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    Driving gelding

    I have 2 geldings that are well broke to drive. Riverdances Royal Secret is a 2005 sorrel pinto. AMHA registered. He is 32 1/2 inches. My daughter and I have shown him locally and at the AMHA World show. Riverdance’s Windbourne is a 2009 black gelding. AMHA registration, AMHR eligible. He is...
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    I only want my Mom!

    Midnight is a foal almost old enough to wean. He is showing no interest in grain or hay. You may remember him as the tiny colt that was septic at birth and then went bald. His coat grew back, he is very active and is an independant, but tiny, little guy. He is the little brat who makes you chase...
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    Orange Blossum show. Marbles first show since 2010!

    Who is at the show in Ocala? We are here for our first show in Florida. I am with Sue Brooks of Riverdance Miniatures. Marbles is here and her stripes are more striking then ever. Watch for her on Sunday or stop by to see us! Barb
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    Sick foal losing hair

    We have a 8 day old foal that got sick 5 days ago. He had fever, diarrhea, rapid breathing and lethargy. We took him to the vet last Sunday and he was placed on fluids, penicillin and gentamicin. He also has had biosponge which took care of the diarrhea. His IgG was fine. The 2nd day the vet...
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    What do you do with your aged stallions and mares.

    I heard that a stallion that is in all 3 of my horses pedigree's was put down, possibly because he was now infertile. I don't know the whole story, but it got me thinking. What do people do when their stallions/mares are past breeding age? Do you put them out to pasture, gelded or not, to enjoy...
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    Weight loss after moving to Florida.

    We moved from Minnesota to Florida last Sept. In Minnesota they had alfalfa/ grass hay and a very good (local) feed. Since we have been in Florida they have been on grass hay (I think coastal) and grain initially. We started feeding Seminole feed and beet pulp because most of them started to...
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    Marbles update

    I am going to try one more time to ask for help for Marbles, the brindle/possible chimera filly. Please help! Peggy (Albahurst) tried setting up a fund, but had the topic pulled as it seemed to be going the wrong direction. Marbles had colic and ended up having surgery about 3 weeks ago at...
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    Do you have equine insurance?

    This topic came up on the thread for Marble, the brindle filly. It got me to thinking about the insurance. How many of you have insurance on some or all your horses? I know I have had insurance on mine when I have been in the process of purchasing them. I would like to keep on with it, but can't...
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    2 foals with colic

    Please say a prayer for 2 of Sue's foals. :pray They are both at the vet clinic with colic. These 2 are always hanging out together, so you have to wonder what they may have gotten into that would have them getting sick at the same time. Keep her in your thoughts. Barb
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    Royal is coming right along with driving!

    We have been working our 3 yo gelding in harness this spring. His sire was top 10 AMHA single pleasure driving. We have known him since he was a foal and owned him since he was a yearling. He is so much fun now to drive now, a lot more then my 5 yr old who is rather lazy. We had a somewhat rocky...
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    Theresa at Rockin r

    I saw a post on the back porch about lighting a candle for her, but since I just started reading there, I did not see why. I lit one for her, but would like to know what i am wishing for her, besides a return to health. I saw enough to gather that. If you are reading this Theresa, I don't mean...
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    My "Surprise" at the World Show!

    I am excited to share with everyone that at our very first World show, our 2 yo filly, Riverdances Monarch Surprise won a Reserve World championship! This was the first year we have had this beautiful, fun little filly and we could not be more pleased with her! We are so thankful to Sue...
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    AMHA World show

    In less then 2 weeks, we leave for the AMHA World show. This is my first time showing, but my 3rd time there. It is my daughters first time there. She is almost 16. She would love to make some new friends, as well as renew friendships she made at the Central show last year! We are bringing...
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    I am so excited to announce that I have been able to purchase a filly that I have wanted since she was a weanling!! Sue Brooks, of Riverdance Miniatures, has finally let me purchase Riverdances Monarch Surprise. I had already talked her into letting me lease her for show this season...
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    After show season, how do you feed?

    I live in Minnesota, and my horses are already getting ready for the winter ahead. This year, we were not able to shave them down until May, as I do not have a heated barn. Some years, I might get away with April, and blanket them. The problem is, you shave them down, and start working on show...
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    I am so excited!

    I just had to share my excitement! I have leased Riverdances Monarch's Surpise, a 2 yr old filly by Scott Creek Monarchs Spotlight. She is a gorgeous, 29" pinto filly. I have wanted her since she was a foal but Sue wanted to keep her. I get to show her this year! ] I just brought home her half...
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    Showing foals??

    I would love to show my foal, but am not sure that it would be good for him I saw a foal colic at a show last year. How do you know which ones may do OK with the stress of a show? My little guy is about 2 1/2 months old now and it will be another month before I would even consider it. How do...
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    News pics to share of my colt

    Here are new pics of my colt, Royal Crescents Spirit of the Wind. You can't see his color after shaving as well but he is a palomino pinto. What do you think?
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    Bug spray for foals?

    I have a foal that is about 5 weeks old. I am shaving him down so I can get some good pictures of him. He can be inside when need be, but I like him to have alot of time outside to run. How can I protect him from mosquitos and flys? Are there safe sprays for young foals?A any help would be...
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    Finally decided on a name!

    It took us a long time to come up with a name for this little guy. We wanted to have the "wind" in it to honor his gorgeous sire, Windchaser. I only wish he was a filly as I wanted to keep a filly and probably will go ahead and sell this beautiful boy as I already have 3 boys. I am proud...