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    High Hopes Sale

    Has anyone else not received their papers from the sale? I have tried to call and email several times and they haven't responded to any of them. The check cleared months ago.
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    Red River Shootout

    Does anyone know if they have blocked any hotel rooms for that show and which one it would be? Thanks in advance for the information
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    Whimsical Farms 1st Foal of the year

    This is Whimsical Farms Aint Misbehavin. She was born on March 3rd at 3 am. She is absolutiely sweet and beautiful. Although I am not sure what she is gonna be as far as color. Mom is a silver bay and dad is a buckskin. But either way we are so proud of her.
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    Platfortm Feed Coupon

    Did anyone save the one for May on their computer? I seem to have missed doing that. If you did can you send it to [email protected] Thanks in advance.
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    Wireless Cameras

    I just got cameras this year and bought the Swann Night Hawk. I called the company to see if I could purchase a second receiver so that I could have one in my bedroom and a second to the living room TV. But they don't sell them separate. They said to look for a 2.4ghz receiver and it should...
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    Fly Control

    I know there are a few of us on here that use the Fly Predators or Fly Eliminators (depending on where you buy them) But I got a flyer in the mail that is offering an additional 20% off if purchased before Feb 28th. It is with Arbico If you type in the promotion code: Howdy...
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    Looking for someone

    Does anyone know Ginger McDowell? I would like to find contact information for her. It is about a horse that she may own. Thanks for everyone's help!
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    IAMHA Auction

    Is anyone else having problems viewing this?
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    Look up please

    I bred a mare to an outside stallion last year. The new owner called and she had a beautiful perlino colt. Now we are wondering what are the colors behind this. Can someone please lookup the colors of the parents and grandparents of this horse? LDR Princes Blue Kimshire AMHR 230487T...
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    Explaination Pleas

    Has anyone had this before? Can someone tell me how this happens in lay terms? I had a mare that had a prolonged heat cycle. I took her to the vet and this is what she was diagnosed with. But of course the questions didn't enter into my mind of "how does this happen and why" till I left...
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    Whimsical Farms 2nd foal of the year

    Filly !!! This is our buckskin stallion's first foal. And she is just a doll. She has a little unfolding to do but we are more than pleased. She was quite a surprise because we didn't think the mare was ready. Just goes to show they will try to keep you on your toes. I am...
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    Whimsical Farms first foal of the year

    Boy of course. The filly fairy didn't visit us for this one. But we are hoping the next one to be. But we couldn't be more pleased at how this colt turned out. He is wonderfully colored and very tiny. Things went off without a hitch. We are super excited to have him here. I can't seem...
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    Ohhhh.....I felt the baby yesterday

    I have been so concerned that I have a mare due early March and haven't seen any movement, nor felt any. Well yesterday. I finally felt the baby move. I was about to take her to be ultrasounded again. Although it is like pulling teeth to get the vets out here to do it. And the one that does...
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    I am so excited.........

    We just got our load of hay being shipped in. It has been a long hard, frustrating journey to find hay outside Texas and setup shipping. The drought has been a drain in so many ways. But it is finally here and I won't have to worry about hay all winter. You can't imagine the relief and...
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    Mare aborted

    I just had a mare abort. Still not totally sure which one it was. And it is very hard to get a vet to ultrasound here. But I wanted to know what you guys thought about the foal. I, of course want to think that it was abnormal and this was just nature taking its course. But be honest if you...
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    Lazy stud

    I have seen post on here about over aggressive studs and I have one of those too in the backyard. But one of my stallions seem to have lost his drive. He talks the talk but when it come to the action he fizzles out. Now last year he was more aggressive than this. Could there be a medical...