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  1. joyenes

    2009 National Premium is online

    The National premium is now on the AMHR official website under Events
  2. joyenes

    My Kitty now a yearling

    Some of you may remember my black near leopard blue eyed filly born last year, Pleasant Views I'm Spot tacular. Well she's a year old now and really growing up nicely! Went to our first show last weekend and won JR Champion and two first in multi color. Joyce Kitty as a foal Here's my Kitty...
  3. joyenes

    Introducing our first 2009 foal

    I'm pleased to introduce our newest little member to our farm. "Edward" was born Monday at 6:15pm. Gorgeous Black colt sired by JNR's Medicine Man X Cider Mills Flash Dance.He is keeper for sure, awesome long neck and legs! The story of Edwards Birth He had a rough entry into this world...
  4. joyenes

    Stallion Reports

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but I just wanted to remind everyone that Stallion reports are due today. For both AMHA and AMHR. They need to be post marked by the 15th to avoid late fees. I just got mine out today, I know I'm always last minute Joyce
  5. joyenes

    I would like to introduce a long a waited Dream come true

    Well I have always drooled over all the horses on CCMF's website and have epecially been in love with Sweatwaters Texas Spotty. He has that look of a modern shetland with a look at me presence to him. I never thought it would be possible to own something close to him. After several weeks of...
  6. joyenes

    Updated pictures of my near Leopard Filly "Kitty"

    Well it took me a while but I finally was able to get a few descent shots of Kitty. She is 3 months old now. I can't believe how fast time goes by. Her name is Pleasant Views I'm Spottacular, Thanks to the help of some of you guys! I just love this little girl. She actually likes to be...
  7. joyenes

    We've got Spots

    Well I must have been very good this year as I'm truly happy with all three foals so far. I'm happy to introduce our newest team member at our farm.(If I could only come up with a name!) Anyways this little guy was foaled at 1:40 am April 14th. He is a large boy and I really don't know how...
  8. joyenes

    My DREAM Filly is here!

    Well I am so excited to present a filly I have been waiting for since I started breeding minis. She is just perfect, at least to me I really have no idea of what to call her, I really want a special name so request are welcome. She is a full sister to my Champion show gelding Pleasant Views...
  9. joyenes

    Can anyone tell me the link to

    My computer did a funny thing and I lost all my links or bookmarks : I wasn't very pleased at all, all the favorites I have added through the years vanished into thin air! Anyways I'm looking for the link for the site that has all the minis registration info on it. You know like the AMHR site...
  10. joyenes

    What pattern is my filly

    Hi, I will admit to not being very familiar with the pinto patterns as I mostly breed for appaloosas. But with the purchase of a new stallion who I believe is a pintoloosa a couple years ago I ended up with this filly last spring. I love her to death, but I'm just not to good on the patterns...
  11. joyenes

    Anyone have National Area 2 showbill?

    HI, I wondered if anyone has a showbill for the Area 2 show in Ohio? If so could someone send it to me via email? Or is there a place online to see it and down load it? I know I can call and have it snail mailed but thought I'd check here first. Thanks for your help. Joyce
  12. joyenes

    Good Friday Filly

    Finally we have our first 2007 foal : Born on Good Friday a little filly we're calling Lilly. She's a sorrel with a blaze. I felt so bad as our weather is so very cold and she was shivering even though she was foaled in a nice stall with tons of straw. We set up a heat lamp and put on a sweater...
  13. joyenes

    Let me Introduce our newest future herd sire. Appaloosa lovers Beware.

    Introducing AngelRidge Spotted Buck :aktion033: a double reg. near black leopard appaloosa colt. I'd like to thank Angie Brooks of Angelridge Miniatures in NC for allowing me the honor of purchasing this fantastic Colt. He is sired by Mountain Highs White Cloud of CCMH his dam is a beautiful...
  14. joyenes

    Missing summer already, heres some photos to pick you up!

    I've been missing the beautiful days of summer with this freezing Michigan weather.So I went out and bought myself a new printer with a copier, scanner and fax. What a great machine! I had so many pictures that wern't scanned in and now watch out :bgrin because I have scanned several summer...
  15. joyenes

    What you can do to a cargo trailer

    Here's some pictures we had painted on our cargo trailer that we converted into a mini horse trailer last winter.The trailer can haul 10 miniatures and we have a tack area that will fit everything we need including a couple carts.We also can sleep in it and have on a couple of occassions The...
  16. joyenes

    Look at how she's grown!

    This is Pleasant Views Savage Whisper. She was foaled April 19th 2005. We took her to the MI State Fair and she won 1) weanling filly , Grand Champion Mare! And Michigan Bred Mare This was her first show and she behaved very well Her sire is pictures in my aviator. Here is a just born...
  17. joyenes

    Cart tires

    Is there a certaain place where I can buy new tires for my show carts? I'm looking for the whole tire rim included. Thanks for your help. Joyce
  18. joyenes

    What is your best advice for

    I thought it would be interesting to see what advice you would give people going down to the Nationals for the first time. Such as what not to leave home, besides the horse Best place to eat, clothing type needed, you know practical ideas we might not think of. Thanks and have fun thinking of...
  19. joyenes

    Fantastic Show last weekend

    We had a great show in Ionia last weekend with all four horses we took. First and my favorite win was with JNR'S Medicine Man 1st, 2nd in Amateur Country Pleasure 1st, 1st Open Country Pleasure 1st, 1st Gentlemans Country Pleasure 1st, 1st Youth Country Pleasure 1st, 1st Ladies Country...