someone selling a dwarf....
  9. J

    Photos from today and a Big Thank you to Sheryl!

    Sheryl is leasing me her mare Blue for a year! I am so excited and can't wait to see what she and Dough produce! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SHERYL!!!!! I took some photos of them and Blue's weanling by Jinx today, thought I'd share them with you guys. (I do have Sheryl's permission!)...
  10. J

    I am excited to introduce our new stallion

    I am happy to announce that Sheryl at Irish Hills Farm and I are now partners on Hidden Creek Irish Hill's Take Two! (Thanks for the name suggestion!) He will go live with Sheryl after he is weaned and we hope to show him later in the year! Here he is playing outside! He is filling out nicely...
  11. J

    Little Taker's First Day Out!

    Thought I'd share a couple of photos of his first trip outside!
  12. J

    New baby...Infinity x Erica's Taker

    Here are some photos....he's about 5 hours old in these! Any suggestions for a name? Dam is World Of Miniatures Infinity Sire is Cross Country Take My Breath Away
  13. J

    PRAY! Infinity foaling

    Taking too on way Baby here! :-) we are Hidden Creek Farm on there!
  14. J

    Infinity is on Mare Stare :-)

    Got my cam up and running. Heather at Mare Stare is wonderful! She has been so helpful! We are probably about 3 weeks away but I'd sure appreciate help keeping an eye on her! Our farm name is Hidden Creek
  15. J

    Round Pen Questions...

    We are going to build a round pen next weekend..... What size do you prefer for working minis? We are planning on 60'. If you have photos of yours, I'd love to see them!
  16. J

    A Big Thank You to Erica & Sheryl

    I am just getting into minis and these two ladies have been wonderful! They have answered a million questions for me and have been so helpful as I learn and get started with these great little horses! Here are my girls from them.... World of Miniatures Infinity - she is in foal to Erica's...
  17. J

    New to driving....

    My parents are giving my son a gelding that is broke to drive for Christmas. I've been shopping for everything we need and I am very confused about bits. There are several options....can you guys give me suggestions? What is the best bit to use for pleasure driving around the farm??? Is the...
  18. J

    Please send prayers our way

    My aunt goes in for a biopsy today. She had an automobile accident and they found a mass in her lungs while they were checking her out. She has never smoked a day in her life. Please send prayers and good thoughts her way. The preliminary tests from last week do point toward cancer.
  19. J

    What size are your mini stalls?

    We are adding on to the barn and I'm considering a couple of 'mini' stalls....what size are yours?
  20. J

    Hay Extender

    Does anyone use a hay extender? What brand and how does it work? Is it just a pelleted supplement?