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    "Patella" is the proper name for the kneecap. "Luxation of the Patella" is more commonly referred to as "Locking Stifles," since the horse's stifle joint is the same thing as the knee in a human. IMO the condition itself isn't genetic, but the kind of conformation that makes the condition...
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    Dehorning goats

    I have a wether that a vet refused to disbud at 10 days, because he said the horns were already too big for his iron (he did another kid that was younger at that time, and did a perfect job). I really wish I had been able to talk him into it, because those horns have been a headache for me ever...
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    pinto genetic question

    There are several genes that may produce white on the face and/or feet. While a lot of people don't recognize these as being "Pinto genes" when there is only a tiny bit of white on the face, many of these genes can also be expressed as large amounts of white, possibly on other areas of the body...
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    The horses have been seized:
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    28 HORSES STARVED TO DEATH!! It appears that the sheriff misunderstood; they weren't being barred from the site after all. What a shame that so much time was lost when time is so important in cases...
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    My horses aren't very vocal

    All three of my girls "talk" to me, but the most vocal, hands down, is the mini mule. Even though she can't see the driveway from the drylot, she knows the sound of my car, and welcomes me home with a loud bray when I drive up. (Heavens, what a sound! Somewhere between a steam whistle and the...
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    Color Question

    As I understand it, Sabino isn't one gene, it's a whole family of genes (there is only a genetic test for one of them), which is why you sometimes hear it referred to as "the Sabino complex." Any of these genes can put white on a horse's feet and/or face. Most of the time, if the blaze is fairly...
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    Pawing the ground what does it mean

    I don't think pawing is a "wild horse thing;" since when do wild horses get grain? The only time they have to paw to feed would be when there is snow cover on the ground, pawing at any other time of year would just dig up the grass they are trying to eat. Pawing might break ice over a frozen...
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    Poinsettias NOT Poisonous

    It's kind of like the way some people claim to be "allergic" to something, and the experts tell you that it isn't an allergy, it's a sensitivity, because that particular thing doesn't meet the criteria for being an allergen. Poinsettia latex isn't toxic, it's an irritant. Did you know that you...
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    Ideas for where to get "fancy" nylon halters?

    The ones that CMHR have are from Red Haute Horse. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but it is for a good cause. Here's one, being modeled by Blondie:
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    NEW Mission Record,,,, Total Page 30

    Blondie just pointed out that she needs a new halter. She says she, Betsy and Sydney have discussed it, and they have agreed to pool their winnings from the fair (three first places; each in a class of one )to get her one. That comes to $45, I'll gladly make up the difference for such a...
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    Best in Show Crocheted Afghan

    I've been thinking about giving it to my SIL as a Christmas present, I know she'd love it. She really gets into Christmas decorating (don't stand still in her house in December, you may get decorated, lol!) Only problem is that her daughter has a pit bull that would most likely shred it; how...
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    Best in Show Crocheted Afghan

    Aw, thanks Actually, it's easier than you might think. The "fabric" is made with afghan stitch, using an afghan hook (sort of a hybrid between between a crochet hook and a knitting needle). The colors are cross-stitched on top. The tricky part is working with such large resolution. And CZP1...
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    Best in Show Crocheted Afghan

    Been busy again! This one turned out to be wa-ay more work than I anticipated, because I was making it up as I went along (note to self - make the next one simpler!!) The musical score was Hubby's idea, and it gave me a name for it, too!
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    A few days ago, I suddenly realized that Blondie has a bunch of scabs under her winter fuzz. They aren't in patches, it's more of a random lump here and there. I found a few on Syd, too, and have come to the conclusion that it must be rainrot. They seem already to be shedding off, and the skin...
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    You know how they say, "ask 4 horsepeople, you'll get 5 opinions?" This seems true of rabbit people, too! There seem to be at least two factions, those who believe a rabbit should eat rabbit pellets, and those who are dead set against it! I have raised rabbits for more than 20 years (hence my...
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    What would you do

    The child was out of line, the teacher overreacted, you overreacted. I'm with Marty - let it go, move on. Teachers are human too, have you never done something regarding your child that you later thought, "I could have handled that better?" One time, my then 4th grader and the entire rest of...
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    Trying to understand what to test....

    Ditto. Silvers often have mottled skin and striped hooves, some pintos have visible sclera. While they are considered Appy traits, they don't spell "Appy" by themselves; is there something else on the foals that we can't see on the stallion? Ah. An Appy blanket (not a funky Tobi white patch)...
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    I've always heard that she didn't actually see him until she visited the farm days, if not weeks, later. She had a notebook where she wrote notes about the various horses she owned. After that visit, her notebook entry about her newest foal was a single word - "Wow!" Anybody who has ever seen a...
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    Found this: First Secretary