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    Gum Branch Joker's Blazer

    Here is my stallion; Blazer [:
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    Let's see 'em! Here's my little girl, Stoney Run's Precious Jewel. "JULIE" [could someone crop the hands ouut please?]
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    I haven't been on here in foreverrr. Just thouught i'd share a few pictures of Julie[: Julie && Blazerrr.
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    Heyy i just wanted to share some pix i took of Julie earlier today.
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    2009 foals :)

    Heyy everyone![/FONT] lets see some pictures of your 2009 foals!   Heres my little filly! Joker's Jewel♥
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    Name Suggestions

    Heyy! i need some name suggestions for this little filly! she was born May 2nd. Sire: Gum Branch Joker's Blazer Dam: Bond Poppet's Girl
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    Heyy! Poppy had her new filly on the morning of May 2nd! I am thinking about calling her Hope but any name suggestions? Well here she is! Poppy! Blazer!
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    Heyy everyone! Poppy and Blazer had there 1st foal together may 2nd. She is a sorrel filly and we have decided to call her Hope! i will post some pix soon!
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    photography pic

    Taken by: Katherine McCall
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    Heyy... Poppy and Blazer will be having their 1st foal together in about the end of april or beginning of may. I am excited..! Once the foal is born i will be sure to post pixx! Blazer is homozoyges so will most likely be a paint! x =
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    VOTEE Please!

    heyy everyone, My nana is in a competition to win money for her rescue animals and organization. If youu wanna vote for her go to Animal rescue site . Go up to where youu see vote.. Type in shelter name-Friends in need animal rescue Country-USA State-NC city-Lexington thanks!
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    Heyy, here are just a few of my photography pix... if you would like to see more visit KC Photography ScOuT this is my sister Taylor(sorrellover) This is my dog recee American Flag this is just a variety so check out my website and tell me what you think!!! Be sure to sign the...
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    Heyy everyone, These are not the best pix to critique but please tell me what you think of Blazer. these were taken right after he got a bath. BlAzEr...
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    New website!~!

    Heyy everyone, My friend Casey and I have made a website for our photography!~! We are still working on it adding more pics as we go! We are only 12yrs old rite now. Tell me wat yall think,what we need to add or anything! KC Photography And you can also check out my mini horse site! Stoney...
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    Help Friends in need animal rescue win $25,000

    Heyy everyone, Vote for Friends in need animal rescue and help them raise $25,000 for the rescue organization(food,and pet supplies)! The Animal Rescue Site is awarding $100,000 in grants to eligible Petfinder member rescue organizations. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant. Just imagine how...
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    my cousin died ]:

    Heyy everyone, September 23rd around 8pm in Houston texas my Cousin William Houston Briggs had an accident. He lost control of his motorcycle and a car ran over him ]: . His dad Raven Briggs died when Houston was 2yrs old on his way to a horse show in TN. Raven was a professional Paso Fino...
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    Hey, My friends and i are wanting to become photographers when we get older!<i am 12 rite now> ! I just thought i would show you some of MY photography! (these pics were taken with my Digital Nikon Camera) ENJOY!!! <it had just stopped raining when i took this pic so a lil blurry!>...
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    Hey, i am a lil new to breeding but my nana has had a few years of expeirence! well i was just wondering how many months does a mare have to be before you can tell when she is preganant?< i am hoping she is prego becuz she hasnt came in heat yet!!!.
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    Jordan Pruitt

    Who likes Jordan Pruiit? I love her songs "outside looking in" and Miss Popularity! let me know if they work! <Who are your fave celebs?> Mine are Jordan Pruiit Miley Cyrus Carrie Underwood Taylor Swift and like idk alot more!
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    Then and Now

    Let's see you then and now pics of you mini's! Here is Blazer(foal) Blazer(yearling) Blazer(2 and fuzzy) Blazer(now(3)