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  1. mondak

    CDE Play Day in SE VA

    I was thinking about hosting a CDE play day for mini drivers that either are thinking about doing ADS style driving or are seasoned ADS drivers looking for a relaxed training day for them and their minis. Would anyone be interested? I could offer We Have Just Begun where checks could be...
  2. mondak

    Don't know if this was posted or not yet

    This is just aweful! I hope they make this a%#hole P-A-Y!!! Man steals and drags miniature foal
  3. mondak

    My classy and upscale Dressage horse...

    I snapped this one after we schooled second level for our show this weekend, this is what he had to say about it all... Courtney
  4. mondak

    My mini LOVES to jump

    This was taken at a clinic I helped teach this past weekend. We were doing a jumper demo and my mini had a BLAST. This horse lives to jump. AW if he were only big...
  5. mondak

    Anyone preparing for the VA State Fair or new to ADS?

    Hey all just wanted to tell anyone interested in doing the new cones class or anyone just interested in ADS driving that I will be donating my time to the VMHC/Virina 4-H to give a cones demo/clinic to anyone there. I am not charging anything, so the fee is what the VMHC is charging which is...
  6. mondak


    Here is my gelding Montana at a local show last weekend. I had the privledge to not only have these wonderful shots taken but to help Miss Sandy out, THANK YOU ! OMG this CD they are on is like gold to me now! For those of you that don't know this is my BABY ! I have had him...
  7. mondak

    Anyone going to the VMHC show?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is going, sounds like it will be a fun little show! Courtney P.S. I am way psyched about the cones class at a "breed" show!!!!
  8. mondak

    Eventing mourns another loss

    Little Teddy O'Connor was euthanized on the 28th after severely lacerating his hind leg at the O'Connor farm in The Plains, VA. He appartently bolted as slipped while trying to get back to the barn. He was a shetland/arabian/TB cross shortlisted for the Olympic Eventing Team this year and won...
  9. mondak

    AMHR Western Country Pleasure

    Ok, so I have really been doing the ADS driving this past year with my gelding so I am kinda out of the loop with this new class. Is breeching allowed? If it is "optional" how many are really out there with it on, I don't want to be the odd man out when I don't have to be. Is a flash noseband...
  10. mondak

    anyone heard from Cheryl and Heather Powell?

    We live in the southeastern VA area, very near the tornados that destroyed much of Suffolk, VA. Over the weekend tornados were touching down near Cheryl's place and the e-mail I have for her isn't working. I was just wondering if anyone had heard from them. Thanks, Courtney
  11. mondak

    need opinions please

    What do you use on your show horses while they are at the show? I live in VA so I would be showing in DE, NJ, MD, VA, NC this year. I used to have slinkies but they are so expensive now new I want to make sure they are the best option. Thanks! Courtney
  12. mondak

    anyone live near Aiken, SC

    Muffy Seaton (who put carriage driving on the map and is one of the BEST clinicians in the world :new_shocked: ) is hosting an arena driving trial series at her farm starting on Oct. 20th. The price is $35 and she does have stabling if needed. The trial is training through advance VSE through...
  13. mondak

    my first pony

    I started driving this little hackney mare for its owner who doesn't have time to mess with her. I have never driven a pony, but I think I like it! She is eight and came right out of the pleasure hackney ring, I have high hopes for her as a CDEr if she just relaxes that HIGH head. She is very...
  14. mondak

    anyone tried the pessoa lunging device

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried this and if it was sized down enough for a mini? Courtney
  15. mondak

    Dakota the wonder mini!

    here are some pictures of my gelding and I at our first trial. Enjoy! Courtney :saludando:
  16. mondak

    Good Luck to those

    Just wanted to tell those of you going to Area I Regionals good luck this weekend! I wish I could have gone but it was that or have my ADS instructor up for the weekend to prepare for a trial this month, so I had to opt out of it. Courtney
  17. mondak

    Platform Feeds

    I just switched to the mini grain from platform and I was wondering, for the others that feed it, are the package directions for feeding pretty acurate? My guys do combined driving so that would be moderate to heavy I really feed 3lbs of it? They also get Born to Win, Flax, Ochard...
  18. mondak

    Anyone wanting to try an ADS style show in VA

    The Winmill Show in Leesburg VA on June 1 and 2 has added VSE classes this year in hopes to get more minis! You can enter any class and if there is at least entries they will separate the awards from the rest of the group. So far I think I am the only one with minis entered for the show, so if...
  19. mondak

    WCMHR Show

    The entries are due tuesday so I was just wondering who all is going. I didn't get to go last year because of my Latin trip, but I am soooo excited to see everyone this year!!! Montana and Dakota and I will be there with bells on!!! :bgrin Courtney
  20. mondak

    Does anyone use

    I was just wondering if anyone used water jugs as cones for driving. I have a fish tank and it uses spring water, so I have all these 1 gallon jugs laying around and I was thinking about painting them orange and putting something heavy in them(to weigh them down) to use when I drive my horse...