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    Thannk youu bannerminis. It looks goood.
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    Gum Branch Joker's Blazer

    Here is my stallion; Blazer [:
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    Thannk youuu[:
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    Let's see 'em! Here's my little girl, Stoney Run's Precious Jewel. "JULIE" [could someone crop the hands ouut please?]
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    I haven't been on here in foreverrr. Just thouught i'd share a few pictures of Julie[: Julie && Blazerrr.
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    Heyy i just wanted to share some pix i took of Julie earlier today.
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    2009 foals :)

    Heyy everyone![/FONT] lets see some pictures of your 2009 foals!   Heres my little filly! Joker's Jewel♥
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    My newest little one!!!!

    oh my gosh! he is really handsome! i love his marking.
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    Name Suggestions

    Heyy! i need some name suggestions for this little filly! she was born May 2nd. Sire: Gum Branch Joker's Blazer Dam: Bond Poppet's Girl
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    Heyy! Poppy had her new filly on the morning of May 2nd! I am thinking about calling her Hope but any name suggestions? Well here she is! Poppy! Blazer!
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    Heyy everyone! Poppy and Blazer had there 1st foal together may 2nd. She is a sorrel filly and we have decided to call her Hope! i will post some pix soon!
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    Yeaa... i am really excited!
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    photography pic

    Taken by: Katherine McCall
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    Heyy... Poppy and Blazer will be having their 1st foal together in about the end of april or beginning of may. I am excited..! Once the foal is born i will be sure to post pixx! Blazer is homozoyges so will most likely be a paint! x =
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    WANTED pictures

    youu can use the minis from my website also!
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    VOTEE Please!

    heyy everyone, My nana is in a competition to win money for her rescue animals and organization. If youu wanna vote for her go to Animal rescue site . Go up to where youu see vote.. Type in shelter name-Friends in need animal rescue Country-USA State-NC city-Lexington thanks!
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    Thank youu!
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    We have reduced his feed and it is working a little bit~