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    Better late than never,

    Well, I am happy that all the ponies we showed last year were placed in the All Stars..... The Simple Life Farms First Edition Classic Stallion Foal of Current Year 40" & Under #8 Buds Last Call Classic Amateur Halter Stallion 42" and Under #4 Buckeye WCF Classical Muzak Classic Model...
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    2009 Area V show

    I have forms that say deadline for entrys are 5/26/09. But I heard that it was extended to 6/1/09? I can't get ahold of my friend that told me that to find it on the net. So has anybody else seen or heard that? Lea Dill's website says 5/26 and so does MHPBO's webite.
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    The Thanksgiving weekend

    Over the long holiday weekend, we made the pony trip from East Texas to Minnesota to bring home 2 very special girls. :love Stocking Stuffer OK "Midge" AND.... Ruffle My Feathers "Ruffles" Thanks goes to Trace Anderson of Triangle Acres for allowing us the pleasure to add...
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    I finally made the jump....

    After much researching and searching, I finally made the decision to get an ASPC Shetland. I want to thank Dennis O'Keefe for allowing me to add her to the farm. So.... here is Rosy Bay OK 2008 bay filly.... barn name "Sky". She will be making her show debut next spring
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    Post your best conformated horse

    I do not have the best eye for conformation. I leave that to my husband. With that said, I would love to see a picture of the one horse on your farm that YOU feel has the best conformation, and tell us why in laymen's terms. If you feel comfortable, please also post your least comformed as well...
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    Happy Bday Lea.....

    I ALMOST missed it..... but to Lea Dill. Hope your day was wonderful.
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    Conroe, Tx show brag...

    I just got home from the Conroe show. It was a great and we had a blast. The show ran very smoothly and on time. David Wright and his staff did a wonderful job. They were very accommodating. I am very excited to announce that my yearling stallion, Honey Bea Meadow's Mega Buck, made an...
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    Look what 4 months can do

    This is my newest love: Honey Bea Meadows Mega Buck This is him 2/08 Now here is what he looks like now!!!!
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    Can someone edit a graphic for me?? Pretty Please!!

    I have been looking for the perfect patriotic horse graphic, and I finally found it. The graphic it too small, and when I enlarge it, it get very blurred. It really needs to be a decent size, like 4" x 4". I would like to also change 3 of the red mane strips to white (it has too much red and not...
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    I am looking for some

    I am needing to get some patriotic horse clip art or graphics. Our farm theme is in the American Flag, but I can't find a patriotic horse design. If anybody can help, it would be appreciated.
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    Before/ After

    This is Honey Bea Meadow's Angelina I was a little worried of what I was going to find underneath all that hair.... Then I was very relieved...... The first clipping always makes her look yucky. This picture was taken a few weeks ago, she is very pretty now with her black coat.
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    ? for all the color experts

    Below is a pic of my new yearling bay stallion. When I did his first clip, I found he has about a 6' long strip of white going from his heel up the back of his leg. It is the same on all 4 legs. Does this mean anything???? Just curious.
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    I did some animal....

    Here is my little buffalo.... And here is the little mini I got!!!!!
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    Crested neck

    I have a 3yo mare that has a crested neck, it is not broken. This started last year when she was overweight. Over the winter, I was able to get her weight down, now her neck is "wiggly". She is an easy keeper, she can gain weight by breathing LOL. When she walks, I can see it move back and...
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    How do I change my name

    After some thought, I want to change my forum name from Addicted To Minis, to my farm name. How do I do that? I have searched and looked everywhere, and can't find anything on how to do it. Can somebody help me??? I am having an idenity crisis :DOH! Thank, Kelly
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    The newest love of my life~~~~~~~~

    I would like to introduce the newest love in my life.... Honey Bea Meadows Mega Buck . He was a birthday gift from a very dear, special friend~~ Gwen Simmons of Honey Bea Meadows. I fell in love with this little guy from the very fist time I laid eyes on him. He has such wonderful...
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    2008 is off to an awesome start.....

    A very dear friend of mine gave me the very best birthday gift I could have ever gotten. Gwen Simmons of Honey Bea Meadows presented to me.......... Honey Bea Meadows Mega Buck. He is a bay stallion foaled 3/2007. I have been in love with this guy since day one. His dam has Brewers Orion and...
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    Look at my new boy!!!!!

    I would like to publicly give a heart felt thank you to Gwen Simmons of Honey Bea Meadows for such a wonderful birthday gift. She lovingly gave me a gift so dear to my heart.... Honey Bea Meadows Mega Buck. I have admired this boy since day one, he literally floats when he trots. I have never...
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    Need help

    I am trying to change my LB password, but I don't know my account user name. I THOUGHT I did, but apparantly I don't. I have tried everything I know. It is not Addicted To Minis, or any of my email addresses. So how do I figure this out :arg! I drives me crazy with all these passwords you...
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    I am asking out of ignorance...

    I am truely asking out of ignorance. I see so many posts asking the color of their horse. Why? Is this so they can be registered correctly? I do not breed, so I have never had to determine the color of a horse. Or is it because some colors are more desirable than others? Example: If I purchased...