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  1. Kootenay

    Teaser Stallions

    Hi everyone, Thought I would bring up this topic, as i had an email from someone asking if I knew where to get a mini stallion to use as a teaser for thoroughbred horses. Am I not the only one who thinks this is cruel? I point blank stated that I did not think there would be one self...
  2. Kootenay

    Tachycardia and the love of my life

    My one, my only has a terrible condition called Tachycardia, and he came home from work today early complaining of the symptoms. He refused an ambulance saying it cost too much and luckily our neighbor, a retired Sheriff was able to drive him in to the hospital as I don't drive . I'm so...
  3. Kootenay

    Wasn't going to share this but ,,LOL!!!

    I stumbled upon this 'Mini Horse music video' a couple of days ago, and wasn't sure whether I should share it or not. It's too cute/funny not to share. Anynone know who's cute minis those are? I keep looping the video,,ha ha . Here is the video:
  4. Kootenay

    Telus Internet Has Full Access To Your Computer

    I apparently went over my 60 gig internet, even though we were quoted Unlimited ADSL High Speed 2 years ago when we signed up. I received a letter tonight that came from '[email protected],,,,' stating that indeed I had used over 200% of my 'allotted' bandwidth. I stream a heck of a lot of internet...
  5. Kootenay

    Salt block chewer

    Hi everyone , My mini Buddy has been chewing on his salt blocks and now ice since it is -13 Celsius or worse outside. It also seems that he has taught my rising two year old mini mare Sweet Pea to bite/grind the salt block. She used to lick it like any normal horse, but by watching Buddy...
  6. Kootenay

    Boarding Question

    Hi all, It's been a while since I came and asked for advice, but I have a doozy for you. Received a phone call tonight about someone wanting to board an older standardbred here (17) year old gelding. They have phoned everyone in the area about boarding and everyone has turned them down. I...
  7. Kootenay

    False Alarm

    My little Sweet Pea rescue mare has been getting a belly despite proper deworming and having a grass/now hay diet. I blamed the belly on grass, and now i'm not so sure. I've been checking on and off to see if she was developing a bag, and today I felt one--complete with a crusty deposit on...
  8. Kootenay

    Cute Picture From Today To Share

    I was out taking a few photos of the ponies today, and ended up snapping this one of Buddy and Cricket the goat having a race. I also got a few of Sweet Pea tearing it up in the field: More pictures can be seen here: CLICK HERE for more pictures of the minis.
  9. Kootenay

    Shoppers Drug Mart

    I just spent two days in the hospital after minor surgery that had complications, and when I went to get a prescription filled at Shoppers Drug Mart I noticed a line of 'antsy' looking people. I was pretty out of it at the time, but noticed people lining up to get a drink of something. It turns...
  10. Kootenay

    Your Earliest Pictures Of You And Mini Horses

    Let's see your very first miniature horse photos . Here is mine. I was about 10 or 11 in this photo, and the mini colt I am holding in the picture, I had discovered the morning he was born at the petting zoo I was working at. That little guy was a huge hit due to his tiny size. We named...
  11. Kootenay

    Update On Goat And Her Hooves

    Hi everyone, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on the goat/hoof situation--(my hard drive literally blew up with a pop and a crackle followed by smoke). Cricket's leg/foot is doing alot better since the trim. She is still slightly limping, but getting around good with the two minis...
  12. Kootenay

    Goat Question

    Hi everyone, Quick question: I have in my care a fairly large goat with hoof problems--(the hoof growth is curling around the sole of her foot). I will be trimming that off when my clippers get here later today, but I was wondering if she could have a pea sized amount of bute for the pain...
  13. Kootenay

    Bittersweet Day Yesterday

    Hi everyone, I had posted a bit ago about hauling a big horse in a slant load trailer -(thank you all for the advice). Well yesterday was the day to load her up, and I must say that it went pretty well. We backed the trailer up to my field gate and led her up to it to get a good sniff/look...
  14. Kootenay

    Trailering A Big Horse Who has Never Trailered

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to sell my big horse, and the main market is about 7 or 800 km's from me, so now I have the issue with trailering a big horse (quarterhorse), who has from my knowledge never been in a trailer. The trailer looks similar to this one: Two Horse Slant Load . I will be...
  15. Kootenay

    Horse Lookup

    I'm looking for Monashee's Rocky, He may be deceased, but if any information is available that would be wonderful. He was a fence pacer. Couldn't keep weight on him unless he was tethered out on the green grass. He was a stallion, but hope he was gelded. Here is a not so good picture of him...
  16. Kootenay

    Virtual Jukebox

    Just wanted to pass this link on : Website for anyone who felt like listening to some hits (jukebox style) from the 1940's to the 1980's. (It's not my website). I just wanted to share the good (free) music. (Scroll down on your right until you see THE MUSIC ROOM , and choose your music).
  17. Kootenay

    Halters left on horses

    Hi everyone, I've been noticing all the wonderful new additions and new photos on this forum and the photoboard lately. Such beautiful little horses young and old. Please, Please, Please Do Not leave halters on them turned out. I know some are hard to catch etc, but leaving a halter on can...
  18. Kootenay

    Pistachio Recall

    Just to warning folks out there who eat pistachios. There has been a recall on certain brands due to salmonella. Here is one article: News Link 1 , and another News Link 2 . After reading the second link, I discovered that I have half a package of this recalled product. I have been feeling...
  19. Kootenay


    I've about had it with people like this. Quoting from the video description: pridey boy hates me when i ride him haha, hes fine btw to all those people who are concerned about a horse they dont even know and never will, i know people are gonna comment bad but im jus gonna laugh
  20. Kootenay

    Eye Problem- Hay in eye-reuccuring

    Hi everyone. I tried to search for this to no avail, Does anyone have a miniature horse who likes to "burrow" into their hay, and constantly have bits of hay getting stuck in their eyes? My little grulla mare has this problem, and only on her left side. I will be getting the vet out to flush...