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    Best in Show Crocheted Afghan

    Been busy again! This one turned out to be wa-ay more work than I anticipated, because I was making it up as I went along (note to self - make the next one simpler!!) The musical score was Hubby's idea, and it gave me a name for it, too!
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    A few days ago, I suddenly realized that Blondie has a bunch of scabs under her winter fuzz. They aren't in patches, it's more of a random lump here and there. I found a few on Syd, too, and have come to the conclusion that it must be rainrot. They seem already to be shedding off, and the skin...
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    Holy Porkers, Batman!

    My son looked out the window this afternoon, and saw these guys wandering around in the yard: No idea where they came from. I called a friend that I know raises pot bellied pigs, to discuss what to do about them. While we were talking, they wandered off. I'm hoping that they just managed to...
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    Predator Proofing - What Do You Do?

    Last night, I heard a sound. It was a sound I had never heard before. Something was moving in the woods behind the house, and it cried out as it went. The cries were about a second long, somewhat high-pitched, and repeated every few seconds. The cries were hoarse, rather like a crow's ca-a-w-w...
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    Hay Racks - Good or Bad?

    First, a little background. I work part-time at a boarding stable, where we have horses ranging in size from about 13 to 16 hands. On advice from a relative, my boss recently installed hayracks in some of the stalls. These racks are made from bent and welded rebar, and are mounted about 5 feet...
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    Betsy and the Watermelon

    Half of a watermelon had sat, untouched, in our fridge for several days. Rather than just let it go bad, I decided to feed it to the "critters." I tossed it over the fence, thinking that the impact with the ground would break it, thus making it easier for more animals to get a share. No such...
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    Update on Starving Horse Story

    Just when I think I've heard it all Officer demoted Evidently, standard operating procedure for the Pender County Sherriff's Department must be followed at all costs. The welfare of the horses didn't matter, Animal Control's inaction didn't matter, Officer Lewis didn't follow SOP, therefore...
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    More Starving Horses

    News story I guess it was just a matter of time until this happened around here. The ironic thing is, the owner said the horses' condition was just because of the time of year and all that. I guess he couldn't see the horses in an adjacent pasture, owned by someone else, that were in fine shape!
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    Barn Sour

    I'll admit, this horse has gotten to me. He was dumped on a friend of mine, when his previous owner went off to college. My friend thought she might be able to use him for trail rides. They trailered him up to a local beach, he did fine there. But last week, when they went on a trail ride...
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    Oops! Now I've Done It!

    Blondie is my 11-month-old mini filly. Since she's so puppy-dog friendly, I thought it might be fun to teach her a few tricks. You know, make her earn all those carrots she's been helping me dispose of! Well, I started by just holding the carrot slice in my closed hand, making her wait for it...
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    One More Item That Can Cause Colic

    We call our goats "four-footed chipper/shredders." Any time we are cutting branches or brush, if it's something the goats can eat, we put it in their pen. A few days ago, my husband threw a bunch of stuff over the fence for them, including some branches off of a Magnolia tree. The goats dragged...
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    Registration Question

    I would like to get Blondie registered (still haven't picked an name!!) She's eligible for AMHR and, I think WCMHR, but there's a little problem. I need to be a member to register her, I know that much. My question is, what do I need to prove that she belongs to me? I bought her from the...
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    Merry Christmas to Me!!!

    Ooh, I'm so tickled I can barely type! I wanted to include pictures, but it was too dark to take 'em. Pics will have to wait until tomorrow, but after waiting this long, I couldn't contain myself, I had to tell y'all! She's 8 mos. old, and solid palomino. She probably won't make a...
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    It's Happened Again!

    For some reason, every so often, someone in this area has to do something that is really ridiculous. The media get wind of it, and the next thing you know, people all over the country are laughing at those numbskulls in Wilmington again. I'm sure some people must wonder if there is something in...
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    How do You Feed Your Weanlings?

    I'm considering buying a weanling filly. It's not a done deal, so I can't post her picture, but I can tell you a little about her. She's about 6 mos. old, both parents AMHA/AMHR/WCMHR. Per the breeder, she was about a month overdue, and large at birth, and (perhaps from being crowded up in the...
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    Home from the Fair

    About this! (That's a Best in Show ribbon!!) You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found out! Our fair is not a very big deal, really. There are only a few people in our area that have animals, getting fewer every year. So, every year, I load an assortment of rabbits and...
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    Registration (AMHR)

    I have just become the owner of a 2-year-old Mini (at least, I will be when the check clears!) I'm still trying to get all the pieces together, but I know her dam was AMHR only (38") and I think her sire was AMHA and AMHR. My girl is about 36," so it looks like she should be registerable. She...
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    Syd's Ba-ack!

    It's been an eventful few days around here. I was out in the pasture, cutting a bay tree off of the fence (courtesy of Hanna,) when I got a phone call from my friend. Long story short, her life has gone into disastrous free fall lately, and she offered to sell Sydney (her 2-year-old Mini filly)...
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    "The Big Switch"

    Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, surely you know by now that analog television signals will be history as of mid-February 2009. If you're like me, you're probably sick of the commercials informing you about it! Well, Wilmington is a test market for the new format. For us, the...
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    Bye-Bye Syd

    It hurts. Long story short, Syd is my friend's mini. She's been living with us for a bit more than a year, and was best buds with my mini mule, Betsy. Let's just say we'd all gotten rather attached. Yesterday, out of the blue, my friend reclaimed her horse. For a number of reasons, I'm not...