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  1. Black River Farm

    Diesel drives!!!

    We purchased our first mini about three years back. Off and on we worked on ground driving with him, but realized that with no knowledge of driving, we shouldn't take it to the next step and hitch him ourselves. We bought our own small farm two years ago, got another mini for company, and...
  2. Black River Farm

    Help teaching a mini to drive

    We have been ground driving our "B" mini Diesel for some time now. I think at this point we need someone to professionally finish teaching this mini to drive as we're extremely green in this area. We are about two hours north of Toronto, so I'm wondering if there is anyone up here that drives...
  3. Black River Farm

    Clipping question

    Hi! I've lurked on the board on and off for about a year now, and finally decided it was time to ask a question. Some of us don't like rushing into things apparently! We have two mini's, both black "B" geldings. Diesel has an incredibly thick coat and with the recent heat wave in Central...