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  1. K

    Easy Boneless / Skinless Chicken Breast Recipes?

    Ok, I have a question. Love the idea of chicken cooking in the crock pot, but it always comes out really tough, not moist and juicy,. Any suggestions?
  2. K

    Book called All gods creatures by carolyn McSparren

    thanks so much for the referral, downloaded this book and can't put it down. Love it! I worked my whole life for veterinarians and it is so true and correct from whacky clients to diagnosis. When I visited England many years ago I got to meet James Herriot and had him sign a book. It was a...
  3. K

    Gracie's Mini Mommas' To Be Page- All done foaling! Five Healthy Foals!!

    Wow Sandy and Gracie, You have some beautiful foals. I'm so happy for you both and thrilled that all has worked out good for you this year. You have both made us so happy that you have our girls. It is so quite here but Cody is doing great being the only horse and totally spoiled. Formally...
  4. K

    Gracie's Mini Mommas' To Be Page- All done foaling! Five Healthy Foals!!

    Congratulations Fancy! good job Gracie too. Since he was born on Kentucky Derby day you should name him after the winner. Or just Derby. Give her a big kiss from her old mom.
  5. K

    On the subject of cancer awarness

    Readying about the colonoscopy made me want to remind everyone aware of oral cancer too. My best friend hated the dentist so didn't ever go for check ups until it was to late. She had an ulcer that wasn't healing and was diagnosed with oral cancer one year ago. She went through partial removal...
  6. K


    I do have a facebook page because it is nice to see pictures of families and friends. I do hate the messages that are more like tweets, who cares if you are going to bed, or at the grocery store. My problem was with my niece who had a friend that could only write things if it was absolutely...
  7. K

    Calling all FLOWER LOVERS...

    I love them all. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. When I was young I hated lavender, now I spray it on my pillow at night.
  8. K

    Printer recommendations?

    I bought a HP all in one printer a year or so ago, of course they don't make the exact one now. I am very happy with the quality of pictures it produces and is very fast. My hobby in photography is leading me in to retail so need very good quality and works great with my computer too.
  9. K

    A painting of my kitty.

    So beautiful Kim, but we have always been a big fan since we have two of your incredible works of art.
  10. K

    What Are Your Favorite Perfumes or Colognes?

    My absolute favorite for the last couple of years is Butterfly Flower from Bath and Body. My mother loves it too and we get so many compliments. Second favorite is Tea Rose too.
  11. K

    Oregon Trip Day 1

    Day 2 we drove through the Trinity National Forest yesterday to get to the northern Ca coast and it is was a beautiful drive. This is one of the areas where there are 100's of sightings of Big Foot. They even have a Big Foot Museum! Everyother business is named Big Foot something. Darn I didn't...
  12. K

    Oregon Trip Day 1

    First stop on our trip landed us at the Sacramento river in Redding, CA. Our RV space in right on the river and is so beautiful. All grass and trees. It is 95 degrees here but the water is ice cold. I got out of cooking since it was so hot outside, Yeah Applebees!
  13. K

    Tommorow is launch day

    Thank you all for your good wishes, we will have a wonderful time and not worry about a thing, yeah right! Besides that cat that suddenly doesn't want to eat and doesn't like strangers. I made him some boiled chicken breast and he decided he will partake in this better food. Talk to you all soon.
  14. K

    Tommorow is launch day

    You would think that being retired we would be able to drop everything and go whenever we wanted. Wrong! too many animals and my obsession with their care stops that quickly. Finally all kittens except one have found homes, house sitter is lined up and we are ready to go. Taking off first thing...
  15. K

    Kittens running on wheel

    thank you! Here is the link to a good wheel, mine is wood but this one looks very sturdy too. The Cat Wheel Company
  16. K

    Kittens running on wheel

    I have a giant cat size hamster wheel in my house and the cats love to walk or gallop on it most of the time. Kittens are usually on it by 7 weeks old and take this very seriously. It's pretty funny when they try to go in different directions, or go so fast they flip the other one off. This...
  17. K

    Do you have any "idiosyncracies?"

    I didn't think that you slept Mona!
  18. K

    Am I Wrong?

    Absolutely not! He can just as easily kill her with a 2 x 4 as a gun. Physical abuse is not to be tolerated by anybody, glad you called and hope she is ok. Please keep up posted if you hear find out anything. Maybe she needs a friend to help her, just be careful.
  19. K

    Minis killed by Pit Bulls in California?

    I heard the headline but went outside so didn't hear the story. Hopefully it will be on the news again. I also couldn't fine anything on the news websites. So sad.
  20. K

    Southern Oregon Coast Trip

    Thank you so much Diane, you have giving me lots to look into. Love Botanical Gardens, lighthouses and historical towns and this is just about our speed now.