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    Great news.

    AWESOME NEWS!!! So glad this is finally resolved!!!
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    Your horse is sold

    Horses are far more intelligent than most people give them credit for being and I would say that YES she definitely remembers you. Horses have excellent memories!!! Glad you are reunited. Must make your heart happy too!!!!
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    How to read a good or bad buyer

    My two cents on this is that perhaps the buyer likes the sounds of your horse but the horse is priced at more than they can afford. Being that they arlready contacted you about a possible trade, they may not have much money to work with. Perhaps before they start asking the questions, they...
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    Horses attacking dogs

    Years ago my full sized gelding (he's a rig) would do this. He wasn't even reliable with human strangers on the property when he was loose. With age (he's now 25) he's much more mellow and tolerant. We believed it was a territory issue. My mini stallion is very intollerant of any animal that...
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    Kentucky people!!! or surrounding areas

    My link This is a working link to the album that should "hopefully" work.
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    Kentucky people!!! or surrounding areas

    I am so sorry. Here is the link to my facebook page. In photos she is in the album titled "New baby". Thankyou!!!/profile.php?id=1219587592
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    Kentucky people!!! or surrounding areas

    I have a hardship situation where I recently puchased a very tiny, barely 29" mare B&WS Blue Special Lady. She is a buckskin mare, with a star and strip and rear white coronets. Also her right eye is half brown, half blue. Because her transfers were not kept current I'm so far unable to track...
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    I can't keep the secret anymore

    He is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!!!!!!
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    AMHA DNA testing

    I've never had to DNA a horse before for parent qualifications. I was late with my stallion reports this year (my bad). The DNA kits are on their way to me, but one of the horses will more than likely be gone to his new home in another state before the kits arrive and I need to know what I...
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    We were blessed with two colts this year. One pinto and one solid. I see everyone else is having girls though!!!
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    anyone know anything about wild bunnies????

    Sadly we lost both bunnies. He died in the evening and she died in the wee hours of the morning. They were just too little.
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    anyone know anything about wild bunnies????

    We lost a bunny.
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    Skylight's first Foal... pics now posted

    Congratulations Angel, She is so beautiful!! I showed Courtney her pictures and she just loves her too.
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    anyone know anything about wild bunnies????

    Thankyou for the reply. Kudos to you for saving the two. I was told last year with the one that the stress alone would kill her and she would not survive. Right now I'm not liking how they're doing at all. Baby 2 (Frac) ate better, and is quieting down. Baby 1 (Fric) is getting lethargic...
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    anyone know anything about wild bunnies????

    My SOB cat brought me two very young bunnies this morning. They appear to be different ages. The bigger boy has no puncture wounds (bites) that I can see but I did treat his eyes just in case. His eyes are open and he had the sense to "play dead". He's very mellow and calm. Bunny number 2...
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    Damaged growth plates

    Thankyou Bill, You've been wonderful!!!!!
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    We had a baby!

    What a pretty little girl!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Damaged growth plates

    I have questions regarding hoof trimming, confinement and diet. I am working very closely with my wonderful Vet on this but would like more input. If anyone has dealt with this issue please pm me. Thankyou!
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    Lost only foal of the yr

    I am so sorry for your loss. That is so devastatingly heart breaking. We lost a gorgeous filly at 245 days this past November. Definitely have your mare tended to. In about a month I'd have a repro exam done on her and have the condition of her uterus checked. Hugs to you.