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  1. afoulk

    1st foal of 2012

    Foulk's Fantasy Farm and Training Center announces the arrive of their first foal of the 2012 foaling season. FFF Entertainer's Exotic Prince Silver Bay Pinto Jan 5 2012 Colt Sire: Graham's Classic Entertainer (Superior Sire) Dam Sonara's Little Exotica (HOF)
  2. afoulk

    photo edit

    Can someone remove the person out of this picture
  3. afoulk

    splinter fix

    The other day I got a splinter imbedded in my thumb. It hurt and I did not want to have to dig it out as it was deep and hard to see. I found this fix on the net and tried it. Well it worked with no pain. Mix a paste of baking soda and water and apply to the splinter area that has been...
  4. afoulk

    Birth Announcement

    Announcing the last shetland foal for the year for our farm. Sire Graham's Classic Entertainer Dam Michigan's Eye Opener It is a FILLY
  5. afoulk

    Foulk's Fantasy Farm and Training Center last foal of the season

    April 7, 2010 at 630 am Michigan's Just Susan foal a beautiful black pinto filly with two bright blue eyes. Textbook delivery and all systems are go.
  6. afoulk

    New colt born 3/18/10

    Cadet born on 3/18/10 black pinto with one blue eye. ASPC/AMHR registered :
  7. afoulk

    FFF Entertainer's Salute to the Troops

    Updated picture of FFF Entertainer's Salute to the Troops (Trooper) at a week old. ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Colt
  8. afoulk

    Foulk's Fantasy Farm and Training Center

    January 19, 2010 at 7:15 AM Graham's Classic Entertainer and Northrups Look Me Over presented me with FFF Entertainer's Salute to the Troops (Trooper) ASPC/AMHR Bay Pinto Colt :
  9. afoulk

    Thank You

    A big Thank You to Frannie Filipowicz on the beautiful quilt she made me depicting each one on my special fur friends. 3 labs chocolate, black and yellow,2 cavalier king charles 1 blenheim 1 tri color and then the special bloodhound. Beautiful work and I will cherish it forever. Arlene
  10. afoulk

    Darke County Fair in Greenville, Ohio

    Numbers at the fair were really up this year. This is a very inexpensive show to go to and the paybacks are good. Driving classes were held on Friday and we just finished them up before the rain hit. Saturday for the halter classes it was sunny and cool. Great for showing horses. The barns...
  11. afoulk

    Urbana Summer Sizzler

    With the economy the way it is I have been fortunate enough to attend shows with really good number. The Urbana, Ohio Summer Sizzler had 158 horses. The pony turn out was really great. While the weather on Saturday was not good as it rained hard most of the day the show management worked very...
  12. afoulk

    Academy Award

    Demi made her showring debut this weekend at the Buckeye Spring Classic at 2 1/2 months old. Jr Champion under two of the three judges. Diane Taylor of Birchtree Farms bought this filly for her husband John for Fathers Day and we were successful at keeping the secret from John until it was...
  13. afoulk

    National Area 2 Show

    Will be heading out Thursday to the National Area 2 Show in Centreville, Michigan with 1 shetland and 4 miniatures. Hope to see lots there. Who all is coming?
  14. afoulk


    This morning the forum comes to me in the Lo-Fi Version. I have had this before and and fixed it so easily before. I have done all the things that I can find instructions for but this time it won't change. Am I missing something? Arlene
  15. afoulk

    Area 2 Greenville Show

    Just returned from the Greenville, Ohio show and it was so good to see that the numbers were up and the quality of horses was fantastic. The show was well run and got to visit with many people both old and new. Allison Daulton did such a great job keeping the ring moving in the blazing sun and...
  16. afoulk

    NAHA Show May 2

    This is such a nice show. While the stalling is limited the facility is just beautiful and it is so much fun. It is a one day show and the numbers are good. Lots of nice horses and people. Show management does a great job of trying to accomodate everyone. The isles get very crowded but I...
  17. afoulk

    Newest foal

    Michigan's Just Susan foaled yesterday evening with a text book delivery a bay pinto filly.
  18. afoulk

    Another Good Show

    This is another nice show held in Pa. The facility is very nice with an indoor arena. Class sizes have always been good. One day two judge. May 2, 2009 Arlene
  19. afoulk

    Hoosier Spring Fling

    Just got back from the Hoosier Spring Fling. I must say this show was nice last year but the improvements this year were just amazing. The weather was beautiful, the classes were good sized and the quality was just great. I have to commend the staff of this show all the way around. The large...
  20. afoulk

    classics shown with bit

    Does anyone have a picture of a classic being shown with a stallion bit. Arlene