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    Gelding Question

    I had my one year old gelded today along with his annual vaccines. As soon as the vet approached him he reared and seemed to overly panic. The procedure itself went very well. My concern is he is such a sweet lovable horse always wanting attention and love, yet since this morning he will not...
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    First photo attempt

    This is my first attempt to post a photo. I hope I am doing this right. I would love it if someone would edit out the house in the background. I am new to the mini world. Have owned Tennessee Walking horses in the past and bought my first two miniatures several months ago. They have won our...
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    Non toxic fire ant killer

    I have several fire ant mounds around the barn area and would like to find the best non toxic treatment. This is an area where the horses graze. I plan on using diatomaceous earth, but have heard this doesn't always work. I've also been reading about the product "Anti Fuego", which is a...
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    Gelding young and growth spurt

    I will be getting my first miniatures next week and would like to geld them both. I have owned Tennessee Walkers, but this will be my first experience with miniatures. One is 17 months old and the other is 5 months old. I was researching online about gelding them and one article mentions if...