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    I am wanting to expand my miniature horse/horse library so that I can learn as much as possible and have them at home for reference. I have "Miniature horses" by Donna Campbell Smith??? and the mini horse vet book by??? I can't thank of her name right now. I am going to order an equine...
  2. K

    Before and After pictures

    Here are some pictures of my guys before I brought them home, right after we go home, and now. What do you think of their progress so far? I know their feet are way better than they were, and are losing a little bit of that weight. Can you recommend anything else for me to do or are they...
  3. K

    Take a look at this size comparison!!!

    Ricky was out in the pasture again tonight. He loved it. He could not figure out what the big things in the pasture next to him was. He just kept looking at them and looking. I happened to capture the picture below. I have also included my daughter with Millie. Thanks for letting me share...
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    Worming my filly

    Millie is 11 weeks old now and I know I need to get her wormed. It is time for my mares and studs to be wormed too. This time it is Strongyle care for them. Would this be okay on Millie too, or should I get her some safeguard? Let me know please as I know I need to get her wormed. Also, I am...
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    Ricky running

    I turned Ricky out in the pasture for a couple of hours today. He thoruoghly enjoyed it. I happened to be able to catch a picture of him with all 4 feet off the ground. Love it. He is not happy being back on the dry lot now, but will be turned out again soon.
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    My baby Millie

    What do you think of this filly? She is my daughter's horse now. She is about 11 weeks old in this picture. Do you all think she is still max expression sabino? Her mom is what I believe you would call max expression. Her sire is silver bay? Anyway what do you think of her? Thanks, Kristy...
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    Here are my boys

    I took some pictures last night on gravel so maybe I could get some better pictures for their transfer papers. What do you think of them now? I think they are looking much better. Still have a long way to go. Doing my best to do daily exercise up small hills and a little bit of trotting. Not...
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    Equine Massage

    I am a physical therapist assistant. I love doing massage on people and have recently begin to think about becoming certified in equine massage and possibly equine sports therapy. I know I have lots of learning to do, but I would honestly love to help horses with their problems and perform...
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    My Little MEN

    I took some pictures tonight of my 2 amha/amhr stallions for their transfer papers. I love these boys. They are so awesome and beautiful to boot. What do you all think of them now??? Let me know. Who do you like more? Thanks Ricky Duke
  10. K

    Poisonous plants

    I turned my horses out to graze at my mom's for the night in her lot. Mom was saying there was johnson grass over there. I thought I remembered reading that it was poisonous to horses. I know it is at certain times of the year to cattle. Anyway, they only had a couple of small bites before...
  11. K

    Locking stifle joint

    I recently brought home 2 great miniatures stallions. They are wonderful. I had my farrier out today doing my other horses. I had her just look at my new boys. The lady I bought them from had just supposedly had them done. Anyway, my farrier was a little upset with the mess a "big horse"...
  12. K

    My Ricky

    Ricky was and still is in need of a hairdo. He had his feet clipped today and they had to take a lot off due to a big horse farrier not doing it right. He looks a lot better now and should be fine. My other new stallion, I am not so sure. My mini farrier said the farrier that did these...
  13. K

    My new boys are here!!!

    Ricky and Duke arrived at their new home today. My dad and I went and picked them up this morning before it got too hot. They are wonderful. Ricky (the silver bay) measured 31 inches and Duke measured 30. They have some wonderful bloodlines in them. They have known each other since birth...
  14. K

    My first clip and Millie's first clip as well

    I finally got to try out my new clippers. I have never clipped a horse or anything before. Millie at first did not like the water hose. She will learn though. She did amazingly well for the clip I thought. She would not let me do her face/head by the time I got to it. Oh well, it wasn't...
  15. K

    Swimming pools and your Children

    I went to pick up my daughter yesterday from my ex sisterinlaws house. Hollee was in the swimming pool and had floaties on. This was all she had on for any flotation device. We all know these are not that trustworthy. The pool is about 4 foot deep to my estimation. No way could HOllee touch...
  16. K

    Measuring stick

    How do I correctly use my mini measuring stick. It is the aluminum one with the level. Do I read at the top bar or below the bar? I know where to place it, but I am not sure I am reading it right. Thanks.
  17. K

    Is she pregnant??

    I bought some mares that I was told were all bred. This mare appeared to have been in about 3 weeks ago, but the stud I have is too small for her. Now her belly has grown and for 2 days now she has paced back and forth in the lot I put them up in at night and also some in the pasture during...
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    What do you think of WCMHR?

    I am new with miniature horses and was thinking of registering a mare I have with them because the lady that raised her never kept any papers up or anything so she is a grade mare, but is so very gorgeous and nice. I have learned recently through the photo forum that a lot of people have been...
  19. K

    My Mare Cherokee Pictures for WCMHR Registration

    I am going to hardship this mare into the WCMHR. She is 36 inches. She is too beautiful to me to not be registered, and I can't afford to register her elsewhere. Let me know what you think. How would you describe her color? She is three and seems to be learning really fast. She is soo...
  20. K

    Had to share pictures of my daughter and Millie

    I got some really cute pictures of my daughter and Millie my miniature baby this evening that I just had to share. Soo cute. Hollee leads Millie, who will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, around by herself. Hollee is 4 and only weighs 32 pounds. Hollee is soo proud of herself that she can do this...