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    Love :)

    miniwhinny lol. Thank you miniwhinny. I also see that a lot of religious people are against gay marriage, and I guess thats why I went off a little. Even at 16, I have a good sense of... what makes sense. Having a problem with something that doesn't effect me... well that just doesn't make...
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    Love :)

    You always see warning labels on things that could hurt you. So if you are sensitive about your beliefs and love your god dearly... don't read this I guess. ;)...
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    Question on hay....

    I don't think theres anything wrong with wheat for horses. I guess he never tilled under his feild before planting hay after last years wheat crop? If I was running low and thats all I could find around, I would buy enough bales to last me until I could cut my own or buy more.
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    We know you love your Minis...

    I hate having to bend over for them! With a bad back, it gets hard to take care of them. I'm thinking of making a little platform with a ramp just to bring them up to waist level while I clip/groom them so I won't have to sell them! I also don't like how their manes seem so much thicker. My...
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    Taller stallions...

    While my stud is 28.5" and I love every bit of him, I do like the taller stallions just because they seem more elegant and proportioned. You can only shrink so much! I like the 32"-34"
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    Coyote's in my pasture this morning pics

    We have them all around our house. They used to come up and howl at our mail box, but my mom became quite the shot with a shoe. lol We used to find paw prints through the pastures. But one day we went out and saw a giant lump out in our pasture, we went out to investigate, it was a coyote that...
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    Would Like To Introduce...

    Congrats! He's gorgeous, and so is your mare. That will be a sharp cross.
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    Breeding Stallions in Pasture

    I'm glad you got out of there quickly! Well, I didn't get to see my stallions behavior with a live foal... but when I went out in the pasture and found my mare's little filly already gone, he was standing right next to her, and so was the momma. They both just looked lost. Neither of them put...
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    Pictures from today. [Picture Heavy]

    Biggies: Flowers: And can you spot which flower doesn't belong?
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    Pictures from today. [Picture Heavy]

    I went on a picture taking spree outside today. It's just so nice. And, since I can't ride. I might as well take pictures and play with the minis extra. Angel: (waiting to come inside from the rain) (My punishment for not letting her in sooner) Studmuffin...
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    Just Bad News...

    Thank you for your responses. I've tried spiritual healing, though I have to admit it wasn't my idea. It had no effect on me though, I think it's one of those things you have to truly believe in for it to work. I have been doing a lot of stretches and my physical therapist and I have been...
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    FAVORITE 2009 foal???

    I love all of Tami's foals (Oak Park Miniatures) I particularly want the black and white overo filly thats a full sister to Rico. They are all so refined and with great color! Her latest buckskin filly is to die for.
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    Just Bad News...

    Well, I've been having back pain for the last 2 years and x rays didn't show anything. But I went and got an MRI not too long ago to show 5 bulging discs and one that is almost bulging, but just aggitated for now. They say I can't ride until next summer, maybe not at all if I hurt myself again...
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    Foal number 5.....

    Wow, she's gorgeous! Congrats. You have such a beautiful foal crop every year.
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    I've asked before, but I'm sure she's lost the foal

    My maiden mare never changed in behavior when she was pregnant at all. She was running around kicking her heels up to the very night/morning she foaled. She didn't have an udder or anything either, and her hips were very relaxed about the last trimester of her pregnancy. Thats how I missed the...
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    EZ All

    I use it and it works great. It saves a lot of time, which is good for me, because my AQH mare doesn't stand for bathing!
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    Anyone near Detroit MI?

    I'm in Dundee which is an hour south west of Detroit. My email is in my signature, feel free to contact me anytime.
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    will this weird blue eye darken

    Yeah, that'll stay. I love blue eyes as long as they have a dark lid (pink eyelids creep me out for some reason) I even have my APHA gelding's eye as my display picture on here. She is perfect though. ;) With or without a blue eye.
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    Good weather, great surprises!

    Thanks, I love seeing them after winter. I was afraid they might have been too thin (which has been the case years in the past) But I really got their feed down I think!